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Today, we talk about Justin Ryan Simpson, the youngest son of O.J Simpson. The same O.J Simpson, who has a history of shaking the whole country with his tangled acts. The only suspect in the murder of his wife and her friend, robbery and kidnapping; this is the legacy left to his children.

How is Justin coping with all this negative fame that his father earned over the years? Is he married or did his family name became an obstruction in having a family of his own?

Keep reading, and you shall find all the details about the son of O.J Simpson, Justin.

Justin Ryan Simpson

Justin Ryan Simpson Personal Life

Justin Ryan Simpson may not be the name you have heard very often but don’t deny it, you have heard the last name; the name he got from his extravagantly infamous father, the one and only O.J Simpson.

That is right; he is the son of the former American Football Running Back, broadcaster, actor, advertising spokesperson who is also known as The Juice.

But why is his father infamous? Well, he was a prime suspect in the murder of his ex-wife and her friend, a convicted armed robber, and kidnapper. Yes, this is history and should not be scratched, but this is what exactly Justin’s father is known for, and so is Justin himself; as the son of O.J Simpson.

How has a long time ago felonies, and court cases that involved a lot of people affected his life? Surely, the doings of his father has not affected the personal life of his son, right? Well, people that the son pays the dues of his father, but this is a matter of legal actions and prestige.

Did O.J Simpson’s past affect Justin Ryan Simpson’s future?

Did he find anyone who would trust him and get married to him given his father’s link to his mother’s mother? Let’s find out.

Wife, Married

At given, Justin Ryan Simpson’s personal life is not very clear. He keeps a shallow profile when it comes to revealing his private life as naturally, people would swarm in and question his significant other with random questions. As mentioned, Justin has not explicitly revealed about his personal life. However, at the current moment, he is believed to be unmarried and reportedly single. There is a fair bit of chance that he might be dating someone who is furtive and avoids the limelight.

It may have taken a toll on Justin because when something that massive happens and that too with someone like O.J Simpson, everyone around is affected by it naturally. That also seems to be the reason why Justin is trying to keep his possible married life all hushed up.

Is Justin not married or his private mystery life an illusion that is making it all seem to like that? Anyway, all that we and people who follow him can assume right now is that Justin is single, working on his career as a real estate broker and planning to roll his personal life while balancing work.

Didn’t you know that Justin is a Real Estate Broker? Well, if the answer is yes (I don’t know), then you haven’t been following him properly. But we’ll get to that part in a minute. First let’s know where he comes from, what exact mayhem his father caused during his time and who his family is.

Justin Ryan Simpson

Justin Ryan Simpson Parents

Justin Ryan Simpson is the son on O.J Simpson as repeatedly mentioned above. To talk about O.J Simpson, he was a professional football star for the NFL Buffalo Bills. He was married twice. First with Marguerite Whitley in 1967.

After spending more than a decade together, Justin and Whitley divorced in 1979. During his married life with Whitley, the couple welcomed three children together. Arnelle L. Simpson, Jason L. Simpson, and Aaren Lashone Simpson.

After the divorce, O.J married Nicole Brown Simpson in 1985. Nicole Brown Simpson was a critically acclaimed America-German Actress who appeared in Detour to Terror, a 1980 TV movie. Justin and Whitley welcomed their first child together, a daughter, on October 17, 1985. The couple decided to call her Sydney Brooke Simpson.

After about three years, the couple again welcomed a baby, and this time it was a boy. He was born on August 6, 1988, and they decided to call him Justin Ryan Simpson. O.J married Nicole about five years after his retirement.

However, in 1992, the couple got divorced in 1992. However, the divorce did not happen just because of some misunderstanding. O.J reportedly assaulted Nicole several times, and most of the time, the police came to intervene. Brown filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences.

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However, while the divorce was pending, Nicole, along with her friend Ron Goldman, a 25 years old restaurant waiter was found dead, murdered outside the Brentwood condo that Nicole owned. Naturally, because of his abusing history records, O.J was deemed the main suspect of the crime. Things started to heat when O.J couldn’t turn himself to police and ended up having a car chase with police.

The car chase happened to be the most publicized event in the history of America as it was live broadcasted over television channels with over 95 million viewers watching. The car chase had people so magnetized that they wouldn’t leave the TV. This car chase also resulted in the Domino’s Pizza sales history ever which was on par with Superbowl Sunday.

Father Free

However, due to lack of evidence, O.J was freed of all charges. While the case elongated for 16 months, Justin and Sydney were taken in by their maternal grandparent; however, later after he freed, O.J regained full custody of his children.

Despite getting himself out of the murder conviction, the civil court later found him liable. The families of the victims, which included his in-laws and the family of Robert, filed a wrongful against him.

After going through the lawsuit, the judge ruled O.J to pay a sum of $33.5 million to the family of victims. Since he was unable to pay the amount, the amount has risen to become over $70 million adding in the interest. The ruling against came in February of 1997.

Father Conviction

O.J however, got himself into trouble again as he was arrested and charged with felonies including armed robbery and kidnapping. The court sentenced him 33 years in prison and a minimum of 9 years before parole.

He served the nine years and got out of prison in 2017. Justin and Sydney started distancing themselves. Justin’s sister even tried to change her name to Portia and moved to Atlanta briefly.

She graduated from the Boston University with a degree in Sociology and resided in St. Petersburg, Florida. All of his other siblings are also under the radar. During O.J’s time behind bars, he daughter with Whitley Arnelle was responsible for finance. But instead of keeping it safe, she splurged it all who aided in O.J’s weak financial condition.

Where Is Justin Ryan Simpson Now?

With such an elongated and infamous history of his father, Justin decided to avoid the limelight as much as possible. He started working as a Real Estate Sales Professional at the Muffley & Associates Real Estate in 2013 till 2015. Simpson then worked with Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate in Real Estate Sales.

Simpson started his own company called Boulder Property Management in 2018 until 2019. However, it is curious that he did not use his name for the company. He currently works for DHM Real Estate Group in the Real Estate Sales department.


He is currently employed there. According to Simpson’s LinkedIn profile, he is a Las Vegas, Nevada based realtor. He also frequently posts on his social media accounts, giving out tips on real estate purchase and spreading his influence.

Justin Ryan Simpson Bio, Age

Justin Ryan Simpson, the son of O.J Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson, was born on August 6, 1988, in California, United States of America. He is currently 30 years old. He along with elder sister was, for a brief part of their young life, raised by his maternal grandparents.

Justin went to study at the Florida State University in joined in the year 2006. He later graduated with a degree in Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operation in 2010, three years after his father was arrested and jailed for 33 years.

Net Worth

Though he shut down his venture called Bolder Property management in January of 2019, he has made a big fortune in Real Estate Sales. Even though the reputation of his family name is considered ill, he did not let it affect his professional career.

He is a well-established real estate broker with highly acclaimed interpersonal and sales skills. With hard work and smart steps, Justin currently has a net worth over $3 million.

He previously enjoyed the massive net worth of his father who was a multi-millionaire personality, but because of all the conflicts surrounding, the fortune did not stick around long enough. As far as his sister Sydney is concerned, she has her own business that provides food and drinks and other hospitality services in social events and functions.


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