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It’s incredible how some people don’t just tend to get older as time passes. You also surely know some people who do not seem to get older ever as well, and we always ponder what might be the reason behind the magic. Well, here today, we have someone like that who never tends to get old, and we literally mean never. She is a very acclaimed personality with millions of followers. And her name is Maribel Guardia, the famous actress, and an idol.

So, would you deny the fact that Maribel Guardia is utterly beautiful and that she has the power to get any man to his knees on her whim? Well, if you say no, then the chances are that you lie because who on earth would every suggest that Maribel is not breathtaking. Just looking at her pictures has a man all tied up and choked. On top of the body that Maribel maintains is really applaudable because, at such an age, she makes it look effortless.

Maribel is a noted actress who has a lot of experience in the glamour industry. However, it is on social media where she actually shines. Guardia has millions and millions of followers across her social media account, and that is not all. Guardia also knows how to keep them all engaged as well. Whether it is by posting a new sensational picture of herself or by expressing her feeling towards her fans. She likes to keep things rolling.

While learning more about Maribel’s personal life, we shall also learn more about her personal life as well. So many people are unfamiliar with her personal life, and this is not fair. Now, this ought to change from today onwards and permanently as well. Learn more about Maribel right here.

Maribel Guardia

Maribel Guardia Early Life

The famous actress and also a social media icon and influencer Maribel Guardia was born on May 29, 1959, in San Jose, Costa Rica. Astonishingly, Maribel is already 60 years old. However, when looking at her most recent post, there is no way that people see her as a 60 years old person.

There are a lot of people around the globe who manage to look very good looking and young even while approaching old age. However, never have we ever seen someone as Maribel who even at the age of 60 preserves such looks. Not just a face free of wrinkles but also a body to die for. However, there are no secrets behind these, and we shall talk about it all later on.

Maribel was born to her parents, who are native Spanish people and are very proud of their culture as well. For that reason, and also for the love of their country, Maribel’s parents never thought of relocating to the United States and settle there as well. Guardia grew up and was raised in San Jose most of her life.

According to her birth details, Maribel’s astronomical zodiac sign is Gemini. According to beliefs, Gemini’s zodiac element is Air, and like that, the people who share this zodiac are very adaptable to different situation and also tend to be very outgoing and friendly. As seen on Maribel’s social media account, she is very outgoing as well as very adaptable as well.

While most of her early life information remains available, Guardia refuses to reveal any information regarding her parents and their names. Moreover, Maribel also remains quite secretive towards her family. Guardia does not talk about having any siblings as well.

Maribel Guardia Education

As most of you already know, Maribel Guardia is one of the gorgeous women to ever exist and that she also participated in the Miss Universe pageant as well. Now, for someone to compete in such a world-class competition, they have to have sound knowledge of everything, and it comes from a proper education.

Like most parents, Maribel’s parents are also very much inclined towards getting their children a very humble life and sending them school to get a proper education as well. With the dream of allowing Maribel to pursue any career that she would like in the future, they sent her to school.

Maribel went to a very reputed local high school as a young girl, and there she began to study very hard as well. As a result, she soon became friends with a  lot of other children, and most teachers also began to like her very much. Even though she did not particularly excel in studies, Maribel did establish herself as a very obedient and disciplined student.

As Maribel grew up, her interest in career also started to shift. People started to comment on her beauty, and some also suggested that she compete in beauty pageants as well. After competing in Miss Universe and finishing in the top 15 positions, Maribel won a scholarship to study acting at the Sergio Bustamante Institute.

However, Maribel did not finish her course at the Sergio Bustamante, which would ensure a quick career for Maribel. Unfortunately, Maribel also deems it best that she does not talk about it all and reveal why she did not complete her scholarship as well.

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Personal Life

A lot of Maribel’s fans out there must be wondering if this beautiful woman is dating anyone or already married to someone as well. Well, in short, to answer the questions, Maribel is married and quite happily as well. However, this is not exactly the first time that Maribel is married.

Previously, Maribel reportedly married Mexican singer and songwriter Joan Sebastian. The couple married in secrecy, and not many people know about her marriage with Joan. However, because of the secrecy, many also believe that this is just a ruomor and that Maribel and Joan never married each other.

Anyways, Maribel and Joan welcomed a son together and named him Julian. Unfortunately, something between the couple went wrong and eventually, both of them divorced from each other.

According to other reports as well, Maribel Guardia again married, and his name is Marco Chacon. Guardia and Chacon married each other in a very intimate wedding ceremony in Mexico and currently live together with their son. Maribel keeps herself busy with other works and loves to spend time with her family.

Maribel Guardia Career

During the prime of her life, Maribel Guardia participated in a competition and came out victorious as Miss Costa Rica. After competing in a pageant show in 1978 called Miss Costa Rica, Maribel won the competition which made her eligible to compete in the Miss Universe competition the same year in 1978.

Maribel joined the bandwagon, which consisted of most beautiful women from each country and started competing. While she did not win the competition, Maribel did get crowned as Miss Photogenic and also finished as a semi-finalist who made it in the top 15 list of the competition.

Two years after the competition, Maribel Guardia moved to Mexico where she began her career in the acting and broadcasting field. Maribel made her first TV appearance in a TV show called El Loco Valdes, and from there, her career in the film industry began. While working on her acting career, Maribel also became very intimate towards making music.

Before the 90s, Maribel released several albums and also worked on multiple TVsoap operas as well. Tu Y Yo is undoubtedly one of Maribel’s most famous works as she gained a lot of popularity after appearing in the show with famous actors Andres Gardia and Pedro Navaja.

Another of her most famous appearance includes in Serafin with actor Aida Pierce. Guardia’s most recent appearances in TV shows include Nina de mi Corazon, Una amilia con suerte, Corona de lagrimas, Muchacha italiana ciene a casarse. These days, Maribel indulges herself professionally by joining various concert tours.

Net Worth

As we clearly see, Maribel possessed a somewhat unconventional and unexpected as well as a very successful career in the glamour industry. Unconventional because as someone who competed in Miss Universe pageant, people thought she would stick to acting and modeling.

However, Maribel chose to make use of her skill as well and pursue a career in singing as well. With such a diverse and amplified career, Maribel successful gathered a lot of fame, and along with all that, she also gathered a massive fortune for herself as well. As of now, Maribel has a large $10 million net worth.

Maribel Guardia uses her net worth very wisely and spends it on building a better lifestyle for herself and also goes on vacations every now and then.


Name Maribel Guardia
Date of birth May 29, 1959
Birthplace San Jose, Costa Rica
Ethnicity Mixed
Height 5.5 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Actress
Married No
Nationality Spanish
Birth sign Gemini
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $10 million


Social Reach

Twitter: @MaribelGuardia

Instagram: @maribelguardia

Facebook: Maribel Guardia


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