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The world is pretty amazing yet a little unfair at the same time. We are not sure if God made this world, or is it the result of some scientific anomaly. Whatever it is, it still remains a little on the unfairer side. Most of the people want everything perfect — their looks, lives, and everything. While you and we dream about it all, there are people who live the dream of having it all. A prime example is Kindly Myers, the beautiful model.

Kindly Myers is someone who everyone envy, especially women out there. It is because Kindly possess some of the features that many women only dream of to acquire. You may say that we are exaggerating everything but when we say that Kindly possess both physical and intellectual aspects that go along with her the word perfectionism, what about then? Well, you have to see it for yourself, but we suspect you’ll ever make it out of gazing at her pictures ever.

For modeling enthusiast, Kindly is not a new name but for all the other people who do not have any idea about her and her professional status, Kindly is a bikini model who reached heights of success, thanks to her luscious measurements. As a bikini model, having a perfect body and face is essential and needless to say, Kindly has both of it. But not only that, much more of it as well. But let’s not dwell upon that because we have a lot to talk about here.

As you, as a very keen follower, have already guessed, we are here to talk not only about Kindly’s professional life but also about her personal life as well. So, how much do you know about Kindly’s personal life already? Is it a little or a lot? If you ever had any confusion, we’ll solve it today.

Kindly Myers

Kindly Myers Early Life

The absolutely beautiful and charming bikini model Kindly Myers was born on September 20, 1985, in Bowling Green, Kentucky, United States of America. At the moment, Kindly Myers is already 34 years old and looking at her; nobody believes that she is already at the age of 34.

Why is that? Well, first of all, she is one of the prettiest and beautiful models in the industry, and second of all, her persona is so young that nobody believes her age. However, all of it Kindly accomplished by mainaining her lifestyle to as fit as possible, all the while keeping her measurements in check.

Kindly Myers was born to parents who both shared the same ethnicity and nationality. Both of her parents came from very native American backgrounds and were as American as possible as well. Unfortunately, Kindly’s father died when she was at a very young age. Her father passed away when Kindly was at the age of two.

Since then, her mother raised Kindly. Kindly is a middle child as her parents welcomed one before and one after her. Kindly has two sisters, one is older than her, and one is younger than her. Kindly’s mother raised all three sisters on her own as a single mother as she never married after the death of Myers’ father’s death.

According to her birth details, Kindly was born on September 20, which means that her zodiac sign is Virgo. Now, according to beliefs, Virgo people are very kind-hearted and have a lot of compassion towards others as well. Kindly shares all the traits as believed.

Kindly Myers Education

Myers and her sisters were raised by a single mother, and you can understand how problematic that would have been for her mother to raise three young daughters, all on her own that is. However, as a responsible mother, Myers’s mother made sure that her daughters received all the essentials and never got shunned out of it.

Despite all the hardships, her mother managed to get all three of her daughters into school and have them receive a proper education. Kudos to her. As young girls, Kindly and her sisters went to different schools for undisclosed reasons. First, Kindly went to Red Boiling Springs and from there, to Winter Haven High School and lastly to Ft Lee Virginia.

But changing school did not have a major impact on her studies because Kindly knew she had to study ferociously to become successful. While in school, Kindly began studying with a very focused mind and sheer determination. Myers did very well in studies and also managed to score good marks.

Unfortunately, further information regarding her educational journey remains at the question because Myers does not really talk about going to university and continuing her further higher studies. However, even though Myers does not talk about anything, we believe that she went to university.

However, what we remain absolutely uncertain about is her time afterward. Did Myers continue and finish her university with a degree? Well, for that, we have to wait till Kindly say anything on that matter.

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Personal Life

Here comes the part that most people show attention towards and most also have a solemn wish to know. Is this beautiful woman with a figure to die for dating anyone? Well, the answer is a big yes. Although this is a shock to everyone, Kindly is dating a very handsome man and everything seems very fine with her and her relationship.

At the moment, Kindly is dating a very handsome man named Harrison Yonts and the couple share very intimate time with each other. However, Myers remains very silent when it comes to talking more about her relationship. She fails to reveal when her relationship came to life.

At the moment, both spend a lot of time together, and her boyfriend Harrison posts frequent pictures of the couple on his social media accounts. This proves that everything between the couple is as fine as it could be. There are also no rumors of any breakup whatsoever. Both Kindly and Harrison live together.

Does this mean they have plans to get married soon? There is a very high possibility, but for now, everything remains mysterious.

Kindly Myers Career

Now, we know that Kindly Myers is a very renowned and successful model and for other aspiring models, an icon as well. However, this is not how Kindly initially started her career. Back in the days, after getting through of her studies, Kindly moved out of Nashville to look for opportunities.

However, it was before she went and served in the army. That is right. Kindly is former army personnel who served in Army National Guard for four years in total. While in the army, according to an interview, Kindly realized her strength and her versatility as well.

After that, since people always said how beautiful Kindly is and how she should pursue modeling, she finally took all those comments into consideration and started to walk on that path. With figures and measurements that even the most highly rated supermodels do not have, Kindly started to rise towards fame.

In the modeling industry, Kindly especially focuses on photoshoots and after some time, she also started doing bikini modeling. People loved seeing her different showcase designs on her curvaceous body, and her career as a bikini model established itself, which still runs at its prime.

Apart from modeling, Kindly also indulges herself in bartending. According to sources, Kindly works as a bartender at Tootsies Orange Lounge, a world-famous bar mostly famous for its bartenders. Other than that, Kindly is also famous for her Instagram posts as well.

Net Worth

Kindly started her career in the army first and then it escalated. For most people, they find it very surprising that a model has a past professional history in the army. However, it actually makes a lot of good sense because army training made her lifestyle very strict, which in turn helped her to maintain a body.

As her modeling career started to grow exponentially, her career started giving back her different perks. One of the most substantial ones is her fortune. While Kindly does not specifically talk about her riches, sources claim that her net worth remains in millions and that she is a very wealthy model as well.

Well, looking at her lifestyle, we do not doubt that. Kindly has a very comfortable lifestyle which only substantial wealth can help maintain.


Name Kindly Myers
Date of birth September 20, 1985
Birthplace Bowling Green, Kentucky, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 5.6 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Model
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign Virgo
Measurement 36-2635
Net Worth $1 million


Social Reach

Twitter: @KindlyMyers

Instagram: @kindly

Facebook: Kindly Myers


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