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Celebrities come and go, and in the mean journey to all the starry fame and fortune, they also make others famous as well. Who do we have here today isn’t just another person who became famous because of their relationship with someone famous. Surely, it has a massive role behind all the fame and fortune, but that is also not the end of the story here. Curious to learn who we are talking about today. Well, she is the daughter of King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Her name is Paris Jackson.

Paris Jackson

Now, this name comes as something that isn’t that familiar with you and for all the obvious reasons as well. Why is that? Well, that is because Paris isn’t that famous herself. Surely, Jackson has managed to establish herself as an artist and also an actress, but in front of the fame her father conjured with relentless effort, it’s mere. But, let’s not get disheveled and thrown away by Michael Jackson because he isn’t the person we are here talking about today, but it is his daughter.

Who is Paris, you ask? Well, as of now, Paris introduces herself as an actress, and also a model. With immaculate looks and features that anyone would die to have, Paris is one of the most iconic figures in the fashion industry. Also, quoting beauty with brains, Paris worked her way up as an actress, as well. All of this should not come as a surprise because, well, it’s the daughter of Michael Jackson we are talking about here. What do you expect?

Now, apart from talking about her professional prowess, let’s focus on talking about Paris’ personal life as well. Do you know about Paris’ relationship status now? After you’re done with this post, you will.

Paris Jackson Early Life

Paris Jackson, daughter of one of the most famous artists, King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was born on April 3, 1998. She was born in Beverly Hills, California, United States of America. At the moment, Paris is only 21 years old, and for someone of this age, Paris is immensely famous.

While at 21, people are still figuring out what they want to do in life, Paris has it all figured out. Working as an actress and a model, Paris makes sure that whatever she does, it is perfect and has an authenticity to it as well. Let’s just say she carried out some of the traits from her father, as well.

Paris was born to father Michael Jackson and mother Debbie Rowe. Paris’ father, as mentioned, is one of the most famous celebrities of all time and also popularly known as the kind of pop. On the other hand, her mother, Debbie Rowe, remains only famous as the woman who married Michael Jackson.

Born as a middle child, Paris has two siblings. Her older sibling’s name is Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., and her younger sibling’s name is Prince Michael Jackson II. Growing up, Paris always remained very close to her siblings, and her parents also made sure that she gets whatever she desired from the very start.

Unfortunately, Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe decided to split and end their marriage in divorce. After the divorce, Michael Jackson managed to grasp hold and acquire full custody of his daughter Paris and then began to raise her himself. After the death of Michael Jackson, Paris and her siblings began living with their grandmother.

Paris Jackson Education

While everyone may think that growing up as the daughter of Michael Jackson could never get any better, Paris knows all the experience first hand. As a matter of fact, the real-life scenario contradicts what people expect, and for the most part, Paris hated being a celebrity’s kin in general.

As a child, Paris attended a private school, designed and opened for only the children of elite families like the one of Michael Jackson. However, in that elite private school that remains mysterious for obvious reasons, Paris faced a lot of turmoil. One time in 2013, Paris reportedly attempted suicide over school issues.

As it happens, at the private school. A group of students tormented Paris and bullied her as well. Driven by depression and anger, Paris tried to take her own life. Followed by that incident, Paris’ family decided to take her off of the private school and started considering homeschooling.

After that incident, Paris started attending high school and also started going to the school anonymously. For the most part, whatever she and her siblings did remains a secret. Even when Michael Jackson was alive, he would go out with his children while the whole family hid their faces partially with masks.

Another this that surfaced most recently is that Paris actually did not attend many of her high school functions. At one time, Paris reportedly skipped her high school prom party because she wanted to go to a Metallica concert. If you ask us, her actions are justified.

Personal Life

Running around with fame in her pocket from a very young age and only hanging out with the big games in the business, Paris made a lot of friends. But did anyone one of those friends managed to turn into something more. For anyone wondering, Paris is not married at the moment. But what about her relationship status?

Back in the days, in 2015, Paris was dating a man named Chester Castellaw. After meeting for the first time in the mid-2010s, Paris and Chester fell in love with each other. Dating for quite a while, Paris and Chester continued their dating affair for quite some time. However, unfortunately, their relationship did not last that long.

In 2017, Paris and Chester Castellaw decided to end their romance and parted ways. After her split with Chester Castellaw, sources caught Paris hanging out with another man who also likes Chester, possessed a charming personality. However, as of now, no confirmation remains from either of their sides.

We also do not know the name of the man Paris was hanging out with. But this is not the most mysterious part here. In a tweet, Paris acknowledged the fact that she was not straight. After multiple people asking her if she was straight or bisexual, with little irritation, Paris clarified her sexuality.

In the tweet, Paris said that if that is what people gave it a name as it was true. Paris also further clarified the matter by saying that she has always referred to LGBTQ+ as her fellow community.

paris Jackson

Paris Jackson Career

Little miss Jackson’s career is something that did not exactly have an inception point. It resembles a wave of attention that slowly helped her lean towards something that kept her going from a career perspective. While Michael Jackson lived, even heading out always seemed like a hassle.

However, after the death of legendary singer and artist, Paris became vulnerable to everything and everyone. A year after the death of Michael Jackson, Paris and her siblings went on the stage and accepted the Lifetime Achievement Award, and that is when people say her publically.

A year later, Paris received an offer to appear in a movie and taking that as a positive sign for her career growth, Paris took on the offer. The movie fell in the fantasy genre, and the title was Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys. Unfortunately, for unrevealed reasons, the movie never made its way to production.

Years later, in 2017, Paris appeared as a stunning model for the Rolling Stones. While she worked on her career as a singer, people also caught up with her and offered her modeling contracts. After appearing in Rolling Stones in 2017, the same year, Paris appeared in another magazine.

Jackson also made arrangements and signed a contract with IMG Models in March of 2017, and things began rolling for Paris from there. In 2018, Paris also made her first official movie appearance when she appeared in the movie called Gringo. The same year, Paris collaborated with another artist and produced a musical duo and titled it Daisy and In the Blue.

Net Worth

Although we already saw her career and see that Paris does not possess a long list of work experience and a conventional job as well, we cannot deny that she is famous and successful. For someone of the age of 21, Paris lives the dream with all the luxury in the world. But where did all that come from?

Well, you must be forgetting that her father is the king of pop and as a king, he also possessed a massive fortune. At the time of Michael Jackson’s death, he possessed a massive net worth of $500 million. Taking a small part from that fortune, Paris currently has a massive net worth of $100 million.

On top of that, Paris also earns a steady salary from her modeling career. Jackson goes on shopping spree quite often and indulges in lavish vacations as well.


Name Paris Jackson
Date of birth April 3, 1998
Birthplace Beverly Hills, California, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 5.10 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Actress
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign Aries
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $100 million


Social Reach

Twitter: @ParisJackson

Instagram: @parisjackson

Facebook: Paris Jackson


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