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Shawn Killinger is the TV personality that in the possible scenario, everyone loves. Killinger is famous as an American TV anchor, reporter, and newscaster and does all of that quite perfectly. Above all, she also has her own blog and needless to say, fans love to read from there.

While talking about Killinger’s skills may never end, her beauty makes it infinitely irascible. Have you ever, just lie back and look at Shawn Killinger? How can someone be so utterly beautiful and charming? Shawn Killinger has those piercing gaze, vivacious smile, and a flawless face in general. Shawn is one of the most beautiful journalists ever to exist. Period.

Shawn Killinger

But, there are bigger questions pressing against the wall today. While Killinger’s professional life details are very extensive and not to mention, serves as more like a general question to fans, what they want to know first is her personal life. There still remain many things unknown about this beautiful woman. What is it, you ask?

Her personal life. Fans and followers questions who is Shawn Killinger behind the cameras? This is the exact kind of thing we will discuss here today because we care for her fans and want them to know everything about her. Everything there is about the personal life of Shawn Killinger, her married life and husband if she has any and also other details such as her bio, career, and net worth.

Are you ready to know it all?

Shawn Killinger Early Life

American TV journalist Shawn Killinger was born on November 2, 1979, in Detroit, Michigan, United States of America. She is currently 40 years old, but because of actively looking after her health and all the decisions related to maintaining a healthy life, Shawn looks more like someone in their late 20s. Her real name is Shawn Elizabeth Killinger.

Shawn shares white ethnicity, and since she was born in the United States of America, her nationality is also American. Killinger, as a child, did not exactly think about becoming a journalist and indulging herself in the industry. Rather, Killinger became fond of dancing and acting from a very young age.

She used to act and dance in the community theatre in Detroit. However, because of her father’s work, she, along with her family, moved to Mexico. There is when Shawn started developing diverse thought. She started learning the Mexican language and became fluent in about three years.

After spending four years in Mexico, Shawn became very concerned about studying. Any further details about her parents remain absent, and she also keeps all details about her siblings a much-sworn secret. Tabloids believer that Killinger is the only child, and she has no siblings whatsoever. As of now, we also do not have any other choice than rather believe this.

Shawn Killinger

Shawn Killinger Education

After taking off to Mexico at the age of 11, Shawn started studying in a school there for about four years. The fact that she went to the local school also helped her with speaking Mexican, and start gets fluent in it so fast. After four years there, Shawn and her family came back to the states.

Upon returning to the home state, Shawn enrolled at a high school here to continue with her studies and not have any gap years in-between. While the name of the high school remains secret, Shawn made sure that she graduated with acceptable marks that could get her into college.

After graduating from high school, Killinger enrolled at the International American School Foundation where she further continued with her college degree. Killinger always established herself as a very obedient and smart student who cooperated with teachers as well. During her time at college, Killinger studied very sincerely.

Upon graduating, Killinger attended the Penn State University in State College. There, she started studying with an intention to major in marketing. After two years of relentless hustle, Killinger finally graduated with a degree in Marketing and started working on her career.

Name Shawn Killinger
Date of birth November 2, 1979
Birthplace Detroit, Michigan, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 5.5 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Reporter
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Scorpio
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $1 million


Personal Life

When it comes to her personal life, Shawn Killinger is a married woman with a very loving husband who supports her relentlessly, every single time. Her husband is Joseph Caretta, and he is a consultant by profession. He is also the General Services Operations director at Erickson Living.

However, their relationship did not start in a cliché manner. Both encountered each other for the first time through a dating site. While which dating site they used remains undisclosed, their love story started online. After a couple of dates, both knew they found each other’s soulmate and went for it.

Without waiting for anything, both launched to get married after some time and started thinking about having a baby. Unfortunately, Killinger miscarriage and realized that she had problems with conceiving. After losing her five months old fetus baby, Shawn did not want to try that again with the fear of experiencing it again.

Joseph already had a son from his previous marriage; the couple wanted another baby. In June of 2017, the couple adopted a baby girl. At the moment, Killinger and her husband Joseph fail to reveal the name of their baby daughter. No other information remains available about her daughter at the moment.

Killinger and husband, the family of four, are living happily in their home in the United States. There are no rumors of a split or divorce between them.

Shawn Killinger

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Right after graduating, Shawn knew what she wanted to do. As a self-proclaimed traveler who called herself Obsessed Wanderlust Traveler, Killinger traveled to Geneva, Switzerland so that she could work with the International Labor Organization or also known as ILO. During the initial phase of her career, Shawn also worked at the World Health Organization.

In 1995, she moved to the United States of America to settle down in New York and pursue a career. As luck would have it, CBS selected her application and Killinger became one of the few people who joined the CBS Page program. Initially, Killinger worked as an intern for CBS Evening News with Dan Rather, and The Late Show with David Letterman.

From there, Killinger started working as a Production Assistant and worked with CBS for almost two years.

Shawn Killinger Post Intern

After finishing with her intern and taking on new responsibilities at the CBS Network, Shawn started working as a Morning Reporter and a Fill in Noon Anchor at the WRGB-TV, a CBS affiliate network in Albany NY. She joined the network in January of 1999 an worked there for a little over three years.

From there, Killinger moved to another of CBS affiliate network called WKMG-TV in Orlando in 2002. She worked there as a Weekday Morning Anchor, and for another three, she gave her service there. However, in 2005, Killinger left the CBS network and strived a new change in her career.

In 2006, Killinger joined the NBC network as a cast member of NBC’s “The Apprentice: Martha Stewart.” Killinger left NBC I December of 2006 after working for less than a year. Following year, Shawn joined the QVC network as a TV Host for Lifestyle, Beauty, Fashion, and Travel.

After joining the network in June of 2007, Killinger has spent 12 years with the network, the longest in her career so far.

Shawn Killinger

Net Worth

Shawn has experience in this field for nearly two decades now, and her fan base only keeps growing every year. Killinger’s prominent image in the industry is what drives people towards her, and it has also enabled Killinger to have a very prolific job status. And by that, we mean her income.

Shawn, at the moment, receives more than $60 thousand annually; however, her income is suspected higher, given her extensive time with QVC. With that said, Killinger at the moment has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Social Reach

Twitter: @ShawnQVC

Instagram: @shawnkillingerqvc

Facebook: Shawn Killinger


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