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Do you know who Kimberly Woodruff is? People often get famous for working very hard and achieving something great when people thought they could not do it. These are some of the most inspirational people, as well. Let’s take an example of Ice Cube. He is one of the most famous hip hop artists of all time and also a very popular actor who seamlessly plays comedy and action as well.

He has worked his way up through all the obstacles and hurdles, but it is not about him that we are talking today. We are talking about someone who is famous because of Ice Cube himself. Can you guess who that person is? Let’s give out a subtle hint to each one of you. The person we are talking about today helped Ice Cube become who he is today.

Kimberly Woodruff

Yeah, his mom is one person, but today we are talking about his wife, Kimberly Woodruff. She is the one who helped Ice Cube pull out all the success he has today. Granted that a person has to be talented, but without the support from family, it gets tough. Now many of you might think that Kimberly is unjustifiably famous and that she does not deserve all that fame.

But have you ever thought about how much work goes into looking after a family and supporting your partner’s career as well? Well, the more we talk about what Kimberly has done for her family, the lesser it seems. This post is to celebrate this beautiful woman who helped us have Ice Cube as Ice Cube. Let’s talk more and get all personal with Kimberly.

Kimberly Woodruff Early Life

American personality and wife of famous rapper Ice Cube, Kimberly Woodruff was born on September 23, 1970, in California, United States of America. Woodruff’s zodiac sign is Virgo as her birthday is on the 23rd of September. Kimberly shares black ethnicity and her nationality are American as she was born in America.

Any new life information about Kimberly remains a mystery as she does not talk about her past and early life. Her early family at the moment also remains a subject of the question. Kimberly never talks about her parents in public, which creates this cloud of ambiguity about her early life.

As far as her siblings are concerned, Kimberly also does not talk about having any blood relation siblings. As far as it is concerned, Kimberly does not have any brothers or sisters, and she also does not talk about having cousins whatsoever. All these secrecy has led us to conclude that Kimberly is the only child to her parents, and there are no siblings.

Kimberly Woodruff Education

Woodruff believes that education plays a very important part of a person’s life and that everybody should educate themselves so that the world would become a nicer place to live. Kimberly went to a local high school in California, where she studied very hard to get good marks on results.

However, the name of the high school that she attended remains shrouded in mystery. Woodruff does not like to talk about her personal information and certainly does not likes anyone seeming too keen to know about it. After graduating from high school, Kimberly decided to continue her studies further.

Unfortunately, she keeps this bit of information as a secret as well. We currently do not know which college or university Kimberly went to and received her further educational degree from. However, one thing that we do know is that she met her husband Ice Cube while she was in college.

This clears out any doubt about her going to college or not. Kimberly did go to college and studied further. She only keeps all the information about her educational degrees very private.

Name Kimberly Woodruff
Date of birth September 23, 1970
Birthplace California, United States of America
Ethnicity Black
Height 1.6m
Weight N/A
Profession N/A
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Virgo
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $160 million (Husbands)


Kimberly Woodruff Personal Life

As earlier mentioned, Kimberly is the wife of famous rapper and actor Ice Cube, and the couple has stayed married for so many years now. However, people assume that their relationship started as a fairy tale; they are absolutely right. But there was a problem when they first met.

Kimberly and Ice Cube met back in their college days, and when Ice Cube and Kimberly met for the first time, she had a boyfriend. Because of that, Kimberly did not really fancy Ice Cube at the moment as she did not want to cheat on her boyfriend at that time. Time passed, and Kimberly’s relationship with her then-boyfriend ended. This is where things started to get hot.

After some time, Kimberly and Ice Cube hit it off and started dating. Some years after dating, Ice Cube proposed Kimberly; however, to his despair, she said no. But that did not affect Ice Cube for Kimberly said that she was not ready for marriage at the moment and would like sometimes.

The second time, when Ice Cube proposed to Kimberly, he asked her beforehand. Ice asked Kimberly if she would say yes if he proposed for the second time and she said, Kimberly, did say yes the second time Ice Cube proposed her. After getting engaged in 1991, they started planning their wedding, which took a while.

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Married, Family

After the engagement, Kimberly married Ice Cube at the young age of 22, and since then, both are each other’s life support. As Ice Cube puts it, Kim is his backbone and his confidant. Someone he can blindly rely on and also the only person who he trusts more than he trusts himself. That is a very bold statement.

Ice Cube further explains how Kimberly manages to get Ice Cube as his real self and keep him grounded all the time. Kimberly does not like when her husband starts becoming or acts like someone that he isn’t, except for in movies. As far as we can tell, Ice Cube credits Kimberly for a large part of his success.

After getting married, the couple started planning for children, and soon, they welcomed their first child together. Ice Cube and Kimberly welcomed their son O’Shea Jackson Jr on February of 1991. Next year in December 2012, Cube and Kim welcomed another son and named him Darrell Jackson. In February of 1994, both welcomed a third baby and this time a daughter named Karima Jackson.

Last but not least, Ice and Kim welcomed their fourth child and named him Sharif Jackson on November 27, 1995. The whole family lives in their massive California home, which cost a whopping $7.5 million. There are no reports on split rumors at the moment, and the whole family lives very happily together.

Both Kimberly’s eldest sons are into the music industry and follow their father’s footsteps.

Career and Net Worth

When it comes to her own information, Kimberly keeps a very low profile and does not let anyone peek around. She likes to stay private about her personal affairs and thinks it is no one’s business what she does in her life. Because of that, her professional career seems somewhat a bit unknown.

However, as far as her visible career goes, Kimberly is the person who manages the home and makes it look like one. As people say, one can have a house but not home, even with any amount of money. With hard work and caring nature, Kimberly has both. With her husband Ice Cube, who has a massive net worth of more than $160 million, Kimberly lives with her family in a house worth $7.5 million.

She successfully makes it a home with all the dedication and caring. She looks after the kids and also after Ice Cube. As there’s a proverb, behind every successful man, there is a woman. And behind the success of Ice Cube, there is Kimberly.

Social Reach

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Facebook: Kimberly Woodruff


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