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Ricky Bell was born on 18th of September 1967 in Roxbury, Boston, Massachusetts, and the United States of America. People call him by the nickname “Slick.” He is a famous singer and also the best of the R and B singer list. Virgo is his zodiac sign. He is one of the favorite people listed among the most celebrities in the world.

Ricky Bell


Ricky Bell was born into the right family. Dorothy Mae Bell was his mother, and Daniel Bell was his father. His father died when the kids were not so young. He has ten siblings. Out of the eleven children his mother gave birth to, he was the youngest. They were brought up in Orchard Park Projects. His siblings are; Tyrone Bell, Wayne Bell, Daniel Bell, Lawan Bell, Anthony Bell, Mark Bell, Dorothy Bell, Marcel Bell, Bettina Bell, Kevin Bell, and Loretta Bell-Lewis. He shares a strong bond of attachment with his siblings and respects and loves them very much.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Ricky holds the citizenship of the United States of America and is from the American nationality. But this ancestry is impressive as he is a mixture of any. He is a mixture of Guatemalan, Japanese, Puerto Rican and Jewish descent. His ethnicity is white.

Body Measurements

Ricky is an older man, but he does not look like it. He is brilliant and gives off a positive vibe wherever he does. At this 50s, he can maintain himself very well. This popular figure dresses well and can maintain a good personality. His height, weight, and other body measurements are unknown. Also, his dress and shoe size is not known to anyone as he never revealed about his body measurements.


Ricky Bell never revealed about his family life and his culture. Also, his early and childhood life has not come to the disclosure yet. This older man feels it right to show only about his professional life to the general public. So, he has not shared his school, high school, or the college to anyone. Thus, his education history is unknown to date.

Early Life

Ricky had an intense and keen interest in singing from old age. He was talented and was a great singer since his childhood days. Ralph Tresvant was his close friend since his childhood days. Ricky Bell and Ralph Tresvant decided to open a band as they had a considerable interest in singing. So, these two people named a group “Ricky and Ralph” and began their career in song.

Later they added, Michael Bivins, Bobby Brown, Ronnie DeVoe, and they formed a new band named “The Edition.” This group lasted for more than 30 years, and with this group, his singing career began. Bobby Brown left the group in 1978, and then Johny Gill joined the group in the middle of the 1980s. So, they named this group, “New Edition.” This newly formed group successfully recorded the album “Heartbreak” and then Ricky Bell pursued her career in singing.


Ricky was a die heart fan of the R and B music since his childhood days. He was very much into music, and he formed a group named “Ricky and Ralph” at his small age with his friend Ralph Tresvant. They both worked together, and they added new group members are calling the group “New Edition” with Michael Bivins, Ronnie DeVoe, and Bobby Brown. This group officially began in 1983, and they were able to gain the fame of the most popular band at a small time. After one of their group member, Bobby Brown left the group; they collaborated with Johny Gill. And formed a new group named “The Edition.” Their new album “Heartbreak” was recorded soon after that and they were able to leave a mark as the country’s top hit album.

Later, Bell formed another band with Ronnie DeVoe and Michael Bivins as BBD, and they become the most popular band. They started the most famous act of the ‘90s known as the “New Jack Swing” sound. With the help of the “New Edition” group, he was able to develop his skills as a lead singer. In the New Edition, he was only a vocalist. But, later he became the core singer. This new group then released its first album named “Poison in 1990 which was also a hit.

Later after three years, they were successful in releasing their second album named “Hootie Back.” Then, they released BBD in 2001. With growing viewers and more fans, they were able to release a new album “Three Stripes” in 2017.
Hence, Ricky Bell is a well-known personality in the singing era of today’s generation. He has made a remarkable change in the history of songs.

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Ricky Bell; Relationship Status

Ricky was married to his sweetheart, Amy Correal Bell. They were dating for an extended period, and then they got involved in a marital relationship in 2004. This couple gave a very healthy married life and had a good dating life too. But, they never revealed about their wedding occasion. They had a low-key wedding inviting their close friends and family.

Although this couple had a good married life, they do not have kids to date. They have no kids, and they are yet to welcome kids. Hence, their family life is a little incomplete due to the lack of kids. Also, this couple has managed to avoid and be away from the spotlight. They are married and have a healthy, married life and a good love story. Their duet “Gold” reflects their marital life.

Net Worth

Ricky Bell is a well known American personality and a big singer. He is a masterpiece in the field of singing and has contributed a lot to the singing platform. People will always remember his contributions as he has a vast number of fan following. This famous American singer has released a few albums, and all are super hit. Also, he was able to receive the Golden Note Award in 2008 at the 21st ASCAP Annual Rhythm and Soul Music Awards. Because of this award, his fame doubled.

Moreover, in 2008, he celebrated the 25th Anniversary of his group with his group members and they released a new album in 2017. He also tours with Bell DeVoe in several R&B music tours. Hence, his expected net worth is very high. As he lives a very lavish wife with his wife, he can collect the net worth of more than 15 million dollars and can be an established singer.

Social Media Reach

Ricky Bell is not so active on the social media platform. He keeps his private and professional life away from social media reach. His Instagram and facebook account does not have a vast number of followers. Hence, this popular personality is not so active in social media.

Rumors and Controversy

Rickey Bell has not faced any controversies about his professional life as he is a well-established singer. Also, his relationship status is functional, and he has not suffered any rumors about his relation. But, he has faced a lot of gossips because of his addiction to drugs. The fans of the New Edition were shocked to listen that Ricky was highly addicted to the drugs. He began using drugs after his team released “Home Again.” His fans were sad to hear about his addiction to the drugs.

Ricky Bell was not only addicted to cocaine, oxycontin, and alcohol but was also addicted to other drugs. He once overdosed, and he had to end up in the rehabilitation center. Bell accepted that his wife supported him a lot to get him out of the addiction phase. Hence, he discontinued drugs after he was back from the rehabilitation center. He shared that “he is glad to have people who support him to give him hopes and inspire him.”


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