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Kelli Goss appears on CBS Daytime Soap Opera, famous TV Series called The Young and the Restless as Courtney Sloane and you know who she is. The charm that she brings on TV screens is undeniable and seeing her, in general, is an absolute treat. Apart from that, she also appears on The Ranch.

Having immaculate beauty features are a blessing in itself and bundling that with sheer talent is something that creates the likes of Kelli Goss. She is beautiful, bold, and smart, all of the things that it takes to become successful, and she is one of them. While there are a lot of this to know about her, the question is, how much do you already know?

Kelli Goss

Is the answer not much? Well, in that case, you do not need to worry about anything because after you are through this post, everything will become crystal clear. Just stick around for all the little details about her and leave out as a Kelli Goss Wikipedia.

We will talk about her professional life, personal life, relationship details, and much more here so that you, as a fan, learn everything about the celebrity that you follow. So, let’s start by knowing Kelli Goss first.

Who Is Kelli Goss?

Kelli Goss is an actress mostly known for appearing on The Young and The Restless as Courtney Sloane. However, this is not the only major project that she appeared on. Born in California, she was fascinated with the concept of working as an actress in movies and tv shows, which fueled her passion for becoming an actress.

Slowly, she started working very hard to pursue her career in this field and started to succeed. Everything that she did to make her dream come true of becoming an actress started to pay off when producers and directors started to approach her with more and more roles.

He started back in 2007 when she made her debut on the TV screen with My Name is Earl. She portrayed the role of Teenage Joy from 2007 to 2009. Kelli is a very fun-loving personality who likes to go outside, do goofy things, and laugh. Unlike some people, Kelli has a clear idea of how one should live life.

But, does she have someone special in her life that is making each and everything that she does more fun or even romantic? Who is Kelli dating right now?

Personal Life

Well, it is a clear known fact that beautiful girls often have a hard time staying single and since Kelli is an actress and a successful one, the probability doubles here. So, is Kelli Goss dating someone? This is very important because the man who is dating Kelli is not an ordinary man.

He has to be insanely handsome looking and pretty successful as well because only looks do not count here. This day, people prioritize intellectuality rather than the beauty of a person. So, who is Kelli dating at the moment? Well, the answer is just as we thought it would be.

You must be wondering what do we mean by that right. Well, all the claims we made about how beautiful women are less likely to be single, Kelli seems to fall in that region. Yes, Kelli Goss is dating at the moment. She has not made any statement about currently dating, but action speaks louder than words, and so does Kelli.

At the moment, is in a relationship that has her all swooning and loved up. So, who is the man that has managed to get this hot mess (in a good way) to date and commit to a relationship? Let’s just meet him.

Kelli Goss


Kelli Goss is currently dating a man named Jr. Wilmers. If you do not remember this name or are not familiar with it right away, do not worry. Her boyfriend Wilmers is not a celebrity of any sorts but a normal man. Well, not so normal as well because he is dating Kelli.

Her boyfriend seems to love to remain outside of the limelight as much as possible as he does has not made any public appearance with Goss so far. The couple does not appear together in any of Hollywood big functions and award shows whatsoever, but that does not mean Goss and Wilmers do not have fun.

Goss and beau Wilmers tend to travel a lot and keep up with the wind. Both travel together to various places, have fun together and share loved up a picture that has her fans in “aww” all the time. Both of them also do not have a huge age gap since Wilmers also turned 27 in 2018.

To talk more about her boyfriend, from what he shares on his Instagram account Wilmers is an Attorney at Law and currently works at the Los Angeles District Attorneys office. Wilmers works very hard and practices the true side of the law, which is a very reputable thing.

However, it is not clear since when the couple started dating each other. They have not posted any pictures that claim their anniversary date or their first date.

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It is a natural thing these days for a Hollywood celebrity to have rumors relating to their personal life. While we say that it is normal, with Kelly, it does not seem like a huge problem. Kelli has not resorted to any type of rumor till this date. As far as her relationship is concerned, it also looks rock-solid.

Kelli frequently posts pictures with her boyfriend, who is enough to bust any breakup rumors of the couple. Moreover, even though Wilmers keeps his Instagram profile private, it is fairly visible that the woman on his Instagram profile picture is Kelli.

Both of them are very much in love, and together they make a very nice couple what more to ask from them when the relationship is already perfection.

Kelli Goss


Undoubtedly, Goss’ measurements play a huge role in making her the way she looks. A lot of people find her beautiful, sexy, hot, and other synonyms that define an attractive person. All that is because of the luscious body measurements that Kelli boasts. All thanks to her exercise regimen.

Kelli Goss Bio

The Ranch actress Kelli Goss was born on February 1, 1992, in Valencia, California, United States of America. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius, and she is 27 years old. She started her acting career early after appearing in some minor roles. In 2007, she made her TV debut with TV sitcom My Name is Earl.

Even though it was only two episodes, she managed to grab the attention of viewers. She later appeared on True Jackson VP, United States of Tara and famous Disney TV drama series Hannah Montana. In 2013, her breakthrough role came in The Young and The Restless.

The show had other famous actors such as Ashton Kutcher, Sam Elliott, Elisha Cuthbert and her role in this series received huge appreciation. Later Goss also appeared in Season 14 of Grey’s Anatomy in an episode titled Old Scars, Future Hearts.

In 2016, Goss joined the cast of The Ranch as Heather and appeared till 2018. At the moment, Goss has no projects at hand. With a growing career in acting, Kelli Goss has managed to gather generous fortune for herself.

Kelli Goss

Net Worth

Goss currently has a net worth of $1 million. Her salary remains unclear and not fixed as the salary of actors depends upon the role they have.


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