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Name one of the most famous rappers of the decade very quickly. Some of them are Kendrick Lamar, Lil Pump, J Cole, and Ozuna. These are some of the most famous and rising stars of the decade and are so famous that you can hardly find anyone who does not know their names. However, getting married to such popular people also seem like a stairway to heaven because it is. Just look at Taina Marie Melendez. Wife of one of your favorite rapper, Ozuna.

Yes, Ozuna is married and to this very charming and beautiful woman and it is no surprise as well. We always saw it coming for Ozuna and that he’ll have someone that the whole world envies. And here he is, with one of the most beautiful women we have ever gotten the lucky chance to see. As someone who buds a relationship with a famous personality, it does not matter who you are, you become famous as well.

Taina Marie Melendez

This is what happens here. Before Ozuna, you might never have heard the name of Taina Marie. However, since she is married to Ozuna, everything is changed. There are a lot of things that we want to know about this spectacular woman. And most other women want to know about her because they ought to know what is it that Taina has the others don’t. On this escapade, we shall uncover each and every detail.

In this post, while we talk about Taina Marie, we also talk about Ozuna himself and how the couple got where they are now. It is always a fun thing when we get to address some of the most previously unknown details to all the fans and followers. Here are Taina Marie’s personal life, professional life, and other details.

Taina Marie Melendez Early Life

Wife to one of the most famous rappers of this age, Taina Marie Melendez was born in 1994, in San Juan, Peurto Rico. As of now, Taina Marie is 25 years old, and at such a young age, a lot of people know her name and follow her religiously. Thanks to her relationship with Ozuna.

Taina keeps a very low profile and does not reveal her exact birth details. To the people who follow her, she only gives out information about her birth year, which is like nothing to go into. Had Taina revealed her birthday information, we would be able to learn more about her via all the astronomical zodiac signs as well. Because more often than not, all the things have certain similarities.

As Taina was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, she is Spanish by nationality and belongs to the 80% of Spanish people’s community who live in that area. However, her marriage to Ozuna helped Taina get American citizenship as well, and as of now, Taina is the city on Puerto Rico and America as well.

As far as her ethnicity goes, Taina Marie is Latin; however, her heredity shows that she has African descent as well. Therefore, Taina shares a mixed ethnicity of African and Latin. This gives Taina an edge over other people as she has the ability to experience different cultures.

When it comes to her family, this is where things get a little tricky and confusing because Taina maintains a very secretive personality about her family and early life. Taina Marie does not talk about her parents, nor does she talk about having any siblings. This creates a whole new level of confusion.

Taina Marie Melendez

Taina Marie Melendez Education

Born in Puerto Rico, Taina Maria presumably grew up in a very stable family environment judging by the fact that she does not possess any foul history. Keeping that into consideration, we also suspect that her parents did well in their professions to provide for their children.

As a young child, Taina went to a local high school in San Juan, and there she studied very hard. However, as a student, Taina never showcased any extraordinary talents, and her teachers always considered her an average student. Moreover, that never meant that Taina did not know how to have fun.

During school days, Taina participated in various kinds of other school activities, which helped her come out as a confident person and very little limitations. After high school graduation, there lies no information if Taine Marie ever went to college to continue studies or not.

As of now, we suspect that she did go to college to continue her studies, but everything remains a secret. Until Taina says otherwise, we believe she has college degrees.

Personal Life

We have already revealed about Taina Marie’s personal life a little bit. However, for the sake of all the ladies out there who envy Taina so much here are other facts about the couple. What Taina has and other people don’t get Ozuna in love is the utter love and trust that she pours over him.

Taina and Ozuna married many years ago, and the couple currently lives very happily with a cute little family. Yes, Taina has a family with Ozuna already. As husband and wife, Taina and Ozuna welcomed their first child, a daughter back in 2014 and named her Sofia Ozuna Melendez.

A couple of years later, Taina and Ozuna welcomed another child, and this time, a boy. They named him Jacob Andres. As of now, the Ozuna family lives a very luxurious life in the states. They fly private jets and like to keep their cash flowing constantly.

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Unlike other celebrity spouses, Taina remains very secretive about her personal life and surprisingly, about her professional life as well. While her husband is one of the most famous rappers and earns a living through the popularity that he has conjured over the years, Taina does not consent to do the same.

As of now, we do not have any information to what is it that Taina indulges herself into and calls her professional career. However, multiple sources online suggest that Taina is a businesswoman who is her own boss. Taina Marie is independent and likes to keep things running according to her will.

However, even for a businesswoman, there must be some kind of public image that will support her business one way or the other. Unfortunately, no such thing is found, and we cannot say with certainty that Taina Marie is a businesswoman and has a business up and running.

Husband’s career

However, when it comes to Taina Marie’s husband, there are a lot of things that we can talk about. Ozuna, back in 2012, came out as a singer to the whole world when he released his first official song called Imaginado. Just two years later and unfathomable hustle, Ozuna signed a contract with Golden Family Records.

Ozuna took on with his career as a very reputable singer, and in 2016, he tore the roof when he released his song called La Occasion which he produced in collab with DJ Luian, Mambo Kingz, and De La Ghetto Arcangel. These are some of the famous personality who are huge in the music scene.

Ozuna then began to collab with other world-famous artists like Daddy Yankee and a year later after his breakthrough, Ozuna signed a deal with Sony Music Latin. In 2017, Ozuna collaborated with artists such as Cardi B, Natti Natasha, and others as well. His fame has since only skyrocketed.

Taina Marie Melendez Net Worth

When it comes to earnings of Taina Marie, it becomes very confusion again as things are not the way we like them to be. Taina practically reveals nothing about her career and anything else. Therefore, it becomes impossible to pinpoint her earnings and therefore, her net worth as well.

However, roughly assuming that Taina is a businesswoman, she earns quite a lot from her business. On the other hand, her husband is quite a rich man at the moment as he boars a massive net worth of $15 million. These are the numbers that many people wish to see in their bank account.

Even if Taina Marie does not work, she won’t have any problem for her expenses are all covered from the massive income of her husband.


Name Taina Marie Melendez
Date of birth 1994
Birthplace San Juan, Puerto Rico
Ethnicity Latin
Height 5.4 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Businesswoman
Married Yes
Nationality Spanish
Birth sign N/A
Measurement N/A
Net Worth N/A


Social Reach

Twitter: @MelendezTaina

Instagram: @taina_ozuna

Facebook: Taina Marie Melendez


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