Tim Burton: Biography, Relationship Status, Childhood, Net Worth


Timothy Walter Burton, commonly known as Tim Burton, was born on the 25th of August 1956 in Burbank, California, United States of America. Virgo is his zodiac sign. He is a famous American filmmaker, artist, writer, and producer. Walt Disney Studio became his platform to start his career as he worked as an animator there. He belongs to American Nationality. In filmmaking, fantasy and horror are the genres he has worked.

Tim Burton


Born in 1958, Burton was the child of William Burton and Jean Burton. His mother Jean Burton was the owner of a gift shop with a cat as the theme. William Burton, Tim’s father, was a small but good league Baseball player. Also, he worked at the Burbank Parks and Recreation Department. Tim Burton is the first child, and he has a younger brother named Daniel Burton, who is an artist by profession.

Tim Burton; Body Measurements

Tim Burton, who is a famous American artist, has a dynamic personality. Despite being at this ’60s, his fitness is impressive.  He has a slim build with an attracting height. His height is approximately 5 feet 11 inches, which is 180.5 centimeters.  With a weight of 76 kilograms, he stands slim and perfectly toned. Tim Burton has dark brown eyes with pepper hair color. His curly and rugged hair is the best thing about his personality. To add to his character, he wears a cool large glass. Sexually, he is straight.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Tim belongs to American nationality and white ethnicity. Ancestrally, he has Scottish, Germany, Dutch, French and English origin from his father while he has Swedish, Norwegian and Croatian background from this mother.

Tim Burton

Relationship Status

Lena Gieseke was a visual Effects Professional of German. Tim Burton was in a relationship with her since  1989, and then they married on 24th February 1989. They had a short term relationship, and they divorced on 31st December 1991.  After getting divorced from Lena, he was in connection with model Lisa Marie Smith in 1991. In 1992, they got engaged and started a live-in relationship.  Due to some hurdles, they separated in 2001.

Immediately after he broke up with Lisa in 2001, he started dating Helena Bonham Carter, who was an English actor. They dated for three months, and then they got engaged in 1st October 2001. This lovely couple gave birth to two children Billy Raymond and Nell Burton but got separated in December 2014. After that, he started dating Eva Green in 2015.

Education and Schooling

Tim was highly interested in filmmaking, and he used to make short films. The first film he made in 2013, “The Island of Doctor Agor” made him successful and he got placed at Burbank High School. Sadly, his grades were not as expected. After graduating from high school, he went to the California Institute of Arts (CIA). He studied there and made “Stalk of the Celery Monster” and “King and Octopus” which became very popular. In 1989, he graduated from the CIA.


From his childhood, Tim Burton had a keen interest in animation. He often played in his backyard and made short films.  While he attended his schooling from Burbank High School, he was an average student with average grades. He was much interested in animation, drawing, painting and watching films than his regular school syllabus.

As an early teen, he took simple steps in filmmaking. He used slow-motion techniques to make films. Then, Tim Burton got into the world of cinemas and started to pursue his career.

Awards and Achievements

Being a famous artist and a well-known personality Tim Burton has received various awards and has won the hearts of many. He got the ward of the  64th Venice International Film Festival with the Golden Lion for Lifetime Award. Also in 2008, he was given the Scream Immortal Award as he interoperated horror and fantasy in a single movie. In 2010, he worked as the president of Jury in the Cannes Film Festival 63rd Edition. Also in the same here, he was the Chevalier of Arts.

Many years in the same career of film making and animation, he has won many valuable and worthy awards like Producers Guild of America Awards, Golden Globe Awards, etc.

Tim Burton

Net Worth

Tim Burton made a remarkable journey of his achievements by working creatively in various TV films and series. He has made Walt Disney Studio a famous studio by his animation skills. “Alice in Wonderland” which is his acclaimed film was made in about 175 million dollars. Then it made a fruitful worth of more than one billion dollars gaining popularity worldwide. Burton alone received more than 50 million dollars from that single movie.  Also, he has directed many famous films, which makes his career and income very healthy.

Batman and Batman’s Returns are his popular directories of 1992. He has received a lot of awards and has made a significant achievement in the field of the film industry with his amazing animation skills. By his hard work and consistency, he has been able to live an abundant life. According to the estimates, media predict that he has a net worth of approximately 150 million dollars.

Additionally, he has worked as a writer, director-producer, which has enhanced his income. He is looking forward to producing more movies which will ultimately add more to it.  Not only famous for his dark fantasy movies, but he also makes fantasy movies too which the audience these days love to see. So, his net worth is expected to be increasing.

Social Media Reach

With no doubt, Tim Burton can gain immense popularity. In the field of Multimedia, he is a superstar. Working as an animator in Walt Disney Studios, which is the world’s best studio in animation has gained him a lot of popularity. Everyone praises his creativeness everywhere, and the animators take him as a role model.

Tim Burton has a considerable fan following of wound 300 thousand followers on Instagram. Nevertheless, his official Facebook account has over 5 million likes and followings. Also, his fans have made many fan account in his name to store his creativity.

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At the start of his career, he started working as an animator at the famous Walt Disney Studios. He then got many opportunities and only lived for a short period in this studio. But, he made dramatic changes there. Tim Burton worked as a single man for his career and created a short solo film, Vincent, which gained significant popularity. Also, he received an award for Vincent.

After this initial step, he got more attracted to the film industry, and then he came with a new action film “Hansel and Gretel,” which again hit the box. He worked with Disney and then quitted after the release of his short film, which was action based, “Frankenweenie.” As his short films were very successful, he got the direct entry to the sequel of Pee-wee Herman. This sequel was a great success which added more to these doors of success. He got into several movies with this achievement.

“The Nightmare before Christmas had amazing animation, and it the vieweres appreciated it well, which made him more successful. “Cabin Boy” and “Ed Wood” are his two significant achievements of 1993. The 1990s was a successful decade for him as he came up with movies that could hit the box.  “Plant of the Apes” made a commercial success, and he followed to “Big Fish.”

Moreover, “Alice in Wonderland” was his movie which was able to receive two awards, one for Best Costume Design and the other for Best Art Direction.  In  2012, he also worked as a co-producer in the film, “Abraham Lincoln.”  He was able to make a healthy change in the film and animation industry because of his extraordinary creativity.


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