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There are not enough royalty in the world to talk about these days, and most of them have gone out of reign speaking honestly. However, not all of them are out in the blues, and one particular family has reigned for so many years. Talking in full honesty, there only remains one particular royal family that stands strong and very popular in this communist and a democratic country filled world. That royal family is of Britain, and the royalty we talk about today is Prince Harry.

Ears perked up and eyes full of attention and curiosity as soon as you see the name of Harry here. We know precisely why that happened with you. The beloved Prince here is only one of the most famous personalities currently in the trending biz and honestly, everywhere else. His charm is like no other and makes people want to see more of him. That’s how charming Prince Harry is in reality. But, in all sarcasm, there are still cave people around.

Prince Harry

What we mean by that is there are still people who do not know a single thing about who this charming prince is or what importance he holds. But, without belittling anyone, we’ll talk about him here briefly before going on ranting about things. Harry here is one of the royal members of the British family reigning over Britain for centuries now. He is the brother of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and husband of Megan Markle.

Now that we’ve already mentioned Megan Markle here let’s jump towards learning it all about this handsome royalty. For the sake of convenience and without any offense meant, we’ll refer to Prince Harry as Harry only. Now that we’ve cleared everything out let’s talk further and learn more about Harry here.

Prince Harry Early Life

The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, and one of the most charming royalty in existence, he was born on September 15, 1984, in St. Mary’s Hospital, London, United Kingdom. As of now, This prince is already 35 years old with majestic ginger hair and beard that goes along very well.

Some even say that his ginger hair resembles that of Ed Sheeran, the famous Shape of You singer. Now, we all love Ed Sheeran as well, so there’s no harm done in comparing some features of Harry with Ed. Both of them are extraordinarily gifted people — Ed in music and Harry in charm and manners.

The Duke of Sussex was born to father Charles, Prince of Whales, and mother Lady Diana Spencer. His father, Charles, Prince of Whales, is the second in line to rule the throne of the United Kingdom. In reality, Harry was named Henry Charles Albert David when he was baptized.

For all family members, the name Harry only stuck along, and it looks like that is also the name that the whole world uses to address the Prince. Prince has an older sibling, an elder brother whose name is Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. Their mother, Lady Diana, wanted both sons to experience a lot of things.

As a child, Harry and brother William went to a lot of places and visited a lot of different places, not conventional for royal children. They went to Walt Disney World, and to homeless shelters as well. Harry’s parents later divorced, and Harry lost his mother to a car crash when he was twelve years old.

Prince Harry Education

The western world has a notorious reputation of giving major attention to their children’s education and thinking that education is the only ladder to success. Apparently, anyone thinking that isn’t wrong at all and has a very nice nature. Just imagine what it is like for the royal family.

As a part of the royal family, the children have to go to school compulsory. However, there are certain procedures that are at hand when it comes to the education of royal family members. Harry went to school the same fashion that his father and older brother did. Harry started as a student at Jane Mynors’ nursery school in London.

From there, Harry went to the Wetherby School for Pre-preparatory classes. After coming out of the Wetherby School, Harry went to Ludgrove School located in Berkshire, the same school that Prince Charles and Prince William went to as kids. Later, Harry graduated from Ludgrove School and enrolled at Eton College.

Eton College required an entrance exam that remained compulsory even for royal family children as well. While earlier enrolling at institutions as per paternal ancestry fashion, joining Eton came as a move towards the maternal ancestry side as Lady Diana’s father and brother went to the same institution.

In 2003, Prince graduated from Eton with two A-Levels, and during his time in the institution, Harry competed in various sports and excelled. Gathering two A-levels seemed like enough for Prince as he took a gap and went to Australia for some work. A part of family tradition.

Prince Harry

Personal Life

As the prince of the united kingdom and also the Duke of Sussex, Harry has a lot of admirers, and plenty of them are female. For obvious reasons, Harry remains particularly famous between women, and most seem to like him a lot as he is literally royalty. As it happens, royal highness also has a lot of affairs.

Back in 2004, Harry began a romantic relationship with Chelsy Davy. Harry and Chelsy Davy continued a very troublesome and on and off relationship for years. The relationship grew troublesome because of Harry’s public figure as a prince and all the obligations that came along as well.

Unfortunately, the relationship did not last that long, and Harry ended his relationship with Chelsy in 2010. After the affair with Chelsy ended in 2010, Harry took some time off from dating. But not long enough after, Harry started dating another beautiful woman envied and desired by many.

In 2012, Harry began dating Cressida Bonas. But only after two years old dating, Harry and Cressida ended their relationship in 2014. Again, after a two years long gap, Harry started dating another woman. Her name is Meghan Markle. With a lot of push and pull between the couple, things worked out.

Kensington Palace officially acknowledged Harry’s and Markle’s relationship to the public, and soon, Harry and Markle engaged. In 2018, Harry and Markle married each other in a lavish and beautiful setting. The venue set at the St George’s Chapel and Archbishop commenced the wedding.

Right now, there are no talks about children whatsoever.

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Prince Harry Career

There are often people who get confused about what a royal family member’s career is and what do they work in? Well, here’s an extensive answer to that question. Royal family members have the responsibility to work in the country’s job dispositions, mainly the royal army.

In 2005, after taking a year off from studying, Harry went on to join the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. While a lot of rumors circulated that teachers at Sandhurst helped Harry pass the exam required to enter the Sandhurst, Harry did it anyway. After joining and serving for two years as Officer Cadet Wales, Harry became Cornet.

Serving as a Cornet or also knows as a second lieutenant, Harry experienced and learned a great many deals. The Duke of Sussex served as the second lieutenant for another two years, gaining ample experience and then received a promotion. The promotion made Harry a lieutenant.

After years of training and working, Harry almost went to war in Iraq with his regiment. However, the official denied the move to Iraq. Harry was denied deployment to Iraq because of high threat possibilities to him and the soldiers alongside him as well. As a part of his training, harry also learned to fly Army helicopters and Apache aircraft.

After years of remaining active in the army and serving through different roles, Harry, in 2015, left the Armed Forces and joined the army barracks in Darwin, Perth, and Syndey for four weeks. Apart from all the royal work, Harry also indulges himself in charity works and everything in between.

Net Worth

Now, do we need to say anything else here because Harry is a part of the Royal family? One thing that makes Royals royalties is a massive amount of fortune at disposal. Since Harry’s family has reigned over Britain for more than a couple centuries, his family has riches beyond imagination.

The Royal family of Britain has a massive net worth of over $1.8 billion. However, this is a net worth that all of the British royal members have altogether. What about only the Prince and Duke of Sussex? Well, Harry, at the moment, has a massive net worth of $30 million at his hand.

As a royalty, Harry owns multiple cars, and the family also has massive numbers of real estate around the world. Harry spends his fortune in the welfare of the not so funded people and also likes to travel a lot around.


Name Prince Harry
Date of birth September 15, 1984
Birthplace St Mary’s Hospital, London, United Kingdom
Ethnicity White
Height 6.2 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Prince
Married Yes
Nationality British
Birth sign Virgo
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $30 million


Social Reach

Twitter: N/A

Instagram: @sussexroyal

Facebook: Prince Harry


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