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There is nothing like a beautiful woman who is also successful. That is something almost everyone finds irresistible, and it is also the feeling that people get when they come in acquaintance with Maia Campbell. Yes, we are talking about the same Maia, the dark brown skin colored beauty who puts everyone into deep gaze when walking around or showing up on TV.

As mentioned, Maia has one of the most beautiful faces that ever existed, and thanks to her acting skills, those attributes multiply immensely. This just shows how much of a difference Maia can make in the film industry. Those dusky looks can leave any man in the dust wanting for more. Of course, she does this all unintentionally; otherwise, there would be charges.

Maia Campbell

Campbell appeared in famous TV shows like the FOXcomedy-drama series called South Central as Tiffany Warren and also in another one called In The House. While Campbell’s professional career always seems impossible to cover, we today try to do something never done before. Something that no one till now has dared doing.

In this post, we aspire to talk about everything there is about Maia Campbell. We know that there is a lot going in her career, but people also need to know about Maia behind the curtain. Who is Campbell behind the camera and as a normal regular person? Who is Campbell’s family, and is she married? These are the few questions we answer in this post.

Along the way, we also have plans to talk about her extensive career and do justice to it.

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Maia Campbell Early Life

American actress Maia Campbell was born on November 26, 1976, in Takoma Park, Maryland, United States of America. Maia is at the moment, 42 years old. But what is astonishing about her age is that she does not really look like someone in their early 40s. Because of a healthy lifestyle and an urge to maintain her looks, Maia likes to remain fit and therefore young looking.

Maia was born as Maia Chinassa Campbell to parents Tiko Campbell who by profession was an architect and also an author hailing from Washington D.C. On the other hand, her mother’s name is Bebe Moore Campbell who as of now, we suspect only worked as a housewife.

From a very young age, Maia did not really use her full name because it always seemed rather lengthy, so she cut it off and only has her first and last name. Regardless of the fact, everyone finds her name rather unique, and all the credit goes to her parents. Speaking of parents, Maia’s parents are American natives who share black ethnicity.

This makes both her parents share the African and American community. Since as a person of black ethnicity born in the United States, Maia also shares the same African and American community, which serves as the best of both world experience for her. While enjoying all the American things, Maia also enjoys her African side traditions.

Despite born in Takoma Park, Maia grew up in Ladera Heights located in Los Angeles, and as far as knowledge about her early life goes, Maia does not have any siblings whatsoever. Also, this is because of the fact that Maia keeps her early life details very privately and does not talk about it as often as other celebrities do.

Maia Campbell

Maia Campbell Education

As a child, Maia possessed a very outgoing and frank attitude, which always gave people the impression that she is very friendly. This also allowed people to like her. While growing in a family with very decent norms and value, Campbell’s parents always emphasized the importance of education like any other normal parent.

Campbell went to the local high school in Los Angeles where from a very young age, she made friends and started building connections. Teachers also liked Campbell very much given her radiating personality and performance in tests and studies in which she always did nicely.

After graduating from high school, Maia moved to Atlanta city where she enrolled at the Spelman College, a very reputed college in the United States. She studied there for about four years and graduated with a bachelor’s degree. Apart from that, further information regarding her education remains missing.

We currently do not know if Maia continued with her studies which swirl fans and followers with the question about her educational degree. We suspect that Maia stopped at only receiving a college degree and started focusing on her career as an actress right away.

Name Maia Campbell
Date of birth November 26, 1976
Birthplace Takoma Park, Maryland, United States of America
Ethnicity Black
Height 5.3 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Actress
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Sagittarius
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $1000


Personal Life

Maia previously swirled rumors about her relationship with one of the most famous rappers called LL Cool J however, both of them ever confirmed nor denied any of the rumors. Since then, Campbell moved on and got married to a man named Elias Gutierrez. The couple met for the first time back in the mid-90s.

From the first time they met, Maia and Elias remained inseparable, and after dating for some time, both decided to get married. In 1998, Maia and Elias decided to get married and exchanged their vows. Campbell and Gutierrez welcomed a daughter. As the relationship progressed, Maia and Elias began drifting apart.

The couple eventually divorced each other in 2002 when Campbell failed to deal with her Bipolar disorder properly. Despite the fact that her marriage fell apart, Campbell and ex-husband remained friends over the years and even helped Campbell when she went through the darkest times of her life.

In 2010, police arrested Campbell for theft and demanded she go to a mental health facility. While recovering from her mental health, Campbell’s father, ex-husband and their daughter immensely helped her. At the moment, Campbell lives a single life. As far as we know, Campbell did not marry again and had no public relationship record whatsoever.

Maia Campbell

Maia Campbell Career

Campbell started her career very early, and it was during the time she studied in college. With unnatural beauty from a very young age, it did not take very long Maia very long to appear on TV screens once she became determined to do it. Maia appeared for the first time in a TV series called Poetic Justice in which she portrayed the character of Shante.

The same year, Campbell appeared as Alison in another TV series called Thea in one episode called Dirty Laundry. The following year in 1994, Campbell appeared in South Central as Nicole for five episodes in total, giving her the initial recognition. This appearance gained a lot of positive critics for Campbell.

In 1995 however, came her first breakthrough when Campbell started appearing in In The House as Tiffany Warren. Campbell portrayed the main character and appeared for 76 episodes in total.

Other shows in which Campbell appeared n are Beverly Hills, 90210, Moesha, Kinfolks, Sister, Sister, Trippin’, Seventeen Again, The Trial, With or Without and many other.

Maia Campbell

Net Worth

Campbell possesses a very well sculpted career that most aspiring actors and actresses want to have early in their career. However, it takes an immense amount of hard work and also the natural talent to pull off such a nice career in such a short time. Campbell started her career in 1993 and by 1995, played a major role in a TV show.

Not if that is not successful, then we do not know what is. Now, we all know fame is not the only thing Campbell earned from her career because everyone eventually does work for money, and Campbell earned some well-earned fortune for her herself as well. But unfortunately, she is a tad bit secretive when it comes to her riches.

Formerly, tabloids claimed that Campbell has a net worth of $1000 only. But that is clearly a mistake. With such a successful career, Campbell surely has a lot stack in her bank.

Maia Campbell Social Reach

Twitter: @MaiaCampbell

Instagram: @Maia_Campbell

Facebook: Maia Campbell


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