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Julie Banderas surely falls in the list of one of the most beautiful journalists of all time. Banderas has managed to round up and weaken a lot of hearts, and all the credit goes to her impressive reporting skills and again, her absolute beauty. Definitely, all of this is unintentional though because when you have such physical aspects, it gets out of control. This truly makes her among few personalities who deliver news with such immaculate charm.

You have seen her on Fox Network, and there is no denying that you fell in love the very first time you saw Banderas. But there is nothing that you should be embarrassed about. When we look at Bandera, it is just astonishing how someone can pack beauty with brains with such perfection.

Julie Banderas

While people usually look at her and instantaneously fall in love, some do not tend to go the extra mile and learn a little more. There lie some facts about Julie that even the craziest of Banderas fans do not know. Have you ever wondered who your favorite Fox News journalist, Julie in this case, is behind the camera?

We understand your problem because some of you looked for the detail out there but did not find one. However, we have the solution right here. In this post, we talk about Julie Banderas and only her. All about Banderas personal and professional life lie here. Just read through to know it all.

Julie Banderas Early Life

American reporter Julie Banderas was born on September 25, 1973, in Hartford, Connecticut, United States of America. She was born as Julie E. Bidwell, and her parent’s name are Howard Bidwell and Fabiola Bidwell. Her parents share different demographics as her mother is from Colombia and her father from America.

Because of this diverse combination, Julie shares a mixed ethnicity and has American nationality because born in the United States of America. From a very young age, Julie started listening to her parents and always believed a kind, and humble personality is the way to go around within this world.

Julie also has a sister named Melissa, who she got from her parents. While Julie does not really talk about her sister much, tabloids believe that she also shares the same faith in a kind and humble personality and practices it more often. Further details about the sister remain undisclosed.

Julie’s father was a Navy Veteran who served in the Navy for many years and after retiring, started his own company. His company was called Consolidated Precast Inc. Howard was also a civil engineer and a very brilliant man. Her father married three times in total. Julie’s mother is the second wife as the couple got divorced.

Did the divorce affect Julie? Well, we cannot say for certain, but she did not go astray and got off the tracks during her parent’s marriage fell apart. Moreover, she started seeing things more clearly and realized that just because people get married does not mean they stay together for the rest of their life; issues happen.

Julie Banderas


Despite her parent’s divorce, Julie never made it a reason for going off the tracks and start involving and engaging in bad stuff that would potentially decimate her career. Instead, she realized the importance of things, and with that came her will to study very hard and make something out of it.

Julie went to the local high school near her residence and quickly became the teacher’s favorite. Julie was always active in school and maintained her persona as a very attentive student. After graduating from high school, Banderas enrolled for a bachelor’s program to continue with her studies.

Banderas joined Emerson College, and there she continued her education with increased motivation and eventually graduated with very nice grades. All these credentials were very necessary for her to pursue a sustainable career in journalism, an industry that always has demand for the very best.

Name Julie Banderas
Date of birth 25 September 1973
Birthplace Hartford, Connecticut, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 5.5 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Anchor
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Libra
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $12 million


Personal Life

Everyone wants to know what Julie Banderas’ personal life looks like, and this may come as news filled with despair for many, but Julie is married. Yes, the journalist that you so religiously follow is married and very happy. Her husband’s name is Andrew J. Sansone.

Andrew J. Sansone is a board of director member of Habitat for Humanity, and he is also the founding president of two companies called Old Rock media and Big Apple Channel. The couple allegedly met via mutual friends, and after a short conversation, they decided to exchange numbers and stay in contact.

Julie and Andrew got engaged after a couple of years of dating on September 21, 2008. The engagement took place on an episode of America’s Election Headquarters, and everything began officially from there. Banderas and Andrew took nearly a year before getting married so that they could know each other more.

Julie Banderas

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Julie Banderas Married

Julie and Andrew married on August 29, 2009, in a wedding ceremony that took place in Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church. The wedding only included their family and friends so that it could be as intimate as possible. Their wedding went just as planned, and Julie gushed about how perfect everything ended.

As a married couple, Julie and Andrew started focusing on building a family together, and by that we mean, they started planning for babies. Just under a year, Banderas and Sansone welcomed a beautiful baby girl in the world and named her Addison Melissa. She was born on April 21, 2010.

About two years later, Julie and Andrew welcomed another child, this time, a daughter as well. They welcomed the baby on November 13, 2012, and named her Avery Julie. The family of four live very happily in their home. There also lie no rumors about any possible divorce or split between the couple.

Julie Banderas Career

After graduating from college and securing very good marks, Julie began her career in journalism with WLVI-TV located in Boston. He started working as an entry-level staff and gathered as much knowledge as possible so that she could secure a more high responsibility based job.

After working there, Banderas joined the WHSV-TV in Harrisonburg where she served as a local news anchorwoman. She also worked in WBRE-TV as a news anchorwoman and similarly, joined the WFSB-TV and WNYW. All of these networks made her ready with all the experiences that she required to tackle any obstacles.

With enough experience in journalism and especially in anchoring and news reporting, Julie joined the Fox Network in 2005 as a general assignment reporter and started taking in responsibilities very seriously. This is the point from where her career started thriving, and viewers started noticing her.

Her hard work paid off, and in about three years, Julie replaced a prominent anchor named Laurie Dhue on Fox Report Weekend. She started appearing as an anchor on the show. A year later, Banderas revealed a piece of great news that she was pregnant with a baby with her husband. After conceiving, Julie left Fox News on maternity leave.

After a designated period, Julie returned to the network, and they assigned her the role of general news correspondent. Banderas has already spent over 14 years with the network, and currently, she serves as a news anchor and national correspondent for the Fox News which is impressive.

Julie Banderas

Net Worth

From what we initially see, Julie is a very hard working woman who takes her time to learn things and does not wait equally to implement it. A major part of her career, she spent in gathering experience through various means. Julie joined the different network and gathered experience from every place.

At the moment, she serves as an anchor and correspondent for Fox news, and he earns an estimated salary of $600 thousand annually. Now that is a huge amount. Guess what her net worth is. Yes, Banderas’ net worth is in millions. The actual number is $12 million in total.

Julie Banderas Social Reach

Twitter: @JulieBanderas

Instagram: @jewelsbidwell

Facebook: Julie Banderas


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