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She appeared on Death in Paradise and made a mark there. People loved Sara Martins so much that a lot of were dissatisfied when she stopped looking on the show, which was the result of her shocking exit from the TV series.

However, shows like that will come and go, what matters Is that the celebrity sticks around for more. But it is not her personal life that we are here to discuss today. Those details come, and people find it easily, but we will still give you some information on that segment.

Now, let’s ask the real question. Is Sarah Martins married? Well, that is what you are here to find out and rest assured, you will not return empty-handed. Keep reading, and you shall know everything about this gorgeous actress.

Sara Martins

Early Life

American actress Sara Martins, an actress with African ethnicity, was born on August 19, 1977, in Faro, Portugal. She is currently 41 years old. She was born to news reporter father and model mother. The family later moved to France from Portugal due to some reasons.

At a very young age, she studied ballet and became very good at it. Her interest in art forms like that led her to become the very first of African background to be a part of Lyon Opera. Sara has a DEUG in law.


She joined the Ecole de Theatre Les Enfants Terribles located in France and later enrolled at the National Academy of Dramatic Arts and graduated with a degree in acting.

Before kicking off her acting career, she became a local production team member of Le Radeau de la Meduse. She speaks French and English; however, she is not as fluent while talking in languages other than French.

Sara Martins Personal Life

We know that you have a bigtime crush on Sara Martins and seriously, who wouldn’t. She is the perfect definition of beauty with intelligence. Yeah, that went wrong. She is the precise definition of beauty with brains. That dark, sexy skin tone with an equally complementing set of eyes and the lips when curled makes the toughest men out there weak on the knees.

Before seeing her, we did not believe that one person could pack so much beauty, but here she is, living and breathing all that hotness. She could give the hottest sauce in the world a run for its money.

However, she is not just a pretty face. Although we could look at her all day and not get tired, she is known for her work. She has also gathered fame because of her beauty, but it is the work of a person that makes them stand out in this harsh and brutally competitive world.

She is an accomplished actress and an excellent one. Knowing this fact, she makes one hell of a combination of a woman who is equally beautiful and ambitious; one that is not afraid to reach heights. But the real question here is there someone in her life?

Sara Martins

Married, Husband, Dating

This question has bothered a lot of fans out there and rightly so. They have every right to know about the personal lives of their favorite celebrity, and that is precisely what is going to happen right now.

As far as sources reveal, Sara Martins has no one special in her life right now. Yes, this means that she is not married and does not has a husband. While her marital status seems to be unmarried, her past dating affair is also not present. The actress and television celebrity have no reported flings or boyfriend we can name.

Is it all true or just a façade? Is Sara Martins really single or just hiding something? Perhaps her sexuality? This may sound bizarre, but Sara does not have to hide anything until she has to because of circumstances. At the moment, whether she says she is dating or married, that someone special in her life is her career which does not seem to stop growing. Not that we wish for it to end but just saying.

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Is Sara Martins Lesbian?

There is a high probability that Sara Martins is, in fact, a lesbian and is uncomfortable to come out of the closet just yet. The way she has kept her personal life hidden and even any of her past relationship, it hints that she is a lesbian.

While there is no solid proof of her dating any woman in the past, there isn’t also any evidence of her romantic link to a man before. This puts a 50-50 chance of either possibility.

However, Sara has not commented on anything regarding her sexuality. This means that she cannot just be labeled as a lesbian – yet. Until and unless she comes clean about her sexuality and makes a public statement whether it is in interviews or through social media posts like Twitter or Instagram.

Until she comments on anything, there is no choice left apart from assuming that she is straight and just waiting for the right man to arrive.

Sara Martins Family

Sara is very much keeping her personal life to herself and is not allowing anyone to have even peeked and glimpses. Sadly, she has done the same with her family information. Martins, who was born in Faro, Portugal, was raised in France after she and her parents migrated to France. Coming from an African ethnicity, she has Cape Verdean roots.

While there is not much information regarding her parents, many tabloids claim that her mother was a model while her father was a news reporter — no wonder how she got such beautiful genes.

Moreover, her parents might have been one lovely couple who passed all the qualities down to their daughter. Martins has no known siblings so far and does not talk or share anything remotely related to her family.

She has not made any siblings posts, which could reveal her family numbers. As of now, her family details are just a mystery.

Sara Martins

Her Career

To become an accomplished actress in Hollywood, one has to work very hard from the bottom, and the way up is not very easy. But Martins made all that struggle look so easy, but only she knows the hard work she has put into her career and to stand where she is today.

Martins started her career as an actress from a TV show called Police District in which she played the character of Julie for season one and three. She later appeared in Les Amateurs, Dans Tes Reves, Tell No One.

She worked in movies and TV Shows simultaneously and had a very tight schedule for quite some time. That might also be the reason why she did have any dating affairs in the past. She was so busy with her work and committed to it that no man had any space in her life.

After working for years and years, she made her way into Death in Paradise.

Sara Martins Journey In Death In Paradise

Back in 2011, BBC One network announced that Death in Paradise would get added and that addition was Sara Martins. The crime and comedy-drama was the very first comedy series along with her very first British TV Show. In the show, Martins played the character of Camille Bordey, who was a detective sergeant.

She got a part in Death in Paradise because when France Television received a script for the show, the company thought of Martins. The show needed a person who would get along with Ben Miller well and that happened effortlessly for Martins. She says that working with Ben was fantastic and that they got along very well since the first time they met.

However, in 2015, Sara had a very shocking exit from the show. Apart from being a part of the Death in Paradise team, Martins said that she would miss the occasional joking.

She has since worked in American Odyssey, La Loi De…, Mars, Sparebnb, Her Word Against His, Children of the Lie, Kiss & Tell, I Love my Mum, and most recently, The Coroner, A TV series in which she portrayed the character of Diana Dobres.

Sara Martins Salary and Net Worth

Sara has an extensive career in acting and is continuing within this line of career. This beautiful actress has very to reach this position, and it only gets better from here. With over 30 projects under her belt, she must have earned quite a lot.

While actors do not work on a salary basis, they work on a fixed paycheck along with royalties with it. Considering this, Martins salary is irrelevant. However, according to tabloids, she has an estimated net worth of $600,000 as of 2019.


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