peter ostrum

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How many of you want or wanted to become an actor while growing up? Well, if we could see people raise their hands to this question, there would be...
Dorothy Hamill

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Men have excelled in sports for years and years, and it hasn’t been long since women have also started to compete in games on the national level. After all,...
Khloe Kardashian

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Of this decade and a couple of years before that, there are a couple of people who remain as the sole reigning people in the entertainment business. Whether it...

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There are a lot of women in the world at the moment who are absolutely, ridiculously successful, and wealthy. Women like Beyonce, who in a sense run the world,...
Rory John Gates

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Just imagine one thing at the moment that you were just born and immediately, were also one of the most heavily famous people on the planet. How does that...
Vanessa Ferlito

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As weird as it may seem, we never get tired of talking about people who are pretty famous because their fans and followers always want more. This is the...