Meleasa Houghton: Biography, Career, Net Worth


Meleasa Houghton was born on 1st of March 1964 in the United States of America. She is a well known American gospel singer. Her sun sign is Pisces.

Nationality and Ethnicity

She holds American citizenship, and her nationality is American while her ethnicity is white. She belongs to mixed ancestors.

Meleasa Houghton

Body Measurements

Meleasa has a great body despite being in her old days. She has the perfect height for an American girl, which is 5 feet and 6 inches, which are approximately 1.7 meters. Her body weighs about 60 kilograms. The brown pair of eyes she has makes her look gorgeous and elegant. Also, her black hair suits her perfectly. She does not like to reveal about her other body measurements.

Meleasa Houghton; Rumors and Controversies

Till date, her professional and personal life is very private as compared to other celebrities. As she is a famous singer, she is well known by many people. Despite that, she can hide her private life from other people. She is not dramatic and has not faced any rumors and controversies yet. Her devotion and concentration on her work have made her professional life very simple and free of scandals. She is never involved in any gossips either. Her focus towards her work is liked by many. Also, Meleasa Houghton’s personal life is free of controversies.

Awards and Achievements

Meleasa has received a lot of awards in her lifetime. She is pretty and gorgeous at the same time. As she is among the famous singers of the United States of America, she was able to win the GMA Dove Award which is the award given for the Traditional Gospel Song that she recorded in the year. Also, she was nominated for The Grammy Award for the Gospel song. Her favorite songs It’s not Over, Chasing Me Down, How Awesome Is Our God was able to make her to various other awards too.

Social Media Reach

Meleasa Houghton is a famous gospel singer. She feels it useful to keep her private life confidential despite her growing fame. Meleasa Houghton is not active on social media like; Twitter and Facebook. On Instagram, she has more than 12 thousand followers. With this ever-increasing fame and popularity, she can win the hearts of many. Even after her ‘50s, she has the same amount of energy, and she can adequately maintain her Instagram profile.

Net Worth

Meleasa Houghton has a pretty good life. She is among the well known singers of the world. Gospel song has made her famous worldwide, and she has made a handsome amount of money through it. Her ex-husband, Isreal Houghton, was a millionaire. He had a net worth of approximately 8 million dollars. According to the law of the United States, after the divorced wife receives half of the husband’s property. So, she was able to make 4 million dollars from then. As she has half of her husband’s assets, she is supposed to have a net worth of about 8 million dollars.

Hence, she lives a lavish and luxurious life with a handsome amount of money she has made from her career history. She has a house in Texas that is worth approximately 800 thousand dollars. But, she has not paid the lease of the house since 2017. Hence, her kids were forced to leave the house. The house contained five bedrooms, a Jacuzzi, a swimming pool and a five and a half baths.

Even if Meleasa The house was bought with her ex-husband in 2006, with a tremendous amount of loan. They had to pay the interest of $4,687. Houghton has not paid the lease of the house; she had quite a good income and lived a healthy and luxurious life.


Meleasa is a very reserved person. He is very private and keeps his professional as well as private life very confidential. She does not share much about her family. Her things are always with her, and she keeps it to keep it safe within herself only. So, she never shares anything about her private life to the general public unless they are her close friends or her family members.

Moreover, even if the sources tried, they were not able to find anything about Meleasa Houghton’s family life. The details about her family background are scarce, and people know nothing about it. Her parent’s name, family kind, and profession is still unknown. Not only her parents, but nothing about her siblings is there on the record. As she mentioned in various testimonies, she was able to express her gratitude towards her parents and her siblings

Also, she said that she is from a Christian family who is a great devotee of a god. Hence, her life is expected to be good.

Education History

Meleasa is a very reserved person. She does not reveal anything about her private life. Her parents, family, and siblings are not known yet. So, is with her educational history. No one can find out if she is literate or not. Hence, no information about her schooling, high-school and university has come to the public till date. Her educational history is concealed like her family life.

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Meleasa Houghton was involved in the Christian musical group called the “Isreal and Breed.” She was the songwriter and the gospel singer of the band. This band has recorded several songs like; “Your Presence Is Heaven,” “Jesus at the Center,” and “Rez Power.” Like her ex-husband, Israel Houghton was the most popular inspirational figures in the United States of America; he also contributed a lot to the music Genre’ contemporary and Gospel.

It would be difficult for Meleasa to gain the fame that she gained if she was only a gospel singer. But, because of her ex-husband Isreal Houghton, Meleasa Houghton can get the recognition. Isreal Houghton is a famous personality in the United States of America as he is a famous American Christian music singer, a songwriter, director, producer, and also the worship leader. Because of the popularity of her husband, many people follow her to know more about her husband and her life.

Early Life

No information about the early life of Meleasa Houghton has come to the disclosure to the general public. People are still unknown about the old life, childhood, and family of Meleasa Houghton. She keeps her life very confidential and private. Hence, her family life is also not known.

Relationship Status

Meleasa is the ex-wife of a famous singer, songwriter, producer and a musician Israel Houghton. Talking about their relationship history, they had been married for more than 21 years now. They first met at Houghton’s ministry, which is in Pittsburgh. Then, they dated for several years and got tied into a married relationship. They have three children; namely Mariah Houghton, Israel Houghton, and Milan Houghton. But, they separated. Israel Houghton was a great devotee of God. So, when they got separated questions and debates were raised on how a god’s devotee would be so unfaithful in a relationship. Thus, the splitting of this couple had become a significant issue.

After this couple got divorced, Meleasa Houghton remained single without being involved in any relationship. But, Israel married Adrienne Bailon who was his new girlfriend after their divorce in 2016. He began gaining more criticisms after he married the new girl and has a terrible image now.

People believed that the reason for the successful career of Meleasa Houghton was because of her ex-husband. But, after they got separated, she had faced a lot of controversies because of that.

The American media also reported and claimed that Christians who are involved in the ministry are not able to handle the marriage and the success together and so is with Israel and Meleasa. Even after their separation, they continued to be good friends.


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