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The American industry is a prominent place for people with passion and interest in hosting. It has popular sports hosts and sportscaster who have been working with great enthusiasm in the field. Because of the confidence and dedication, some people can claim the height. An example of a popular host in the American industry is Lisa Kerney. She is well known for being a sportsperson who worked for a popular sports Television known as the ESPN. Lisa has been hosting Sportscenter along with other famous hosts like Elle Duncan, Sage Steele, and Jemele Hill. Her career in ESPN lasted for about four years from the year 2014 to the year 2018. 

She was born on the 9th of July, 1981, in Kansas City, Missouri, the United States of America. As of now, she is currently in her late 30s. She has been serving the sports hoisting field with enthusiasm. In the beginning, she worked with a popular channel called WCBS TV, New York, for a period for a few years. Despite her sportscasting career, she got known for her splendid beauty. People call her vision with the bain. Her behavior has been a significant part that attracts people to her. The down to earth nature that she has attracted a lot of people. As a journalist, she lives a good, happy, and well-reputed life. 

Lisa Kerney

  Family Life of Lisa Kerney

The name of the father of Lisa is Lou Gangel, and the name of her mother is Barbara Gangel. She lived with her family and got a high level of love and care from them as she was the only child of them. Living in a family without siblings, she did not have anyone to play at an early age. She lived in Kansas with her parents from her birth. 

Childhood and Early Days

There is no specific information available on the internet and on the social media platform that relates the early life and youth of the famous sportscaster Lisa. She has not been so familiar in exposing her early and childhood days to the people. 

Nationality and Ethnicity 

Although Lisa Kerney is from American citizenship, the information and details about her ethnicity are not into disclosure. 

Educational Life and Qualification of Lisa Kerney

Lisa was highly interested in education from an early age. She went to a prestigious school and University to acquire her knowledge. Talking about Lisa’s high school, she went to the St. Thomas Aquinas High School, which is in Overland Park, Kansas. She was able to graduate with a high school degree in the year 2000. After she got done with her high school degree, she went to Lynn University, which is in Boca Raton, Florida. In Lynn University, she took broadcast communication as her primary subject. While she was at her University, she was an active student and also the caption of the basketball team of women. She was the captain of the group named Fighting Knights. 

Because of her great interest in communication and journalism, she was able to get a bachelor’s degree. After that, she started to appear in different TV shows as a journalist. 

Professional Career

At the start of her career, Lisa began to work with the affiliate of Button, Montana, called the Columbia Broadcasting System. She had got good fame working in the broadcasting system. Then, Lisa worked as a sports anchor for the KING-TV on the weekends. She also worked for King TV, which is in Seattle. For King TV, she worked for almost five years from October 2005 to 2010. Her job was to appear in the Northwest Sports Tonight as the host and a weekend sports anchor. After her successful career in King TV, she moved to another network. Lisa then joined MLB Network in the year 2010. 

Moreover, she has also worked as a sports anchor for the popular WCBS-TV in New York City. After working for the WCBS-TV, she got the opportunity to work in a popular sports network named ESPN. She joined ESPN in February 2014. Lisa was one of the most recognized employees of the ESPN channel. After working for some years with ESPN, she decided to end her journey. So, she dropped her career from ESPN on the 27th of April, 2018. 

Additionally, Lisa Kerney also served as an intern at the popular Metro Sports of Kansas City. She worked in the Metro Sports for about ten years at the beginning of her career. Working as a popular host, she was able to do the coverage of different popular sports Television. Hence, she came up as one of the most reputed TV hosts. 

Lisa Kerney

Relationship Status of Lisa Kerney

When it comes to the marital status of Lisa, she is a married lady. She got married to Patrick Kerney, who was her boyfriend for a long time. They were in a relationship from the year 2010. Patrick is a very popular ex-player of the NFL. This beautiful couple had their first meet in the Seahawks press conference in which she got introduced to the players of the Seahawks. They have four children who are twins and two girls. All of the four children live together with Lisa and Patrick. 

Rumors and Controversies

As Lisa Kerney has a very disciplined life in which she gives focus to her career in communication and journalism, she has been able to live a good life. Throughout her career in the journalism field, she has never got involved in any rumors. She has always maintained a high profile and has been an example to most of the journalists. Her nature is kind and humble. People often praise her for her down to earth nature and her soft heart. Also, she has a disciplined personal life because of her character. Hence, she did not have to be a part of the gossip in her life. 

Lifetime Awards and Achievements of Lisa Kerney

Because Lisa is working as a well-reputed and famous sportscaster of the United States of America, Lisa has been able to go to the peak height. In her career in journalism, she has got rewarded with a notable award. She got a prize titled The Montana Standard in the popular People’s Choice Award in the year 2005. Also, she got the award for the ‘Best TV Personality’ and ‘Best Sports Reporter’ in the same year. As she is working hard in her field and her fame is growing with time, she might be able to get some more awards in the future. 

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Net Worth

Lisa Kerney is a well-known sportsperson. She has been able to get a lot of wealth form her professional career. As she is a famous journalist, her demand in the journalism field is increasing day by day. She was the host of the legendary sports channel called ESPN. ESPN would serve her with a salary of about 50K dollars per year. With the wages that she received from ESPN and other fields, she was able to collect about 1 million until 2019. 

Also, her husband, Patrick, has a substantial net worth. His net worth results for around 15 million dollars. He also had a house which got build in 1950, which he sold in the year 2013 for about 2 million. The home got located in Bellevue, Washington. It was a grand mansion with about four bedrooms, a stone fireplace, a large deck, and three bathrooms. The big house covered an ample space of around 32,00 square feet. 

Body Measurements and Statistics

Lisa has an appealing body and facial features. She has about 6 feet in height. The color of her way hair is blonde with large brown eyes. However, we do not have info on her body. 

Social Media and Fan Followers

Because of Lisa Kerney’s career on TV as a host, she has been able to collect a significant number of fans. Her fans are around 40K on Twitter, with about 35K on Instagram. But, her Facebook has only 540 followers. 


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