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Jawlines like blades she has and acting skill like no other. We are talking about one of the most loved actresses in the American TV business, Kelli Giddish. As you are already familiar, Kelli Giddish appeared in one of the most famous and loved TV shows of all time called Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and guess what, she still does.

What makes Kelli so special is the talent as an actress that she possesses and of course, not to mention, her beauty. Giddish is one beautiful actress, and nobody can deny that. Yes, not even you because the fact that you as a viewer are reading this, chances are you are in love with her as well. There is no one way or the other here.

Kelli Giddish

She appeared in other successful and famous TV shows such as All My Children, Past Life, Chase and many other and in all of those, she had one thing in common. Utter dedication and astonishing quality work. No wonder Giddish established herself as one of the most sought after actress ever. But there are other things to know about this immaculate actress and not only her professional life.

You see, many fans and followers just look at her on screen and assume that her character reflects her true self as well, which is far from the case here. How well do you know about Kelli Giddish? Is she married to a husband now? All about this Law & Order: Special Victims Unit actress right here. Read and become a full-time expert on Giddish both in terms of personal life and professional life.

Kelli Giddish Early Life

American actress Kelli Giddish was born on April 13, 1980, in Cumming, Georgia, United States of America. Kelli is at the moment 39 years old age but all thanks to her relentless hard work in the gym and strict diet. Giddish has managed to maintain a very impressive physical appearance. She looks like someone who is in their mid-20s. Just saying.

Giddish was born to parents; father Charles Giddish and mother Nita Giddish who both belong from America and do not have any branched out ancestry. This means that both her parents share white ethnicity and American nationality. This also means that Kelli is also white ethnicity, and since born in America, Kelli has American nationality.

Kelli also has a brother named Eli; however, what Eli currently does remains unknown. He is not like his sister and involved in the entertainment industry. Because of that, any further information related to Kelli’s brother Eli remains a mystery that Kelli does not reveal to any other than family.

Further talking about family, the reason we have Kelli as an actress is all because of her grandparents. Her grandfather from her father’s side ignited her interest in acting when he took young Kelli to the Fox Theatre located in Atlanta. There, Kelli saw theatre acts and remained simply mesmerized by it.

Furthermore, after she started growing interest in acting, her other family members started supporting her vehemently. Giddish’s grandmother from her mother’s side started to support her more than any other family member, which gave her further strength to pursue acting. This acted as a catalyst for her.

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When it came to education, Kelli always reflected her seriousness through her work and never let anyone stop her. This also meant that Giddish carried out her parent’s teachings very well and started applying them early in life. Like every parent, Giddish’s parents also wished their daughter to pursue proper education.

And so Kelli did. Kelli went to a nearby local high school where she immediately established herself as a very obedient student who never gave teachers any chance to complain about her character as a student. Giddish always obeyed her teachers and did her school works with every ounce of sincerity.

During her time in high school, studies are not the only thing that Kelli excelled in as she managed to join the school softball team and also introduced herself as an athlete. Young Kelli used every chance she got to play softball and also won a couple of games during her high school life.

Giddish graduated from high school with very impressive marks, and this ensured that she get admission in any of the prestigious colleges in America. After high school graduation, Giddish joined the University of Evansville located in Indiana where she took Theatre Performance as her major.

After about four years, Kelli graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Theatre Performance, and this gave her an edge upon all the other aspiring actors and actresses of her time.

Name Kelli Giddish
Date of birth April 13, 1980
Birthplace Cumming, Georgia, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 5.5 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Actress
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Aries
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $8 million


Personal Life, Married

Did you ever think for one moment that such a beautiful and talented actress like Kelli Giddish would be single? Well, we would blame you for keeping that kind of hope up and running. Well, Kelli is a married woman with a very happy and prolific family with husband. Who is her husband, you ask?

Giddish is married to a man named Lawrence Faulborn. The Kelli and Lawrence met in the 2000s and started dating after meeting for the first time and keeping the contact for later on as well. After dating for a couple of years, Giddish and Faulborn decided to get married everybody they knew couldn’t be happier.

On June 2015, Giddish and Faulborn exchanged vows and married each other in New Smyrna Beach in Florida. At the time of the wedding, the couple was already expecting a baby, and this added to the happiness of getting married. Kelli and Lawrence welcomed their first child together in October of 2015.

However, this is not the end of their prolific married life as they welcomed another baby, a boy in November of 2018. On top of this, Law & Order wrote both her pregnancies in the series so that fans couldn’t miss the opportunity to see her on the show. That is very thoughtful.


As a start, Kelli started her career with Witches of the Caribbean in which she portrayed the role of Clara. Her appearance in the movie received such high remarks that people instantly started noticing her. Later, as luck would have it, Kelli bagged a regular series role in All My Children the same year she started her professional career.

Giddish portrayed the character of Diana “Di” Henry in All My Children and appeared for 114 episodes from 2005 to 2007. While appearing in All My Children, Giddish also appeared in another short movie called Walls where she portrayed the role of Sara. From there, Giddish aggressively started focusing on her career.

In 2007, Giddish appeared in Damages, a TV series in which she portrayed the Character of Heather MacDonald for two episodes. The same year, she appeared in Law & Order: Criminal Intent as Dana Stipe. 2008 seemed very fruitful for Giddish as she appeared in a total of 4 series. Kellie appeared in Death in Love, The Understudy; All’s Faire, and, Without a Trace.

During all this, Giddish also served as a regular actor for The Burg, a TV show in which she appeared as Courtney from 2006 to 2009 and for 14 episodes in total. The following year, Kelli portrayed the character of Dr. Kate McGinn in Past Life and Annie Frost in Chase.

Other famous TV shows that Kellie managed to get her grasp on are Powerless, Breathless, The Good Wife, Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D and not to forget, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Her career in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit continues from 2007 to till now and stretches over 188 shows so far. Because of such long appearance, Kelli has established herself as a household name and undoubtedly, gathered something else as well.

Net Worth

Undoubtedly, after all, that we have heard about Kelli’s career, she must have a very mouthwatering net worth right. TV starts have the edge over movie stars because TV stars get paid fixed and their compensation increases over time if the show does better as well. On the other hand, the movie starts payments depend on the production cost and the box office performance. Of course, there are royalties, but the income is not so much of a fixed one.

Considering this, Kelli has a very consistent career as a Law & Order actress. With that and her other works, Giddish has a staggering net worth of $8 million.

Kelli Giddish Social Reach

Twitter: @KelliGiddish

Instagram: @kelligiddish

Facebook: Kelli Giddish


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