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When we talk about multi-talented personality, a lot of people come into our minds and for all the good reasons. But, none of them seems to stand out as Sunny Hostin. You may have seen this gorgeous woman on your television screen, vehemently giving out her legal views on different matters. But there is more to her than just that.

If you like us, we cannot help but fall in love with Sunny when she appears on TV screens because of all the positive energy Hostin brings along with her. This and also the fact that she is undeniably beautiful and savvy at the same time which to be very honest is a very lethal combination. Also, did we mention she’s also the perfect definition of beauty with brains?

Sunny Hostin

Well, apart from appearing on the TV screen, Hostin professionally introduces herself as an American lawyer first. After that, all the professional tags which further describe her follows. Apart from being a lawyer, Sunny is also a social commentator, multi-platform journalist, columnist, analyst and also a correspondent. All these things and Sunny does it all.

But it is her personal life that we all crave for here. Most of her professional life, people can find about it readily, but for the sake of our viewers and that they don’t have to go anywhere else, we will also talk about her career concisely. As we mentioned, her personal life is in question here because fans ought to know more about Sunny Hostin.

Who exactly is she behind all the professional life entanglement? Is Sunny married, who is her husband? Read here to find out all about Sunny Hostin.

Early Life

Hostin was born as Asuncion Cummings on October 20, 1968, in New York City, New York, United States of America. She is currently 50 years old. However, it is very hard to believe she Hostin is in her 50s. For someone who sees her for the first time, Hostin can easily pass as someone in her 30s. Yes, thanks to her healthy lifestyle.

Hostin was born to parents of different ethnicity and descent. Her father, William Cummings, is an African and American descent and shares mixed ethnicity himself. While his mother, on the other hand, her name is Rosa Beza and she hails from Puerto Rican descent. Rosa’s father was a Sephardic Jewish descent, which makes the family tree even more diverse.

As it explains clearly, Sunny Hostin has a very diverse family tree, and she also shares a mixed ethnicity. Hostin experiences both Africa and American background as well as her mother’s side Puerto Rican background. This allows her experience best of both worlds and learn more about her diverse culture.

Apart from that, any further information about her early family remains out of reach. Sunny does not often talk about her family in public, and this creates a barrier between fans and all the information about her childhood. This also makes it hard to know if Sunny Hostin has any siblings or not, which clearly irritates fans.

As of now, all we as followers can assume is that the Hostin is the only child of her parents and that she does not have any true blood siblings. If Hostin happens to have any siblings, we certainly will know in the future.

Sunny Hostin Education

Hostin, as a young girl, grew up in Bronx, New York City and there she saw the world from a very different perspective. As people often say, people who are born and raised in New York know early in life about the true colors of the world. They also familiarize with the concept that there is very high competition in the world to succeed.

Sunny Hostin started her education is a very highly acclaimed academy. She joined the Dominican Academy, which was an all-girl institute, and this particular academy takes education very seriously. Because of her mixed ethnic background, Sunny is very fluent in English and Spanish. This helped her a lot to gain extra credits and helped in her studies.

Hostin quickly became a teacher’s favorite in school and started participating in other activities in her academy. All teachers had to say about Hostin always referred to how good of a student she was and gifted as well. After years of preparation and hard work, Hostin graduated from Dominican Academy with excellent marks.

This allowed her to continue her studies in one of the most prestigious colleges. After high school education, Sunny enrolled at the Binghampton University where she majored in English and Rhetoric subjects. After four years, Hostin graduated from Binghampton Univerisity with a degree of B.A. degree in English and Rhetoric.

From there, Hostin went to study at the Notre Dame Law School to fulfill her aim of becoming a lawyer. She received her J.D. degree from Notre Dame Law School with top of the line marks which ensured her a very bright future.

Name Sunny Hostin
Date of birth October 20, 1968
Birthplace New York City, New York City, United States of America
Ethnicity Mixed
Height 5.5 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Lawyer
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Libra
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $3 million


Personal Life, Married

People want the best when it comes to their love life and who could fit the category more perfectly than Sunny Hostin. But the question is, is Sunny Hostin is available in the market? We mean to say, is Hostin single and waiting for someone perfect in her life?

No, sadly men, Hostin is not single, but she is not dating as well. Hostin is already past that phase as she is a married woman now with a husband and a family. The name of her husband is Emmanuel Hostin, and he is an orthopedic doctor by profession. The couple married back in 1998 after years of dating.

After the wedding, the Hostin couple started living as husband and wife and started a family of their own. Sunny and Emmanuel welcomed two children from their marriage, a  son named Gabriel and Paloma. The family of four currently lives very happily and have no issues going on whatsoever.

There are also no rumors about divorce or any real-life possibility. Considering Sunny is a lawyer, her husband has all the legal force behind his, and he has the health of the family set as well. Both complement each other perfectly.

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As great things start to form the very bottom, Hostin started her career as a law clerk of Robert M. Bell who is a retired Judge of the Maryland Court of Appeals. This taught her a lot of things about real life law practices and prepared her for her professional career down the road.

After gaining sufficient initial knowledge and experience as a law clerk, Hostin started to work as a trial attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice, Antitrust Division in particular. She worked there for quite a while and later realized that trial attorney did not fancy her very much. She then left the job there and pursued to become a federal prosecutor.

Hostin decided that she should specialize in child sex crimes because of her perception, which told her this as a very concerning matter for the whole country. While working as a child sex crime prosecutor, Hostin won a Special Achievement Award after successfully prosecuting sex offenders.

Hostin started to become very famous because of all the achievements she gained over the years, and TV channels started offering her presence. Sunny started appearing in the famous Fox News program called Is It Legal? In which she gave her views and debated with other anchors such as Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly.

Sunny then went to the CNN network as a legal analyst for American Morning and also started appearing regularly in ABC’s The View. After some time, Hostin became co-host of The View permanently.

Net Worth

Lawyers are very nifty when it comes to their profession, and the price is also usually high for hiring a prosecutor in America. This suggests how much Sunny Hostin earns. While as a legal person, Hostin likes to keep her earnings hidden and does not reveal it to the general media. But when riches start building up, things start to spill out.

As of now, Sunny Hostin has a massive net worth of $3 million and enjoys her fortune by going to nice restaurants and traveling to different places.

Social Reach

Twitter: @sunny

Instagram: @sunny

Facebook: Sunny Hostin


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