Maliah Michel; Bio, Career, Body Measurements, Rumors, Net Worth


Maliah Michel, a famous stripper, was born on the 10th of December 1983. Her zodiac sign is Saggitarius.

Maliah Michel

Nationality and Ethnicity

Shel holds the citizenship of the United States of America, and she is the citizen of the United States of America. So, her nationality is American. Her ethnicity is African-American.

Maliah Michel; Family Life

Miliah Michel has not disclosed about her family yet. The name of her father and mother are not, however, known to the public. But, according to the reports, there is a conclusion that she has a sister. She also revealed that she used to stay with her sister before.

Early Life

From her early days, Miliah Michel began stripping. When she was at her early age, she went to a strip club that was in her locality. Then, she started stripping. Because she was thrilled with what she saw, she decided to go on with the stripping business.

Later, she found that interested and thought of pursuing her career in the same field. She then scored her first gig at a remarkable and famous black club in Beverley Hills, California. Then, she was asked to come up in videos with numerous American celebrities and musicians.

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Maliah Michel; Career

Maliah Michel was interested in stripping since her early age. To fulfill her dreams of removing, she joined a club in her locality when she was young. At the age of eighteen, this lady was already in the stripping profession. She says that her interest in stripping developed as she saw some strippers in the club in her locality.

According to the reporters, as a dancer, she made more than 5 thousand dollars per night. This young personality also performed as an erotic dancer in many events that got organized in the United States of America. Her interest in the stripping and erotic dancing was intense. After she appeared in Drake, a Canadian Rapper’s song “Find Your Love” she gained much popularity.

Over the years she was featured in favorite songs like; Make Me Better by Fabolous, Get It Shawty Viedo by Llyod and many more. Also, she is voluptuous and is ruling the modeling industry because of her appealing body features. She has appeared in the front page of leading magazines of the world like; King Magazine, XXL and Smooth Magazine. Hence, this lady has a promising career.

Maliah Michel

Maliah Michel; Net Worth

Maliah Michel has earned quite a significant amount of money. Her career as a stripper is leading, and she is also a model. She also deserves through the social media platform as she is one of the leading personality of social media. Her Instagram account plays a vital role to boost her net worth. Also, her modeling in different magazines invited 74 thousand dollars in her home in a single year. She earns from Youtube too. By 2019, she has the net worth of over 1 million dollars.

Body Measurements

Maliah Michel is bold and sexy. She got the looks that can melt any heart. Having quite a big body, she looks as gorgeous as ever, and she has a good personality. Her lips are so sexy that any lipstick on it makes her look beautiful. Also, her facial features are something that should never be missed to appreciate. Her skin is dark, but she has good skin that everyone likes. When it comes to her height, her height is perfect for any girl. She has a height that is 5 feet and 8 inches, which approximately 1.70 meters. Also, her weight is ideal for her height as she weights 62 kilograms. The combination of her height and weight looks too good on her body.

Moving towards her facial features and characteristics, she had a pair of brown eyes. We all know that brown eyes look too adorable on a girl with dark skin. Also, her hair is black and curly. On the face cut, she has, her hair looks perfectly fine. Thus, she has the face that everyone in the Hollywood industry wants. When it goes to her other body measurements, she has the chest size of 34 inches, a waist size of 25 inches and a hip size of 44 inches. Her body looks quite Voluptuous. She is too bold and sexy and has created many fans because of her good and pleasing appearance.

Rumors and Controversies

By profession, Maliah Michel is a stripper. She is decent and has that sexy and bold look. Pursuing her career as the stripper, she was supposed to be in a lot of gossips. Even if she is a stripper, she is a good one and has her reasons for being one. This sexy girl is decent and polite with everyone. Also, she never involves herself in activities that harm herself or her profession. Hence, because of her trust in herself and the boundaries, she sets for everything, she can be free of the hot gossips around. There are no controversies regarding this young girl.

Awards and Achievements

Maliah Michel has struggled a lot in her career. She went from a normal girl who would dance at a dance bar or club to the stripper that is wanted by the top musicians around the world. But, there is no news that she got nominated for any awards till date. Also, there are no significant achievements in her life that she has disclosed. Hence, she has not got any notable awards, and there are no remarkable achievements in her life.

Maliah Michel; Relationship Status

Maliah Michel is famous for her stripping business. She is the world’s biggest stripper of all times. At one point in her life, she was also renowned as the ex-girlfriend of Drake, who is a well-known Canadian rapper. This beautiful couple had a romantic relationship. There was no confirmation about the actual date when they started dating. But, their relation got admired by everyone. According to the different sources, the famous Canadian rapper first saw her when she was in the American Fashion Model of 2010, in a club at Houston.

After that, he was in love with this beautiful lady. He even featured her in his song. Miss me was the song in which he featured her, and they started meeting because of the song occasionally. Also, they started sharing closer space on the screen. The bond this couple shared was beautiful and pleasing at the same time. But, suddenly there came rumors that they were no longer in the relationship and broke up. Right after she broke up with Drake, she fell in love with another man. She then started dating Sean Kingston, who is an American rapper. This beautiful couple dated for a short period until 2011.

Moreover, she also dated an American basketball player who played for the NBA’s Houston Rockets. His name was James Harden. Their love life started in 2014. But, they could not go for so long, and they ended up after a few months of dating.

Furthermore, she also dated a man that she once knew. She hid her identity with the people as she did not want to disclose about him, but she revealed that he was on drugs before, but he later left drugs and was a great devotee of Jesus Christ and became a Bible-basher.

Social Media Reach

Maliah Michel is a very renowned social media personality. She has a charisma that can attract anyone. Her profession as a remarkable stripper and her sexy body features has helped her to attract a lot of people in the social media platform. Also, she is a social media freak and is highly active on social sites. Talking about her social media reach, she holds the account of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. On her Twitter account, she has over 1.4 million followers. Also, she has over 20K followers on Instagram. Hence, she is one of the most prominent social media personality of the time.


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