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Kyla Pratt appeared on One on One and made a mark in the industry. People love Kyla so much that a lot of fans and followers always want to see more of her on movies and TV shows. But what exactly is that makes Kyla so special that fans keep on wishing to see more of her?

We all know that movies and TV shows always come and go, what really matters the most is that the person who makes the movie or TV show special stays around for more. Apart from appearing in One on One, Kyla has also appeared in other famous movies and TV shows like One on One, The Proud Family, Dr. Dolittle, and many more.

Kyla Pratt

However, the goal of today is to learn more about Kyla’s personal life, so let us not get distracted here because it is not Kyla’s professional life that we as fans and followers are here to discuss and learn about today. All details regarding Pratt’s professional life are easily available. But we don’t you, our loyal readers to aimlessly wander around on the internet so because of that, we will also talk about Pratt’s professional life.

But first, let’s tackle the real question here. Is Kyla Pratt married? Well, if you do not know this piece of information already then rest assured, you will not return empty-handed from this post. All you got to do is keep reading and scanning through, and you may just leave as a happy person with all Kyla Pratt facts.

Kyla Pratt Early Life

Pratt is a very talented actress who has at the moment, a lot of movie and TV shows credits under her belt, and that says something. Despite starting years before, Kyla is still going very strong about her career, and there seems no likely situation where she’ll stop. Not that we want Pratt to stop her career.

Kyla Pratt, the American actress, was born on September 16, 1986, in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. She is among the four children of her parents and grew in a large family. Her parents, however, never discriminated her with any of her siblings, which reflects as very proper parenting.

Kyla Pratt’s parents are also very accomplished people as they achieved nice things in their life early. Her father renowned personality who people know of as a semi-professional basketball player. His name is Johnny McCullar. On the other hand, her mother was a school teacher. Her mother’s name is Kecia Pratt-McCullar.

As mentioned, Kyla grew up in a large family, but that did not affect her upbringing. However, there is a very tragic as well as a horrifying incident that happened in her family earlier. One of her brother named Doheen was convicted at the age of 13 for killing a person. Police charged him with murder.

Doheen, at the age of 13 involved himself in a gang, and in order to impress the gang member, he decided to kill someone. On his way to killing, he saw a girl sitting inside a car. Seeing that as an opportunity, he went there and shot the girl whose name was Nicole Williamson, a 19-year-old girl.

The girl died while her father tried to give her CPR and have her heart continue beating. Doheen faced sentence.

Kyla Pratt


As for her education, Kyla never underestimated the power of education her entire life and always looked forward to learning more. As a child, she loved the idea of going to school and studying and making the most out of school. She went to the local school called Alexander Hamilton High School, where she studied very hard.

Kyla also did not let the incident of her brother affect her studies as she continued forward to study more. Although some people used to insinuate her with her brother’s deed, she kept quiet and studied her way up. After years of studying and hard work, Kyla graduated from high school with very good grades.

Unfortunately, any further educational details about Kyla remains missing at the moment. This beautiful actress keeps all the information about her college a very secret. That is right. Kyla does not talk about whether she went to college after graduating or not. As of now, Kyla only remains like a high school graduate.

But the fact that Kyla started her acting career at a very early age explains even if she did not go to college.

Name Kyla Pratt
Date of birth September 16, 1986
Birthplace Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Ethnicity Black
Height 5.3 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Actress
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign Virgo
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $2.5 million


Personal Life, Married

As it so happens, the dreams of so many men out there are likely never to come true because Kyla is dating and committed to someone else. Yes, the actress that you admire from One on One so much is committed to someone already, and his name is Danny Kirkpatrick. Professionally, Danny Kirkpatrick is a hip-hop artist, songwriter, and tattoo artist.

Kyla and Danny started dating in 2005, and since then, they have remained very strong and inseparable. After more than half a decade of dating, Danny proposed Kyla and asked her to marry him. Naturally, Kyla said yes to marry Danny. But they still have not said anything about a wedding.

Kyla and Danny are parents, even though not married. Pratt and Kirkpatrick welcomed their first child together, a daughter on Lyric Kai Kirkpatrick on November 7, 2010. After about three years, both welcomed their second daughter. They named her Liyah Kirkpatrick, and she was born on August 5, 2013.

There are no rumors about a split or anything, and the couple remains together very strongly. At the moment, Kyla and Danny are living a very happy life in their own accord.

Kyla Pratt

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Kyla Pratt Career

Amazing actress Kyla Pratt started her career from a very young age. She started acting since the age of eight and started doing commercials for reputed companies and product manufacturers such as Nike and Computer Game. At the age of 10, Kyla appeared in an episode of Walker Texas Ranger.

However, her earliest TV career started with Where I live in 1993 in which Kyla portrayed the role of Brittany for one episode. After that, she started appearing in other TV series more and more. In 1996, Kyla appeared on In the House for two episodes as Erica and then in Sisters as a little girl for one episode.

The same year, Kyla appeared in many other series such as Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, ER as Lily, The Show as Nia, Public Morals as Gretel, Touched by an Angel as Annie, Friends as Charla Nichols, Riot as Jenny Baker. In one year, Kyla appeared in half a dozen shows.

But, her career did not stop there. In 1997, Kyla appeared in Mad City, and the following year, she started appearing in Smart Guy as Brandi. After appearing in Any Day Now, So, Weird, Sister, Sister, Jackie’s Back, The Parent ‘Hood, The Parkers, Love & Basketball, The Hughleys and many other shows down the line, Kyla started getting more prominent roles.

In 2001, she started appearing in The Proud Family as Penny Proud. She appeared in the show for 52 episodes, and everyone loved her character immensely. But the next year turned out to become a break-through for Kyla as she started appearing in One on One as Breanna Barnes. She appeared in the show for more than 100 episodes from 2001 to 2006.

At the moment, Kyla has already established herself as one of the most famous actress in the film industry, and people love her very much. Her acting skills have always earned her a lot of roles and opportunities.

Kyla Pratt

Net Worth

As you already witnessed the professional life of Kyla Pratt, she is a very accomplished actress who has more than two dozen film credits under her belt, and that is not a joke. Kyla however, does not brag about her accomplishments and keeps a very low profile. But we all know, Kyla earned more than just fame as an actress.

At the moment, Kyla Pratt has a massive net worth of $2.5 million in total, and the numbers are always growing. Since Kyla still works as an actress, she always looks forward to enhancing her possessions.

Kyla Pratt Social Reach

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