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If you ever want to learn what being recognized and successful feels life, ask Jim Hoffer, the journalism veteran who stands proud as also an iconic personality for many emerging and aspiring journalists around. Jim is one of the most famous journalists around who currently works for WABC Network.

He is a primary source of inspiration for many people out there, and with that, an astonishingly talented reporter. Apart from that, Jim Hoffer is also one handsome man who many ladies out there admire. So on so, many even want a husband like him, stern looking and very focused on whatever he does.

Jim Hoffer

Over the years, Jim Hoffer grew larger and larger until he managed to establish himself as a veteran professional. But his professional life is something that people are extensively aware of already. Not everyone, and for their sake, we will also talk about his career. But the topic of discussion is his personal life that fans and followers crave to know. Wouldn’t it be exciting and interesting to learn more about Hoffer, the power personality from a more personal approach?

If you think so, then consider everything covered. Here, we will talk about the personal life of Jim Hoffer and learn more about her. Do you know about his relationship status at the moment? Is Jim married to someone? What does his family look like, of course, if he has one? All these questions have answered below.

Jim Hoffer Early Life

American journalist Jim Hoffer was born in November of 1963, in the United States of America. He is currently 57 years old, but because of proper diet maintenance and regular exercise, Jim does not look like someone who is in their 50s. Hoffer was born to Patricia Hoffer, his mother.

Hoffer’s mother raised him as a very good Christian boy and a very caring one as well. As a child, Jim always knew kindness was the way to people’s heart. He never promoted violence as it did not fit with the kind of raising his mother gave him. Instead, Hoffer always prefers peace and understanding.

At the moment, Hoffer is very secretive about his early life. He does not talk about his father or any of his other family member to speak. Hoffer only revealed about his mother, but that information also has its limitation. Currently, we do not have any further information on his mother other than her name.

For that, Jim falls in the list of one of the most secretive personalities in the Journalism industry. From all the activities of Jim, he is very private about his personal life and does not talk about it in any way. He never revealed about having other family members such as siblings.

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Hoffer knew the importance of a proper educational degree from a very young age, and he never underestimated the power of pen and the knowledge that it could fill the paper with. So, he went to the local high school and studied very hard for years so that he could successfully secure good grades.

For good grades would allow him to get into prestigious college later on. While in high school, all the teachers there loved him, especially for the obedience and respect he showed all the teacher there. After studying very hard for years, Hoffer graduated from high school with very good grades.

After successfully securing good grades, Hoffer aspired to admit himself into one of the best and most prestigious universities around the country. Through much contemplating and brainstorming on which college to join, Hoffer decided to join the Temple University because of the curriculum as well as the university’s reputation.


Jim joined the Temple University in 1978 and studied very hard to avoid any setbacks in his educational journey. The college system requires students to study for four years to graduate and failing means year losses. So, to avoid that, Hoffer started studying very hard and made sure that he finish college without any hurdles.

Hoffer’s hard work paid off, and he graduated from the Temple University in 1982. He solely focused on Journalism, and that made it easy for him to graduate with perfect marks because he liked the subject, and he liked the field as well. In 1982, Hoffer graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. And from there, he started to focus on his career.

Name Jim Hoffer
Date of birth November of 1963
Birthplace United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 6.3 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Reporter
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign N/A
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $2 million


Personal Life

When it comes to his personal life, Hoffer is fairly transparent. As a one-woman man, Hoffer married Mika Brzezinski. Hoffer and Mika dated for a very long time before getting married. After meeting in their early days and falling in love, Jim and Mika became inseparable.

Jim and Mika married in a secluded but intimate wedding ceremony that took place in Block Island. The Church that the couple got married in is called the West Side Church, which is in Rhode Island. Jim and Mika shared their vows and tied the knot while surrounded by friends and family.

Jim and Mika initially met back in the days while working in the New Haven area. Since then, Jim and Mika are together, and they also share two beautiful children together. As of now, Jim and Mika are parents to a daughter Emilie Hoffer and another daughter Carlie Hoffer.

However, as time went by, Jim and Mika started getting sour in their marriage. The sourness grew more and more until it led the couple to divorce. After more than two decades of marriage, Jim and Mika divorced in 2016. Since then, Jim remains very quiet about his personal life and does not talk about it very often.

Jim Hoffer Career

Right after graduating, Hoffer started working with multiple news networks so that he could gather the proper practical knowledge about the industry that fascinated him so much. In June of 1998, Hoffer joined the WABC network where he started with covering police issues, corruption, and scams.

When Hoffer joined the network, he knew it right away that WABC served him the best, and it was also the very workplace environment that encouraged him to work at full productivity. During his career, Hoffer prepared so many reports that served as very reports. One of his investigations unveiled a critical medical fraud operation that jeopardized the health of countless people.

His report helped the officials and administrations to raid and shut down the whole office, thus, putting an end to all the fraud going on in the medical operations in Harlem. His investigations also helped officials with arresting major imprisonment of corrupt people around the country. Among other, New York City should be more thankful to what everything Hoffer has done for all these years.

At the moment, Hoffer serves as an Investigative Correspondent at WABC-TV and looks after an investigation in different aspects of the community. Hoffer loves his job because it delivers him with the sense of actually giving something to the community, an honest world to live in. For that, he works day and night and makes sure that his reports are as effective as possible.

Jim Hoffer Net Worth

Jim Hoffer has one of the most underrated but astonishingly successful careers behind the scene. Hoffer’s career stretches more than two decades, and this amazing journalist has even won some of the most prestigious awards like the Emmy Awards, Peabody Ward and also one from the Columbia University DuPont Award.

With such achievements, most consider Jim Hoffer as one of the most humble and talented journalists in motion today. However, with great success comes fortune as well. On that note, Jim has a pretty massive fortune after working very hard for all these years. With an average salary that goes in six-figure, Hoffer earns a lot.

To put it all into perspective. Hoffer currently has a massive net worth of $2 million.

Social Reach

Twitter: @NYCinvestigates

Instagram: @nycontherun

Facebook: Jim Hoffer


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