Chief Keef

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Fancy names is something that has caught up on a lot these days around. Many artists around have some of the most fancy names and for all the good...
Robert Shapiro

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Fighting crime is one thing, but when it comes to defending it or fighting against in all legal ways, there are specialized people for that. These are the people...
Johnny Appleseed

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Throughout history, there are a lot of people who have managed to set themselves as an example of a very large mass of people. However, there are also those...
Amber Serrano

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Becoming famous is one of the most interesting and intriguing things that can happen to anyone or anyone who can experience it as well. However, there are areas that...
Ethel Kennedy

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Imagine going through one of the most gruesome events and witnessing the loss of someone who meant the whole life to you. Well, after you’ve done this, imagine living...

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In the hiphop industry, there are a lot of people around who look up to other artists for inspiration and other things such as motivation. Even the likes of...