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Sports, in general, is something that people often think is very hard and flip opinion, it actually is. Sports have a lot of genres, however. Some sports require particular training, and that is what the challenge is all about. There are forms of sport that often act as an art in itself, while others are so intense that they require a separate category. However, one person who made the most intense form of sports look like the art is Tonya Harding, the gliding queen.

Why do we call her a gliding queen? Well, that is because she glides here and there, literally. You must pretty much be familiar with this name as she is one of the most famous figure skaters that the world has seen so far. Coached by legendary Diane Rawlinson and Dody Teachman back in the days, Tonya is someone who makes figure skating look so much fun. Sometimes, people find themselves succumbed to the sheer will of trying skating on their own.

Tonya Harding

However, there remains a lot of hard work behind all those beautiful moves. Although retired, Tonya has a personality that no other has. Moreover, apart from being not just an excellent figure skater, Tonya is also a very impressive boxer who also played the sport professionally. On top of everything, like a cherry on a pie, Tonya also established herself as a television personality as well. Think back to when you thought such multi-talent did not exist.

However, those are some of Tonya’s professional career details. Here, we talk about some of Tonya’s personal life. Learning about Harding today is our sole mission, and there is no way we shall abandon this halfway as well. Ready to learn it all about Tonya?

Tonya Harding Early Life

A multi-talented personality, Tonya Harding, the retired figure skater, and the retired boxer, was born on November 12, 1970, in Portland, Oregon, in the United States of America. As of now, Tonya is already 49 years old, but because of her habit of staying fit and in proper shape, she deceives her age very much.

Looking at her, would you believe that Tonya is already 49 years old? If you ask us, Harding barely comes off as someone who is about to reach their golden 50s. But, as it’s the truth, we’ll also reveal the secret behind her eternal beauty as well. Her habit of remaining in proper shape with the help of exercise and diet has managed to give her this look.

Tonya Harding was born to parents Albert Harding, and mother LaVona Golden, and both of her parents had a working life that held on quietly. Harding’s father, Albert, was a man with poor health, which gave him a hard time sticking to jobs. During his career, Albert worked as a truck driver, apartment manager, and many other odd jobs.

On the other hand, Harding’s mother, LaVona, worked as a waitress, and the family always struggled with making ends meet. Although having a feeble financial condition, Harding’s parents never shook back when it came to supporting her from a very young age. They sent her to practice skating and helped her become the person she is today.

But apart from love and support, Harding also suffered through some hard times as well. As per Harding, she was physically and psychologically abused from a very young age and that it affected some part of her. Although not completely distraught, Harding clearly remembers the ill behavior towards her from the beginning.

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Tonya Harding Education

Most of the western country parents that you see, they always seem very concerned about their children’s education and how they perform in school. It remains so to the point that it starts to look like an obsession. But why wouldn’t it be? After all, one of the straightforward ways to success is knowledge and education.

As a young child, Tonya went to a local high school where she started studying with utter determination and with all her might as well. As a student, Tonya established herself as a very obedient and very studious student. Needless to say, most of her teachers loved her for all the effort she put in.

However, the school did not become the only place where she showed effort as, since the age of four, Tonya started to practice skating and started getting good at it as well. As Harding grew up, continuing with her skating practices and studying seemed to clash and not go on well together.

Because of her growing determination towards skating, Tonya started to lose her focus from studies, and gradually, her grades drooped as well. Harding, clearly noticed what was happening and decided that it was finally time for her to take some action. Before finishing high school, Harding did make a decision.

While in sophomore year, Tonya decided that it was too heavy of a burden to carry both her education and career in skating together. Harding decided to let go of her education and dropped out of Milwaukie High School. However, later in 1988, Harding did manage to acquire a GED certificate.

Personal Life

Skating did not become the only love in her life as Harding also had a partner who supported her very much from a very young age. At the age of 15 years old, Harding fell in love with a man named Jeff Gillooly, who was about three years older than her. Their young love passed the test.

After dating for about four years, Harding and Jeff married each other in March of 1990. As per Harding, Jeff always remained very supportive of her career and always managed to take proper care of her. According to Tonya, Jeff always worked very hard to earn and feed Tonya.

He also paid for Tonya’s skating classes for a couple of years. Tonya showed her gratitude by claiming that Jeff’s action kept her going to become a professional skater. However, after three years of marriage, Tonya and Jeff decided to split and split paths. Two years later, Tonya met another man.

In 1995, Harding married another man named Michael Smith, but her marriage with Michael only live short. A year later, Smith and Harding divorced each other and called it quits. Later in the 2010s, Harding met another man named Joseph Price at a restaurant and fell in love with him.

Harding and Price married each other and welcomed their first child together, a son, and named him Gordon.

Harding Career

As mentioned, Harding started to practice skating from a very young age and also felt getting rather good at it as well. Because of the progress that became visible every day and week, Harding stuck with all the rigorous practice sessions and became better and better. Imagine practicing something from the age of four.

While growing up, the ice rink sort of became a second home for Harding as she would spend most of her time there practicing. From a very young age, Harding learned and practiced skating under coach Diane Rawlinson, a very prominent ice skater herself. When things got serious, Harding did too.

When Harding realized that she could make a future out of her Ice Skating career, she decided to drop out of high school. Harding decided to dedicate her time fully to practicing and start to skate professionally. In 1986, Harding placed sixth in the U.S. Figure Skating Championship.

Harding’s tough skill shone when she won the 1989 Skate America competition. However, her main focus remained in the U.S. Figure Skating Championship. In 1991, Harding won the U.S. Ladies’ Singles title. In 1994, Harding won the U.S. Championship. However, that did not last for long.

After her ex-husband and bodyguard attacked one of Harding’s competitors and made her withdraw from the match, the board decided to strip the title.

Net Worth

Most of the people around the world work for one particular reason. Getting rich and having all the financial freedom in the world so they can live their life in their own accord. While many have that motive, some have the passion that acts as a fuel to become successful.

Harding came from a poor family, but that never stopped her from practicing hard and getting to the top as a successful person. As a result of her hard work, Harding became very famous and well, very successful as well. With immense success, Harding also managed to earn a lot.

At the moment, Harding reportedly has a massive net worth of $100 thousand and earns still in the form of royalties. Her career in skating is a very successful one, and she still remains proud of it.

Name Tonya Harding
Date of birth November 12, 1970
Birthplace Portland, Oregon, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 5.1 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Skater
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Scorpio
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $100 thousand


Social Reach

Twitter: @thetonyaharding

Instagram: @therealtonyaharding

Facebook: Tonya Harding


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