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Lori Stokes is most probably one of the most recognized journalists in the history of journalism because of what she does. Brunette with a dark skin tone and a bright smile, Lori Stokes made sure she attracted and contained the attention of viewers to the very extent. And we have to say; she did this quite successfully.

Anyone watching the news on their TV or smart devices these days knows how good is her work and how Stokes makes it all look so effortless. While journalism is a very hard thing to roll around, Stokes seems to play around and cuddle with her profession. This is what makes her so good; Stokes makes reporting as natural as it comes and that says something about her success.

Lori Stokes

But, while viewers enjoy watching her on their TV screens, do they know all the insides on her personal life. It is only natural if you keep tabs on your favorite reporter; not like a stalker but you get the idea. Go around asking someone who follows the Kardashians and they spill the entire history. But don’t worry about that.

Lori Stokes Bio

For anybody who is not familiar with Lori Stokes, she is an American reporter who previously worked for WABC. She was born on September 16, 1962, in Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America. Stokes had an aspiration to indulge in the journalism field from a young age and started pursuing her career as a medical reporter.

In 1986, Stokes later moved to work as a weekend co-anchor at the WCIA located at Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. After two years with WCIA, Stokes moved to WBTV where she worked for another two years as a reporter and weekend anchor in 1988. The network focused Charlotte, North Carolina and became quite famous in the area.

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After her success in North Carolina, Lori Stokes’ career started making an upward motion. With the success that she got at WBTV, Lori then moved to WBFF-TV as a crime and street reporter. Despite ample success and recognition, Stokes wanted more from her profession and joined WJLA-TV as a full time lead female anchor, covering 6 and 11 p.m shifts.

Stokes worked as a lead female anchor at WJLA-TV for four years, and from there, she joined the MSNBC network. She is the first African American on the web. She became a substitute news reader of NBC Sunrise and Weekend Today. Lori worked at the system till 1999 and moved towards working with WABC network.

Stokes joined the ABC News in 1999, and started working alongside Robb Hanrahan and then Steve Bartelstein. The duo made a great team and also helped bring Eyewitness News This Morning back to top position and started anchoring there as well. There were times when she single-handedly took over and anchored in Eyewitness News at Noon and Eyewitness News This Morning.

Lori Stokes

Leaving ABC

Stokes’ career in ABC was thriving like a racehorse. She started getting the attention of millions of people, gained much-deserved fame and loved by everyone. However, in 2017, the person who read headlines gave became on herself when news surfaced that she was leaving the ABC network. Nobody saw it coming, and her viewers left bewildered.

ABC did not reveal the reason behind her exit, but some tabloids claim that the network fired her. Granted that this piece of information has no evidence whatsoever, it remains highly questionable. In a later statement, Lori revealed that she was shifting gears with her career. Followed by the testimony, Lori thanked everyone for all the support she received for years.

After ABC

Stokes spent 17 years of her life working with ABC and left it in 2017. Quitting a job after working that long better have a great reason. As it happens, Lori does have a goal, and it is entirely justifiable. After her startling ABC exist, Lori joined the FOX network as a co-anchor replacing Greg Kelly. Lori started anchoring Good Day New York on FOX 5.

As it seemed, the Fox Network could not be more excited to welcome Lori in their network. The Vice President and General manager himself announced the arrival of Lori Stokes to the network and shared his excitement on getting to work with Lori. He also further praised her experience in journalism and her most esteemed experience.

Lori also made a similar statement where she shared her enthusiasm towards the new job. Stokes also said that she has always admired the FOX network and how it conveys national and international news while having eyes on everything.

However, Lori did have her fair share of fear while switching network as she also believed 17 years is a very long run. Before she took the decision of leaving ABC and joining the Fox network, she consulted with her loved ones which include her mother and two daughters and made sure that everybody thought this was the right thing to do.

Now that she joined the network, Stokes couldn’t be happier. Stokes gushes on her partner network Rosanna and frequently says that she does not have any regrets switching the network.

Lori Stokes


For someone to gather so much prestige and fame in journalism, they surely have to be very highly educated. Well, in that case, Lori checks off the criteria. Born in Cleveland, Lori attended The Ohio State University and graduated from there. Followed by graduating from Ohio State University, Lori joined Harvard University.

While she has not revealed or talked about the courses she studied there, most probably, she graduated in Journalism so that she could pursue a career in this industry.

Personal Life

Now comes the part of her life that fans are most curious about. There is a myth that roughly claims that beautiful women are never single. Does Lori bind to this myth? Well, at the moment, it looks like we have to go with the proclaim because Lori seems to be single at the moment. But we just mentioned she talked to her daughters before switching network.

Yes, that is because Lori Stokes has two daughters. But what about her married life you ask? Well, Lori Stokes previously married a man named Brian Thompson. The couple met for the first time and after a couple of meet and conversations, started falling in love.

Eventually, Brian proposed Lori and undoubtedly, she said yes to the proposal. Unfortunately, when the couple got married remains unclear. However, tabloids claim, Lori and Brian married somewhere in the late 90s or early 2000s. Moving on, as a married couple, Lori and Brian started talking about family.

The couple together has two daughters who are now all grown up. Her daughter’s names are Alexandra Thompson and Nicolette Thompson. While the family flourished, her marriage with Brian started struggling. For some unrevealed irreconcilable differences, the couple ended up divorcing each other.

As Brian Thompson rose to people’s attention as Lori Stokes’ husband, he vanished from the limelight after divorce. As far as Lori is concerned, she remains single as of now. There is a very good chance that she started dating someone in secrecy, but until Lori reveals it or makes a public appearance, we deem her as a single mother.

Lori Stokes

Lori Stokes Info

Stokes stands at a tall height of 5 ft. and 7 inches and has excellent measurements. Thanks to a healthy diet and regular exercising, Stokes maintains an outstanding figure. While she has an extensive career in journalism, Stokes chooses to keep essential information such as her earnings to herself.

Net Worth

At the moment, Lori fails to mention her net worth and salary out to the public. But given her transition from ABC to one of the major news giants like Fox News, she currently enjoys salary well above seven figures. This will only increase as the years go by. So it is safe to assume that Lori Stokes has a net worth that ranges in millions.


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