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Tom Franco is a famous American actor, artist, and producer for the American film industry. Started his acting professionally from the comedy horror film, Tom Franco became one of the well-known actors in America. He was able to give competition in the industry of film and became a unique role for it.

Founder of Firehouse Art Collective in Berkley, California Tom Franco got lots of significant achievement in his careers. Born in the family with two brothers, he was not a success as his brother, but he didn’t let stone unchanged. He has also done various things besides his acting in his life. As being born in the right family, his childhood was not so hard to live and even got every opportunity.

Tom Franco

Person specification

Full Name:                             Tom Franco

initial Name:                          Thomas Andrew Franco

Age:                                     39 years of old

Birth Date:                            April 14, 1980

Day:                                    Monday

Horoscope:                           Aries

Religion:                              Christianity, Judaism

( From his mother and grand mother’s side)

Birth Place:                          Palo Alto, California, the United States Of America

Residence:                            Berkeley, California, the United States Of America

Father’s Name:                      Douglas Eugene

Mother’s Name:                     Betsy Lou (Artist/actor; Maiden name: Betsy Lou Verne)

Grandmothers:                    Mitzie Verne (Maternal; Verne Art Gallery owner)

Marjorie Franco (Paternal; Author of Young adult books)


Brothers:                            James Franco and Dave Franco

Sister In Law:                      Alison Brie (David’s Wife)

Wives:                                Julia Lazar Franco

(2014-2014; the Artist, used to be Tom’s collaborator for a long time)

Iris Torres (marriage 2015 – )

Education:                            California College of the Arts (Major in Ceramics)

(Graduation)                        The University Of California (Major in Fine Arts)

(High School)                        Palo Alto High School ( class of 1998)

(Elementary School)              El Carmelo Elementary School

(Middle School)                    Jordan Middle School

Profession:                             American Actor

Height:                                 6 feet 1 inch (1.85m)

Weight:                                75 KG (165 lbs)

Body Type:                            Slim

Net Worth:                             $10 million

Ethnicity:                                Mixed (Portuguese, Swedish and Russian Jewish)

Nationality:                              American

Language:                               English

Sexual Orientation:                  Straight

Hair Color:                              Dark Brown

Eye Color:                               Brown

Trademark:                            Prominent Cheekbones, Similarity to James Franco

Debut (Movie):                        Basket Case 2 (1990)

Years active:                          1990-

Favorites:                              Kombucha
Martial Arts

Skills:                                    Tai Chi

Contact (Email address):             (Firehouse Art)

Close Friend:                          Alan Chin

Instruments:                          Guitar



The Disaster Artist                                           Karl 2017

Metamorphosis: Junior Year                              Mr. Z 2017

Spring Breakers                                               Archie’s Thug 2012

Rise of the Planet of the Apes                            A Mounted Officer 2011

The Devil Wears a Toupee (TV Short)                Bernie 2007

A Peace of History (short)                                Ray Watts (1975)

Basket Case 2                                                 Frog Boy

2019 Harumi (Documentary)

2013 Comedy Central Roast of James Franco (TV Special)

2013 Roast of James Franco: Red Carpet Pre-Show (TV Special)

Early Life

Franco was born in Palo Alto, California. Being an age of 39 years of old, he was born on the date of April 14, 1980. A businessman named Douglas Eugene Franco and a writer and occasional actor Betsy Lou was the parents of Franco. He childhood was not so hard. To be amazed he was mixed ethnicity. Tom is of Swedish(Paternal), Portuguese (Paternal), Russian (Maternal) descent. His Maternal grandparents had changed their surname to Verne from Verovitz. Franco’s father was of Portuguese (Madeiran) and Swedish descent where his mother was from the family of Russian Jewish ancestry.

Having two brothers, Tom Franco was the middle son of Eugene and Betsy. Both of the brothers is also a great personality, and the older brother is also an actor, director, writer, and artist. His name is James Franco whereas, a younger brother named Dave Franco is also an actor. The siblings are very close, and they often get together with Mom.

Franco Brothers

  • James Franco (Born April 19, 1978)
  • Tom Franco (Born  April 14, 1980)
  • Dave Franco (Born June 12, 1985)

Career Of Tom Franco

Tom first started his acting profession in the comedy horror film named as Basket Case 2 in 1990. After his first film, he then appeared in many films such as “A Piece of History” in 2005 and “The Devil Wore a Toupee in 2007. Tom was in a theatre of an art group for six years, and he has been an actor on and off.

Franco is also the founder and co-director of Berkeley’s Firehouse Art Collective. Tom has ventured into various art forms for a time. He says sculpting brings out the best in him. He also shared directorship with his wife, Julia Lazar Franco. It was a piece of sad news where his wife died in 2014.

Firehouse Art Collective Of T Locations:

  • 1313 9th Street, 2nd Floor Berkeley
  • 1790 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley
  • 3192 Adeline Avenue, Berkeley
  • 1831-1835 Harmon Street, Berkeley
  • 6117 San Pablo Avenue, Emeryville


Tom Franco is a talented person from his childhood. He was outstanding in his study too. As a child, Tom took drawing classes after school. He followed James into art classes. He says that he would be the youngest in the ranks and sometimes when Franco had to draw nude models, he found funny at the time. Franco did his high school graduation from Palo Alto High School in 1998. He also graduated from 2002 from University of California, Santa Cruz majoring in fine art. Tom again attended California College of the Arts in Oakland, California, majoring in ceramics. Looking towards his education, he was earnest in his studies.

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Personal Life Of Tom Franco

His own life was not so kept hidden from the public. Going through his personal life, Franco did two marriages with first named Julia Lazar and second one girl named Iris Torres. It was a piece of the sad news that Julia Lazar, which was a first wife of Franco, died in 2014 by the result of liver failure. According to the source, the reason behind liver failure was by hepatitis C and liver cancer. It was a sad love story of her she died after a month of marriage with Tom. They both used to work in Berkeley’s Firehouse Art Collective.

After the death of Julia, Franco again married with the girl named Iris Torres in 2015. She is also a film producer. But some of the online media says that Tom is still single after the death of Julia. Whatever the news is but ton’s first love was Julia, where is married to Julia in the hospital though she was sick. However, Franco had the best example of a true love story which is just used to happen in his movies too.

Social Reach For Tom Franco

Like other famous stars and celebrity Tom Franco is also equally active in social media. His fans and followers are insignificant numbers. He gained many of the people and had a concern towards him. Franco is also active Instagram naming his profile of @tom_franco. He has also got the facebook naming of Tom Franco. Making his follower of more than 8k on Instagram, Tom is a responsible person. He posts about his works and promotion and never let social media to make his rumors in public.

Few Rare Facts Of Him

  • Tom is very fond of dogs. He has two dogs at his home. One is named Malibu & the other is called Dharma. He loves spending time with them. Franco loves them to dearest.
  • Franco believes in mindfulness and achieving a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state. He thus performs meditation every day. He also met his wife Julia in a meditation retreat.
  • Tom says that as a kid, he had Blonde hair, but gradually it turned brunette as he grew up.
  • Tom also believes that artists struggle hardest, and isolation is one of the things that kills art experience, but collaboration helps resolve.
  • Franco claims that his family is very artistic. He states that in his family, one is never apathetic, one never has anything good to say, unless he/she is talking about art.


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