Hailie Mathers

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Becoming popular takes a lot of effort, and frankly, not everyone has the work ethic to do so as well. However, there are certain 1% of people who do...

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Legends often remain very underrated in this world but not everyone shares the same fate. There are some people around the world who manage to make the most out...
Ada Lovelace

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The things we have today are done by someone else back in the days. It can be years ago or maybe even centuries ago. However, there is always someone...
Kublai Khan

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The world has seen many hampers over the years, or also, we know them as leaders and military people. However, only a few of them have left such a...
Harry Houdini

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Do you ever wonder where all the weird names for illusion, magic, and everything that seems out of this world come from? One of those words is Houdini, and...
John Calvin

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Arts has the power of making people fall in love and even change people's lives. Because of this particular factor, people seem to get really attached to some kind...