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Among the lead music managers of the world is Susan Silver. She is well known for her music management in the well-known music industries of the world. Susan has got engaged in music management in the big companies of the world like Soundgarden, Screaming Trees, and Alice in Chains. Also, she manages Seattle Rock bands very well. Silver is also well known as the former wife of Chris Cornell. This couple was one of a favorite couple of the public, but they could not sustain their love life for an extended period. They were together for a decade and separated their ways. After her divorce, she took her career more seriously and started something more than music management — she then started her job as a businesswoman and co-owns a club named The Crocodile in Seattle.

This famous lady was born on the 17th of July 1958 in Seattle, Washington, the United States of America. Silver is talking about her profession she is an entrepreneur and a music manager. She became active in the field of music management from the year 1983. Until today, she is serving with great love in the same industry. She is well known for her music management career in which she manages Seatlle Rock bands. Also, her business career in doing well as it is from the musical background too.

Susan Silver

Family Life of Susan Silver

The name of the father of Susan is Samuel, and the name of her mother is Emmogene Silver. Susan was born into a family of daughters. She has two elder sisters whom she loves very much. At first, her mother got was married to a man named Gordan Slovaro. With Gordan, she had a child named Paulette. Then, she met her father. Susan’s father was a pilot, and he fell in love with her mother. And they got married. She was brought up by her family in West Seattle, the United States of America.

Professional Career

When it comes to her career, Susan Silver first started her musical career in the year 1983 as a music manager. Her first bands as a music manager were: First Thought and The U-Men. Then, she met Soundgarden in the year 1985. After that, in the year 1986, she started to manage the band. She was also leading a group named Screaming Trees at the same time. She also worked as a music manager of a shoe store in Seattle called Jog Fluevog. The shoe store was a well-known store that sold popular Dr. Martins Boots that were worn by the members of Grunge bands of Seattle. Then, she met another music manager named Kelly Curtis in the year 1988. After the two met, they started to work together. They got engaged in managing the band called ‘Mother Love Bone.’

Moreover, they also managed another band titled ‘Pearl Jam.’ With time, her music management career advanced, and she became the only manager of Alice in Chains. Then, she made her appearance on Hype, which was a Doug Pray documentary in the year 1996. Also, she managed popular bands like Sweet Water, Sponge, Hater, and Crackerbox. She also worked as a music manager for famous singer Kristen Barry and a producer named Terry Date.

Furthermore, she formed a company in Seattle named Atmosphere Artist Management along with Deborah Semer. Their first client was Children of Revolution, which was a dance group. Then, she took her retirement from her music career in the year 1988 because she had to look after her family. She has been working with David Benveniste to co-manage Alice in Chains since the year 2009. Susan is also the co-owner of a famous club in Seattle named ‘the Crocodile.’

Education and Academic Qualification

Talking about the culture of Susan, she got into the University of Washington to pursue her degree. She took Chinese as her core subject and graduated in Chinese. Any more information about the education of Susan is not in the disclosure.

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Nationality and Ethnicity

She belongs to American citizenship, while her ethnicity is still unknown.

Lifetime Achievements and Awards of Susan Silver

Although Susan lived a great life in the field of music, she did not get any noticeable and remarkable awards. She was one of the top music managers of the country before she took retirement from her job. Susan has achieved a lot in her life but never got rewarded with an award.

Relationship Status

Talking about the relationship life of this famous figure Susan Silver, she is a divorced lady. She was involved romantically with Chriss Cornell. Their relationship started in the year 1985. Chris was the lead vocalist of the music band Soundgarden in which Susan was the music manager. This beautiful couple had a great relationship for about five years, and finally, in the year 1990, they got married. Then, in June of 2000, they gave birth to their first and the only child. The name of their child is Lillian Jean.

However, after some years, Susan and Chris could not go well. As they had certain disputes and misunderstandings, they decided to quit their relation. So, Susan filed a case of their divorce. In 2000, after they a long wait, their divorce got accepted, and they officially separated.

Net Worth

Susan Silver is a very famous lady. Her contributions to the field of music management are incredible. She has been the music manager of top brands of the world. As she is very hardworking, she gave continuity to her music career for a very long time. However, she was not able to look after her family and got retired. But, she is still working. She has a club in Seattle, which works as a passive source of income for her. As she is a lady with a business mind, her business is thriving too. She has managed to collect about 1 million dollars as net worth from her career in music management.  

Social Media and Fan Followers of Susan Silver


Susan is the lady in the 60s. Like the other older adults, she does not like using social media. She does not feel secure on social media. However, she had some pages when she was still pursuing her career in music. She likes to live a private life out of the world of public and does not want to get noticed. So, she has not opened any accounts of popular social networking sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Gossips, Rumors, and Scandals

When it comes to the gossips about the life of Susan Silver, she has faced some big talks in the media. She had filed the case of divorce for her husband, Cornell, in the year 2004. Cornell and Susan then got into a legal battle of about four years. Sadly, Susan got defeated, and Cornell won the battle. She also got accused of different crime cases like stealing. Her husband, Cornell, blamed Susan for taking his Grammys during the time of court hearing. Then, Chris committed suicide on the 17th of May 2015. According to some reports, he was a victim of depression for a long time. Susan had to face different questions about this issue too.

Body Measurement and Appearance of Susan Silver


When it comes to the body appearance of this lady in the 60s, she looks quite smart. She has a great personality, and she walks when she got spotted in the media. From her general appearance, we can conclude that she has the same color eyes and hair, which is light brown. However, the information about her dress, weight, height, and shoe size is not into the disclosure.

Death Of Her Ex-Husband

On 18th of May 2017, her ex-husband Chris Cornell who is the lead vocalist of the famous band, was found unconscious in his hotel room. The people who saw him took him to the hospital. But, the doctors could do nothing, and he lost his life. The doctors concluded it was suicide. Also, the camera footage of his hotel explained the same story.


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