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His static and superlative smile is what that captivates most of his fans out there. No, we got that wrong. Robert Ellis Silberstein does not exactly many fans, but he does have followers. Followers who follow him and his work very religiously. Yes, it is the same Robert Ellis we are talking about who you know profoundly as a music executive. This man is one of a kind and for every good there that there exists.

The spike designed hair, the salt & loop that most men never seem to rock is his signature look, and people love him very much for it. But wait, not as much as they love him for the work he has done and all the contribution Ellis has done behind the curtain. All of that so that people could hear good music and witness the evolution. If it weren’t for him, we who know if we would have gotten such great hits from artists.

Robert Ellis Silberstein

You don’t think Robert’s contributions are that worth noting? Well, if you did not already know, Robert used to previously manage Billy Preston, Diana Ross, Meat Loaf, Status Quo and many other famous artists of the old-time and helped them maintain and deliver the expectations of the audience. Now, do you still think that Robert’s contribution isn’t worth noting?

But that is not the debate we are here to argue on here, but we’re here on a mission. In this post, we hope to divulge all the information about Robert Ellis that never made its way to his followers. From professional career to personal life. Here is everything about Robert Ellis, the man who helped shape the music.

Robert Ellis Silberstein Early Life

Famous music executive and a well-noted businessman Robert Ellis Silberstein was born on January 5, 1946, in Elberon, New Jersey, United States of America. Just like a good wine, Robert gets better with age. Although 73 years old at the moment, Robert has the energy of a man who is in their 30s. As astonishing as it may seem, many people also get shocked when they find out his age.

How does he do all that? Well, if you also follow a proper and healthy lifestyle than you’d realize that looking good and feeling good is not exactly that much hard. And who knows, you could also rock salt and pepper look just like Robert here. Talk about silver spoon-feeding, Robert knows the experience best. Want to know how Robert has the experience of a silver spoon?

Robert was born to father and mothers who were making a lot of money off of their garment manufacturing business, and when Robert was born, his parents were very much financially or to put in other words, wealthy. As a result, Robert grew up having everything that he ever wished for and dreamed of ever.

As a Jewish, Robert remains very close to his ancestry and close to all the Jewish traditions. Despite all the wealth, Robert’s parents always taught him good discipline and manners, which eventually helps everyone. As per his birth details, Roberts astronomical zodiac sign is Capricorn, and he is American by nationality.

Robert Ellis is the only child to his parents, and because of this, Robert does not have any siblings of his own. Also, Ellis never revealed the names of his parents. The reason for this secrecy remains a mystery itself.

Robert Ellis Silberstein Education

Coming down to a wealthy family has its perks, and Robert knows it all best. Like every other parent, Robert’s parents also always insisted on Robert getting a proper education, which eventually would help him become successful. On top of that, as his parents were business person, the concept of studying properly and getting the required education became even more necessary.

With the initial thought of their son managing the family business, later on, Robert’s parents imprinted the value and importance of education in his life early on.          His parents admitted Robert into a very reputed high school, which was famous for having students mainly from very wealthy families and also for the education and facilities that it provided as well.

After high school graduation, Robert started to explore his choices and enrolled at the most prestigious West Virginia University, where he studies for a couple of years. During his time at the university, Robert used to also help his family in their family business. It too Robert the standard time of four years to complete his studies and graduate from the university.

However, one thing stood out during his entire time as a student at West Virginia University. Robert turned out to become one of the most intelligent and smartest students in his class and graduated with top marks. As a result, the university that he studied in also ended up opening its doors for his career.

Name Robert Ellis Silberstein
Date of birth January 5, 1946
Birthplace Elberon, Long Branch, New Jersey, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 5.8 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Music exec and businessman
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign Capricorn
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $50 million


Personal Life

Robert’s success as a music executive did not come as it is, but it came to him from his relationship, a relationship that once shook the whole world. In the 1970s, Robert started dating Diana Ross, the famous singer and member of The Supremes. Robert and Diana started growing serious together and eventually ended up managing Diana Ross herself.

This allowed the couple to remain closer to each other. Robert and Diana started seeing each other right after Diana’s relationship with her former beau Berry Gordy ended in 1970. During the end of 1970, Diana knew that she was pregnant, and instead of making a fuss over Diana’s pregnancy, Robert accepted it.

We’re saying how Robert did not make a fuss because the child was from Diana’s previous relationship and not with Robert. Regardless of that fact, Robert married Diana while she was just two months pregnant, and both welcomed the baby girl in August 1971.

Robert raised Ross’ child as his own and next year, in October of 1972, Robert and Diana welcomed their first child together, another baby girl. They named her Tracee Joy Silberstein. Again in 1977, Robert and Diana welcomed their second baby together, and this time as well, they welcomed a girl and named her Chudney Ross.

Despite the years of a happy marriage, Robert and Diana’s marriage came to an end in 1977. The decision of divorce came as amicable, and both committed to raising their children. Since his divorce from Diana, Robert remained reportedly single, or so he made it look like that. Robert keeps his personal life under the radar since his divorce from Diana.

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Robert Ellis Silberstein Career

After graduating from university with top marks, West Virginia University offered him a job as a teacher. Not everyone is as lucky as Robert, who gets a job right after graduating from university. Most have to wait quite a long while before landing a minimum wage job. And here stood Robert, as a teacher in the University he just passed out from.

However, his days as a teacher did not last very long after he broke into an argument with the principal. The topic of the argument remains a mystery, and Robert also does not likes to discuss it, but it grew so serious that Robert just quit his teaching job at West Virginia University.

After remaining in the shadows for quite a while, Robert again emerged but this time, everybody talking about him. His public fame started when Robert started seeing famous legendary singer Diana Ross in the 60s. As the relationship started to grow stronger and stronger, Diana and Robert wanted to remain as close as possible.

For that to happen, Robert started to manage Diana Ross, and when the couple married, everything was set. As he started to manage Diana Ross, people started to notice how good he managed Diana and there his career as a music executive started. By 1970, Robert established himself as a music manager.

His clients included the likes of Ronnie Wood from The Rolling Stones, Billy Preston, Michael Lee Aday, and other famous names in the music industry.

Social Reach

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: N/A

Facebook: Robert Ellis Silberstein

Net Worth

Robert always had money at his disposal from a very young age, and he also possessed the knowledge on how to use it wisely and make it work form him. Growing up in a family that runs its own very successful business, Robert gained all the knowledge about business making and the way to success.

As of now, music exec and businessman Robert Ellis has a massive net worth of $360 million. Robert also owns multiple properties and likes to keep them all as assets that generate him more money.


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