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Adrenaline is something that everyone has, but the only thing that remains different is how much someone has it in them. While some have this particular chemical property in them in a limited measure, some have it in such large quantities that they start making use of it. Yes, people have made a career out of adrenaline rush as it gives people a lot of courage, bravery, and motivation. Want to know someone who has done that? His name is Roman Reigns, and quite literally, he reigns over.

Regardless of what people say, Roman is one of the most famous people in the whole wide world, and we say the whole world because that is the truth here. Reigns here as you already know it remains one of the most famous professional wrestlers of all time and an active wrestler that the industry so proudly boasts about. A lot of his fights always have high expectations that it ends with a win, and Roman never disappoints anyone in this matter.

But for those of you people out there who remain oblivious to this one of a kind person, let us give. A brief introduction to Roman: as we mentioned, you already know that Roman is a wrestler, but if you think that he is a wrestler like any other, there’s a serious flaw. Roman is a three times WWE World Heavy Weight Champion, and that is a title most wrestlers aspire to attain in their entire life. And as you now know, Roman is not your average next-door wrestler.

However, these are the things that we know about his professional life, and if we continue to talk about it, we’re afraid it might take too long. But Keeping that aside, for now, let’s talk about his personal life.

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns Early Life

One of the most famous and actively winning wrestlers of all time, Roman Reigns, was born on May 25, 1985, in Tampa, Florida, United States of America. At the moment, Roman is already 34 years old and enjoys moments during the prime of his life. While many men around the world fantasize about having a body similar to Roman, it takes a lot of work.

For being able to maintain control over his career, Roman has a very rigorous training session that he follows all the time. No matter wherever he is, Roman makes sure that he hits the gym and gets enough workout to maintain his shape and energy. This allows him to perform at his peak, as well.

Roman was born as Leati Joseph Anoa’ I or also known as Joe from an early age as well. Reigns were born to father Sika Anoa’ I and mother Patricia A. Anoa’i. Talking more about his parents, Reigns’ father, Sika, worked as a professional Samoan wrestler in his days, and his mother remained as a housewife.

Growing up with a wrestler father, Roman learned a lot about his form of sport from a very young age. As he grew up, Roman began to show interest in the art that his father possessed and started to learn more about it. In his family, Roman grew up with his parents and his sibling Rosey.

According to Reigns’ birth details, he was born on May 25, which means he shares the astronomical zodiac sign of Gemini. According to popular beliefs, people who share this zodiac sign are very determined towards their goals and always strive to complete their goals as well. Not sure what you think of Reigns, but we feel this describes his personality a lot.

Roman Reigns Education

Although growing up with his father, who pursued the career of a professional wrestler from a young age, his parents always remained concerned regarding formal education. Wanting his child to learn the art Sika possessed was one thing, and the thought of sending him school to graduate was another.

As a young child, Roman went to Pensacola Catholic High School, located in Pensacola. In school, Roman established himself as a decent yet somewhat naughty child. His nature of indulging in outdoor games overshadowed his enthusiasm towards study always. But that never meant he did not get good marks.

During school in the early days, Roman performed averagely in his school exams and other tests, as well. This allowed him to continue his outdoor interests always without generating a hiatus. After graduating from Pensacola Catholic school, Roman enrolled at the Escambia High School and started studying there.

During his high school days, it did not take much time for Roman indulging in sports activities. Although he trained for major sports games pretty much, one sport that stood out the most was Football for him. As destiny would have it, Roman also possessed a knack for football. His game and stats helped Roman in his school very much.

After graduating from Escambia High School, Roman enrolled at the Georgia Institute of Technology and started to play for the institute’s team as well. During his college days, Roman also acted as the team captain for the college team. In 2007, Roman graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Personal Life, Wife

Roman Reign is a pretty successful person as we know, but as there is a saying, behind every successful man, there is certainly a woman. Certainly, there is a woman behind Roman’s success as well, and her name is Galina Joelle Becker. Because of all the support Roman receives, he has managed to get so successful.

Back in the days, Roman and Galina Becker dated each other extensively and always liked to stick closer. It was not until Roman decided to take the next big step and asked Galina to marry him. Of course, Galina said yes to the proposal, and both became all excited to get married.

In 2014, Roman and Galina got married to each other and welcomed a beautiful baby daughter and named her Joelle. In 2016, Roman and Galina welcomed twin baby boys. As of now, Roman, Galina, and their children live a very happy life together. The whole family went through a tough time when Roman diagnosed with cancer.

However, since then, Roman has recovered from the fatal disease and has gotten back to wrestling as well as enjoying life with wife Galina and family. There are no rumors of the split between Roman and Galina anywhere.

Roman Reigns Career

For the most part of his early life, Roman always indulged himself in sports activities. As a young man, Roman started playing football, and since college days, he became rather good at it as well. During Reigns’ senior year at Escambia High School, Pensacola News Journal named his the Defensive Player of the Year.

After graduating from Escambia High School, Roman enrolled at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and there he continued his career in sports. At Georgia Institute of Technology, roman became a member of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets team. Later tired 2007 NFL Draft, but nothing much came out of it.

In 2008, Roman signed a contract with Edmonton Eskimos, a team in the Canadian Football League. However, after one season, he leaned towards retiring from his career in football. Retiring from football did not mean Roman did not want to work as he just wanted a fresh start.

Roman went back to training with his father for professional wrestling and became good at it in a short span, as well. In 21010, Roman signed a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment or also known as WWE, and got assigned to FCW. FCW is WWE’s developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling.

After joining WWE, Roman showed exponential growth and quickly became a fan favorite as well. As a part of his career, news portal and analysts have named him as one of the most successful wrestlers of this time and also as one of the most overrated as well. Regardless of all of that, Roman has won some serious titles.

Roman has won WWE World Heavyweight Championship three times, WWE Universal Championship one time, and Intercontinental Championship one time as well. Along with there, there are several other titles that Roman has under his belt.

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Net Worth

Reigns enjoy a career that many aspiring wrestlers always dream of and refer to as their career goal as well. While his sports career did not thrive as much as it did initially, Roman outshined many prominent wrestlers in a very short span of time. All of this has gained a Roman massive fan base.

Along with a pretty big fan base, Roman also has a massive fortune that he earned from his career as a professional wrestler. As it goes without saying, Roman knows how to spend his riches properly. As of now, Reigns has a lucrative net worth of $9 million. Reigns enjoy his net worth very much.

Also, Reigns likes to live a very luxurious life as well. Roman likes stylish cars and has a pretty big home as well.


Name Roman Reigns
Date of birth May 25, 1985
Birthplace Pensacola, Florida, United States of America
Ethnicity Mixed
Height 6.3 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Wrestler
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Gemini
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $9 million


Social Reach

Twitter: @WWERomanReigns

Instagram: @romanreigns

Facebook: Roman Reigns


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