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Fighting crime is one thing, but when it comes to defending it or fighting against in all legal ways, there are specialized people for that. These are the people we refer to as Lawyers who literally have the law in their initials as well. However, there are many lawyers out there who have a different array of capabilities. But, have you ever seen someone who manages to get people out of the tightest legal situation like a piece of cake? Well, that is the kind of person we are talking about here today. This man played a major role in the O.J Simpson case. His name is Robert Shapiro.

Robert Shapiro

Robert, right here, is the man that most people already know about. At least the ones who know a thing or two about the O.J Simpson case, which gathered the attention of the whole nation and probably, the whole world as well. As a lawyer, Shapiro is the man behind the case getting O.J Simpson without being convicted of two counts of murder. While people lay on their couch or stuck to the office TV, Robert there became the man who made sure that O.J got out of the situation.

Also, this is not the only thing that regards Shapiro as a very famous lawyer but because of his achievements in the real world as well. Before fighting the case for O.J Simpson, Robert already established himself as a very stellar lawyer in his professional field. Shapiro already rose to fame because of how he dealt with a couple of cases back in the days and because of the outcome as well. But what else do you know about Shapiro? Wel, it looks like you do not know much about him. We’re here to change that about Shapiro here.

Robert Shapiro Early Life

In the business of legal practicing, one of the most famous and also one of the most renowned Robert Shapiro was born on September 2, 1942. Shapiro was born in Plainfield, New Jersey, United States of America, and at the moment, Robert is 77 years old. Now, this is the most interesting part right here.

When we look at the recent pictures of Robert, there is not a shred of a chance that this man here looks like a 77 years old man. In fact, there are multiple people out there who firmly believe that Robert looks no older than a man in his 50s or a little later. What is the secret behind all this younger-looking persona?

Well, according to insiders, Robert manages to look sharp all the time because of how he manages to keep himself fit and moving. Contrasting to his sedentary life, Robert manages to sneak in exercise most of the time, and that keeps him fit. There you go, people; the Shapiro secret is now yours.

Other facts about Robert right here are some of the most trivial, but fans and followers would not want to miss it for sure. According to several reports, Robert stands at a tall height of 6 ft, and that is a very impressive height for anyone. On the other hand, according to his birth details, Robert was born on September 2.

This means that Robert shares the zodiac sign of Virgo. Notably, Virgo is very famous for its adaptability and calm nature.

Robert Shapiro Family, Parents, Children

The former lawyer of O.J Simpson, who fought one of the most controversial cases of all time, Robert was born as Robert Leslie Shapiro. Unfortunately, most of the information about Shapiro’s childhood remains a mystery at the moment. Is it because of some special reason?

What do we mean when we say a special reason? Well, Shapiro may be hiding his childhood information so that people do not know more about him. As a lawyer, there already remain many enemies. Shapiro most likely does not want to give way bones to bite and chew upon for anyone.

Now, talking about his secrecy, Robert also remains fairly quiet when it comes to talking about his parents as well. Now, at the moment, presumably, his parents are not alive as well. This is only a speculation and does not claim as a fact in any manner. This speculation only gets confirmed when Shapiro clears things out.

As mentioned, Shapiro does not really talk about his childhood and about his parents as well, and this means one thing. At the moment, there remains very little information for people when it comes to Shapiro’s parent’s detail. Had anything about Shapiro’s parents remain available, it would get easier for everyone to learn more about how he grew up.

Robert Shapiro

Robert Shapiro Education, School

Although there remains virtually no information about who Shapiro’s parents were, one thing is actually sure about it. Shapiro’s parents are like any other American parents who share the same thoughts and follow the same virtue. Shapiro’s parents and other American parents want their children to go to school.

As a young boy, Shapiro went to a very reputed elementary school as a young child. At the elementary school, Robert began showing above-average skills as a student, and his teachers also acknowledged things about Shapiro as well. At elementary school, Shapiro started his educational journey.

After getting through with elementary school, Shapiro went and joined the Hamilton High School, where he further continued his educational journey. At the Hamilton High School located in Los Angeles, Shapiro started his studies in the year 1961 and graduated in 1964.

In 1965, Shapiro joined the University of California, Los Angeles, and started focusing in Finance. After about three years, Shapiro graduated with a B.S. in Finance. However, this was not enough for Shapiro as he strived for a more educational degrees. In 1968, Shapiro received his Juris Doctor degree from Loyola Law School.

This is the educational background of a man who wanted to become one of the greatest lawyers of all time. He went to high school, and later, UCLA then enrolled at the Loyola Law School for Juris Doctor.

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Personal Life

Almost everything in Shapiro’s life is exactly as he would have ever wanted it to be like. A career that only seems to reach new heights and fortune that keep growing always. However, everything in life isn’t perfect, and Shapiro’s case is the same. Also prolific professionally, his personal life holds a trauma.

Shapiro married a beautiful woman named Linell Thomas. After meeting and falling in love, both Shapiro and Thomas dated each other for an extended period of time. After some time, both Shapiro and Thomas decided to get married. On March 8, 1970, Shapiro and Thomas married each other.

From their marriage, Shapiro and Thomas welcomed two sons, and they named them Grant and Bret. Unfortunately, only one son remains at the moment. The tragedy that we mentioned earlier is his son’s death. In 2005, Shapiro lost one of his, Brent, after the young man overdosed on the drug.

Since then, Shapiro holds and manages a nonprofit organization called Brent Shapiro Foundation, which looks after awareness against drugs.

Robert Shapiro Career

During the earliest days of Shapiro’s career, he worked as a clerk at the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office. During his time working as a clerk, Shapiro gained a lot of hands-on experience in law and prosecution. After finishing his tenure as a clerk, Shapiro moved on.

After clearing at the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office, Shapiro went on and became a public prosecutor. Shapiro worked as a public prosecutor for three years approximately and gained a lot of further information as well. After working for a collective of four years, Shapiro began his own practice.

In 1972, Shapiro began running his own law practice, and things began getting better for Shapiro. For starters, Shapiro began bagging famous personalities and became a specialist in handling such cases. In a couple of years, Shapiro became one of the tops most sought after lawyers for famous and upcoming artists.

However, it was not until Shapiro got hold of the O.J. Simpson case that he shot to fame like never before. In 1994, O.J. Simpson became the prime suspect in the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. What made the case more intense is that O.J. got into a low-speed car chase for an extended period of time.

Despite most of the evidence facing O.J, Shapiro managed to get him out clean and not guilty. This made Shapiro one of the most famous lawyers of all time. Apart from law, Shapiro also remains as an author who has written two books.

Robert Shapiro

Net Worth

Reports suggest that Shapiro came from a well-to-do family and had a lot of influence while growing up. Shapiro always knew that he wanted to do something significant, and becoming a layer fulfilled his wish as well. As mentioned, Shapiro still did not have much to worry about as, reportedly, his family was a rich one.

However, fast forward to the present day, Shapiro is far more famous and richer than ever before. While previously, Shapiro represented upcoming artists, his reputation sealed over the years as celebrities’ choice. As of now, Shapiro has a massive net worth of $120 million.

Shapiro enjoys his net worth by indulging in travel and living a very luxurious life.

Name Robert Shapiro
Date of birth September 2, 1942
Birthplace Plainfield, New Jersey, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 6.0 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Lawyer
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Virgo
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $120 million


Social Reach

Twitter: @LawyerShapiro

Instagram: @shapiro.robert

Facebook: Robert Shapiro


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