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Luke Macfarlane is one of those men who has taken over the world like a storm from over the past few years, and it is crazy and bizarre. That chiseled jawline and those quirky smiles; he makes the perfect definition of a modern heartthrob. But there are still people who are unaware of this absolute beauty of a man.

So for them, who is Luke Macfarlane? For starters, he is an actor who is quite famous for his acting skills, but among women, it is a different story — most as fans of his looks and how he delivers and presents a character. And most importantly, his shirtless figure because he has got some serious abs to show going on under the hood.

In this post, we talk about everything related to Luke Macfarlane and all the thing fans of this absolute talented actor anticipate. Where was he born, who is Luke Macfarlane dating right now? Moreover, we will also go over his most in-depth personal life as well as professional life so that you don’t miss a thing.

Keep reading if you wish to know all about Luke Macfarlane because he is someone you don’t want to remain unaware of.

Luke Macfarlane


Luke Macfarlane was born in London, Ontario, Canada back on January 19, 1980. The actor is currently 39 years old. Luke is the child of father Thomas Macfarlane who was a Student Health Service Director at the University of Western Ontario while his mother Penny worked as a nurse at a London hospital.

As a child, Luke was an outstanding student. He attended the London Central Secondary school. He also has a twin sister called Ruth and an older sister named Rebecca. All of them went to the same school called Lester B. Pearson School for the Arts. While what his siblings took is unclear, Luke was always interested in acting.

After graduating from the Lester B. Pearson School for the Arts, he took drama lessons at Julliard. Luke belongs to white ethnicity; however, his religion at the moment is unclear. To pursue his career as an actor, Luke moved to New York City where he made his first appearance in 2004. He portrayed the role of Bruce in the 2004 film Kinsey.

The movie turned out to be an excellent first experience of the film industry because notable star actors like Chris O’Donnell and Oliver Platt starred in it. Since then, he never looked back. Luke started grabbing the attention of different people in Hollywood which was good for him in every way. He started getting more projects at hand and soon had a full calendar.

Luke later got his breakthrough role in Brothers & Sisters, an ABC TV series that critics loved in every way. He portrayed the role of Scotty Wandell in the series who was the husband of Kevin Walker. People loved his work so much in the series that he continued with the series for half a decade and 81 episodes.

Another Career

If you ever thought Luke was only just another actor down the block, you are very much wrong. Apart from acting, Luke is also an avid musician. Luke started his musical journey while he was very young and also wrote songs. He was a band member of a band called Slipnaught while at Lester B. Pearson School for the Arts.

The band never dismantled, and all of them continued with their musical journey. The group later renamed their band Fellow Nameless under which they also released an underground album. Even though the group had a deal with Maverick Records and recorded like a dozen songs, they never came out.

Luke served as a lead singer for the band. However, the band ended up changing the band name again in 2006 as Cancel Winter. Luke still likes to play music some times and is a big fan of rock and old school R&B. Because of his heavy schedule as an actor, it is hard these days for Luke to manage time and perform with his band.

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Net Worth

Luke with his extensive acting career currently has a net worth of over $3 million.

Persona Life

Now comes the part everyone waited for a long time to know all about. A lot of women out there have the wildest dream of dating him and possibly turning him into their husband. But will that ever come true? Because handsome men around the globe tend not staying single for a long time and Luke tops that list.

Does that mean Luke is currently dating someone? Who is his girlfriend because if he has one, fans ought to know who the woman is that managed to bag this actor. She should probably have something special, an out of this world type of charisma that allowed her to have Luke as her boyfriend.

Well, it turns out everybody is in for a shocking revelation here. Luke Macfarlane is not currently dating any woman and also has no reported dating affair with any women whatsoever. While you may be thinking that this is somewhat strange but not much of a shocker, you are right. The fact that is utterly shocking is that Luke Macfarlane is gay.

Luke Macfarlane Gay

You heard it right. Luke is a gay man. The man of your dreams, the one you always wished to marry one day is a gay man. While people never anticipated that the man who portrayed the role of a gay man in Brothers & Sisters may ever be gay, this is a total shocker to everyone.

The “Scotty” for 2006 TV Series came out as a gay man back in 2008 during an interview. However, Luke’s coming out served as a shocking new to only his fans and followers, and media associates as his family and close friends always knew about his sexual orientation.

Macfarlane initially did not think that coming out as a gay man is much of a big deal but later after contemplating the possibilities, he revealed that it terrified him. Luke poured his concerns about how it posed a threat for his professional life but did not give it much of a thought since it was his truth; a non-negligible truth of who he was.

However, unfortunately, Luke is very strictly private about his matter and snaps out of the conversation if he feels like things are getting too personal. When a reporter asked Luke about his relationship status then, he quickly said that it was none of anybody’s concern and that he likes to keep things private.


While people have circulated different news over and over again about his personal life, but from Luke, not a single shred of information about his personal life and relationship status comes out. It is like is the guarding a treasure. But media is a nasty place, and people find out things one way or the other.

In recent years, tabloids noticed that Luke and another Hollywood actor Wentworth Miller who is also a gay man have real closeness and that they both spent a lot of time together. There are times when paparazzi have photographed both together while strolling and it seemed like they are more than friends.

While Luke is open to get married and talks about that he will have a wedding with the man he loves, he has failed to reveal if Wentworth Miller is the man. For the moment, Luke’s personal life remains in the shadows and so does his relationship status.


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