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There is a very tiny number of people in the world who have the blessing over their heads of gods in every literal sense. While some struggle their whole lives with making money and also becoming famous as well. However, there are also people, and most surprisingly, kids in the world who become famous in the blink of an eye. Who are the celebrity children that you know about? Count them in and let us know if Sasha Gabriella Fox pops in that list or not. If now, then immediately put her in.

Who in here knows this name Sasha Gabriella because if you know her, there’s a pretty high chance that you also know why she is famous as well. All it takes is right relations or connection to make someone famous, but Sasha here remains as a solid exception to all those claims. As a reminder, Sasha is a very talented young woman who has earned her place in the industry and does not own anyone. Maybe a little to her parents, but that’s it.

Sasha Gabriella Fox

Why does Sasha own a little to her parents when it comes to fame? Well, the main reason is that it’s Sasha’s parents, who are widely famous all over the world. That is right, Sasha is the daughter of one of the most famous actresses and an NBA player who has viewers on their feet all the time. Now you know why we are here, talking about Sasha and everything related to her as well.

In this post, we aim at Sasha Gabriella’s life and also aim to learn everything there is about her personal life as well. Along that road, we also talk about Fox’s professional life and how talented she is as well. Things that you never knew about Sasha before.

Sasha Gabriella Fox Early Life

The beautiful young lady and also the daughter of one of the most famous couple, Sasha Gabriella Fox, was born on May 5, 2000. Gabriella was born in Los Angeles, California, United States of America, and as of now, her age is 19 years old. But as people say, there’s one saying that relates to Sasha on a different level.

The saying is, age does not dictate success. Even at a very young age of 19, Sasha is one of the most famous actresses. Along with establishing herself as an actress, Sasha also has managed to establish herself a public personality. This led her to gain lots of fans and followers over the years.

Sasha Gabriella was born to father Rick Fox and mother Vanessa L. Williams. Her father Rick Fox is a former NBA basketball player. On the other hand, her mother, Vanessa, is a singer who, at one time, took the music industry by storm with her beauty and talent as an actress.

For the most part of her childhood, Sasha experienced a very healthy family life because both her parents loved her very much. However, there always lingered a tragedy in Gabriella’s life as her parents divorced when she was a mere baby of four years old. While growing up, Sasha found it slightly hard to adjust to different lifestyles with each parent.

However, both Vanessa and Rick did their best to make things work for Sasha, and she did not have much trouble as things started to get easy.

Sasha Gabriella Fox Parents

As mentioned earlier, Sasha is the daughter of two of the most famous personalities of all time, and both of them are very close to Sasha as well. As we said, Sasha Gabriella is the daughter of a famous basketball personality, Rick Fox and Vanessa Williams, who professionally is an actress.

Talking more about her parents, Rick Fox was born on July 24, 1969, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. At the moment, Rick is 50 years old. Fox was playing basketball from a very young age and even during high school, Rick quickly became a very skilled basketball player. Because of that, it did not take him much time becoming famous as well.

In 1991, Rick began his career in professional basketball, and from there, his career quickly escalated, and things began turning nice for him as well. For his first professional team, Rick drafted in the Boston Celtics, and in the team, he played for many games and contributed exceptionally.

On the other hand, Sasha’s mother is quite the personality herself as well. Vanessa was born as Vanessa Lynn Williams on March 18, 1963, in The Bronx, New York, United States of America. As a very beautiful young woman from an early age, Vanessa competed in multiple pageants. In. 1983, Williams became Miss Syracuse, followed by becoming Miss New York. In 1984, Vanessa became Miss America.

Vanessa started her career in 1984 with a TV show called The Love Boat. After that, Vanessa has appeared in multiple movies and TV shows over the years.

Sasha Gabriella Fox

Sasha Gabriella Fox Education

As the only child from the marriage of Rick Fox and Vanessa Williams, Sasha grew up with all the things that she ever wanted as a child. Along with all the things also came her obligation to education and going to school. Because of her parent’s status and immense wealth, Sasha went to very prestigious institutes.

As a young child, Sasha went to a very well renowned and very elite level elementary. Elite elementary schools usually only provide admission to the children of people belonging to high status in society. As both of Sasha’s parents are people of top-notch position, the elite school came as a no brainer.

After getting through elementary school, Gabriella attended a high school in New York City. Again, because of having very successful parents, Sasha managed to go to a very reputed high school without any problem. Graduating from elementary school as a very obedient and disciplined student, Sasha joined the Hervey School.

The Hervey School is in New York City, and like other things in New York, The Hervey School provides the highest of qualities and also remains very expensive as well. Most recently, in the late 2010s, Sasha managed to graduate from The Hervey School with excellent grades.

At the moment, Sasha remains quiet about the college she will join because of privacy concerns.

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Personal Life

Do you know if Sasha is dating anyone at the moment or not? Well, if you already do not know, then there is a reason behind that as well. The reason why many people out there who follow Gabriella have little to no idea about her relationship status is that Sasha has kept it that way.

In her social media accounts, Sasha does no activity that suggests that she is dating anyone, at least not publically. But as 19 years old exploring the world at full speed, Sasha has a boyfriend who takes good care of her. There are a lot of men that Sasha posts pictures with on her Instagram, but they all just look like her fellow model friends.

Till the day Sasha reveals who her boyfriend is, we have to remain patient. When Sasha’s parents find out about her relationship, can you guess how they will react? Since Sasha has parents who belong to two different ethnic groups, do you think Sasha’s romance will be a black or a white man?


Most of the kids of famous actors, actresses, athletes usually walk in their parent’s footsteps. What we mean by that is most children follow their parent’s profession. Children on actors and actresses follow their path and go on to become actors and actresses themselves. Now remains athletes.

In the case of children of athletes, mostly the sons follow their parents’ footsteps and become athletes like a basketball player. In Sasha’s case, there are a little bit of both worlds. Sasha’s parents, Vanessa Williams, is an actress while her father Rick Fox is a basketball player. Now, Is Sasha both?

It looks like, professionally, Sasha leans more towards following her mother’s footsteps. As her mother is a very established model, beauty pageant holder, and also a phenomenal actress as well, Sasha aspires to become the same. From her mother’s connections in the film industry, Sasha began her career.

For the first time, Sasha appeared in a movie called A Diva Xmas Carol and later also appeared in Justice for All with Judge Cristina Perez. Sasha started her career as an actress in 2012, and since then, her popularity only increases. In 2013, studying arts in college, Sasha wrote a script and directed a short movie herself.

In addition to her acting skills, Gabriella is also a very beautiful woman who pursues modeling as well. Because of her extreme beauty, Sasha has managed to land some modeling contracts as well. Her first modeling contract is with Natural Model Management, Lalotorres.

Net Worth

Sasha Gabriella has a pretty interesting life that we just talked about as well. For most of her life, Sasha’s parents have helped her with everything that possibly can. This helped Gabriella gather and maintain confidence that makes a woman a boss lady and as independent as possible.

As we clearly see, Sasha has a very successful career going on for herself, and things also seem very nice for her as well. As of now, Sasha has a pretty massive net worth, but because of privacy reasons, Gabriella keeps it a secret. How do we know that Fox has a pretty massive net worth? Well, simply looking at her lifestyle says everything about Gabriella’s possessions.


Name Sasha Gabriella Fox
Date of birth May 5, 2000
Birthplace Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Ethnicity Black
Height 5.6 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Actress
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign Taurus
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $5 million


Social Reach

Twitter: @sashafoxyy

Instagram: @ sashafoxyy

Facebook: Sasha Gabriella Fox


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