Yvonne De Carlo: Married Life, Career, Net Worth, Cause of death, Children


Yvonne De Carlo is a well-known personality in the United States of America and Canada. She is a singer, actress, and dancer in the United States. She has got ]engaged in her career for more than seven decades of her life. Talking about her beauty, she is one of the most beautiful ladies in the world. She has an appealing body and facial characteristics with a slurry voice. So, she got recognized as one of the most pleasant stars in the golden age of Hollywood.

Also, she is well known in early multihyphenate too. When she was at an old age, she wanted to be in Hollywood and started taking lessons for dance. She used to perform on night clubs and stage. But, later, she appeared in an on-screen debut in which she got the role in a comedy movie called ‘Harvard. Here I come’ in the year 1941. Also, she has appeared in other films too.

Yvonne De Carlo was born on the 1st of September, 1922, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She died on the 8th of January. 2008 in Los Angeles, California, the United States of America. She was active in the field of singing, acting, and acting from the year 1939 to the year 1995. Her genres in her music career are jazz, pop, and blue. One of her notable performances is on a western drama called ‘Salome, Where She Danced’ in the year 1945 as the titular character.

Also, she has performed in different western genres and comedy. Her main cast was in the sitcom called ‘The Munsters’ of the year 1960. Hence, her contribution to Hollywood is remarkable.

Yvonne De Carlo

Family Life of Yvonne De Carlo

Talking about the family life of Yvonna De, she was born to the father, William Middleton, and mother, Marie De Carlo. Her father and mother did not have a good relationship. So, her father left them when she was very young. She was only three years olf when he left her. Her mother and her maternal grandfather brought her up in the West End neighborhood of Vancouver. She is the only daughter of her family. So, she got much love and support from her parents when she was small.

Professional Career

To prepare Yvonna De Carlo for her career, her mother had played a very gentle role. She took her daughter to Los Angeles to participate in different beauty pageants when Yvonna was very young. Carlo became a part of beautiful projects named Hollywood Revels in the year 1941 and Glamor over Hollywood in the year 1942. Also, she was a part of a three-minute Soundies musical called The Lamp of Memory. She had also performed for the U.S. serviceman during World War II.

Carlo also had signed different contracts with Paramount Pictures for different uncredited parts in movies. Some of her uncredited roles in films are: So Proudly We Hail in the year 1943, For Whom the Bell Tolls in the year 1943, and Let’s Face It is the year 1943.

¬†Moreover, she also played the role of an American woman named Wah Tah in a Republic Pictures film titled ‘The Deerslayer’ in the year 1943. Then, she performed in ‘Salome, Where She Danced.’ Also, she had a long term contract with Universal Pictures. So, she got cast in Casbah, The Gal Who Took the West, Calamity Jane, Vries Cross, and Black Bart. Also, she got to act in a British movie named Hotel Sahara in the year 1951.

Furthermore, she also got success after she came to a movie named ‘The Ten Commandments as she worked with Sidney Poitier and Clark Gable. Her role in The Munster is admirable, too, as she got cast as Lily Munster, a vampire. She has played in different other dance shows, T.V. shows, and movies also. Hence, she had a successful career.

Education and Academic Qualification

When it comes to the knowledge of Yvonna De, she went to the Lord’s Robert Elementary School. Then, she went to King Edward High School. When she was very young, her mother also took her to the June Ropper School of the Dance, which is in Vancouver. Because of this, she got to the prestigious school of dancing called B.C. School of Dancing.

Nationality and Ethnicity of Yvonne De Carlo

Talking about Yvonna’s citizenship, she is an American citizen. From her father’s side, her descent is English, and from her mother’s side, she belongs to the Italian and Scottish ethnicity.

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Lifetime Achievements and Awards

Yvonne De Carlo is one of the most prominent faces of the United States of America. Her history in dancing, singing, and acting is very appealing. She has worked on various platforms in her lifetime. As a mark to her journey in her career in singing, acting, modeling, and dancing, she has not rewarded with different prestigious awards in her lifetime. She has won very reputed awards like: ‘McLinktock in the year 1964 and ‘The Ten Commandments’ in the year 1957. On the 8th of February, 1960, Carlo also won two stars on the Hollywood. Hence, it is clear that the achievement of Yvonna will always get e remembered in the history of Hollywood.

Relationship Status

Talking about the relationship status of Yvonna, she was in a beautiful relationship. She got into a relationship with a popular actor Robert Stack and Howard Hughes too. However, she was not engaged or married to both of them. She got engaged to a famous actor named Howard Duff Morgan. Morgan and De Carlo married. But, at the initial stages of their life, they had no plans of getting into a relationship. But, Morgan’s wife died. With time, they grew close to each other and arrived married on the 21st of November, 1955, in Nevada.

They have two songs named Michael Morgan, who was born in the year 1967, and Bruce Morgan, who was born in 1956. However, their marriage could not sustain for long, and they decided to end their relationship in the year 1973. So, they got divorced in the year 1974.


Net Worth of Yvonne De Carlo

The net worth of this famous star, De Carlo, was high. She always lived a good life with sound economic condition from her childhood. While she died, she already had a net worth of about 2 million in the year 2007. But, regarding her salary, there is no information.

Social Media and Fan Followers

Yvonna could not enjoy the pleasure of fanship on the social media platform. As she died in 2007, she could not be engaged heavily on the social media platform. She has not opened the official sites of any social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. So, her social media history is not sound. But, she has an enormous number of fans and followers.

Gossips, Rumors, and Scandals

Carlo faced different rumors before she died. Her name had appeared below the title on the marquee. As her name was on the same size and type as the book named ‘Everything Was Possible’ as the four principal actors, she got into the rumors and scandals.

Body Measurement and Appearance


Talking about the body measurements of the star, Yvonna De Carlo, she has quite an impressive body. Before she died, she got admired her appealing beauty and personality. She had a great height of about 5feet and 4 inches, which is approximately 1.62 meters. Also, her weight was about 110 lbs, which are around 50 kilograms. Talking about her body, Yvonna had a great body too. Her body measurements were 34 inches in the hip, 25 inches in the waist, and 36 inches in the breast. She had beautiful green eyes and black hair.

Death of Yvonne De Carlo

In the year 1998, Yvonna was a victim of minor stroke. Later she shifted to the hospital, which is in Woodland Hills, and also changed to Television Country House. The stroke was not so prominent. But, in the year 2007, she became the victim of significant heart failure. Hence, her life ended.


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