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Jill Wagner Wagner, who is popularly known as Jill Wagner, is a famous American model, host, and actor. She is best known for her game show called ‘Wipeout’ of ABC channel until six of its seasons. Her career as a model is good too. She has landed in different TV shows and modeling agencies. In the year 2003, she appeared in a TV series named ‘Punk’d.’ In her modeling career, she appeared in magazines like FHM and Stuff. Also, she became famous as ‘The Mercury Girl’ after she got featured in different models of ‘Ford’ and ‘Mercury.’ In 2005, she also appeared in an American comedy-drama named ‘Junebug.’ Moving forward in her career, she also appeared in an American horror movie called ‘Splinter.’

Jill Wagner

Stagner was born on the 13th of January, 1979, in Winston-Salem, North California, the United States of America. From her occupation, she has been a popular actress and a model. She belongs to the Capricorn zodiac sign. Active in the modeling and acting career from the year 2003, she has been active until today. She got married to David Lemanowicz in the year 2017. Jill got featured in popular TV series like: ‘Wipeout,’ ‘The Series,’ and ‘Teen Wolf.’ Also, she became the host of a TV show called ‘Inside the Vault.’ She will be playing the role of Stephaine Braven in ‘Braven’ which is a Canadian action thriller.

Family Life of Jill Wagner

Talking about the family of Jill, she was born to David Wagner. Her father served the United States of America with great passion as he was a U.S. Marine. In her family, she has a brother, grandmother, and her father.

Jill had to face the grief of her mother’s death at an early age. Her mother passed in a short time after she was born. Things looked very tough for Jill’s father and her grandmother. But, her father and her grandmother raised her with deep love and care. It was tough for them to look at her without her mother in the household. Her father was also in a great tragedy. But, he fought with it and took his future ahead. After his wife passed, he thought that he has to look after Jill himself. Luckily, his mother supported him and helped David to raise Jill. Hence, Jill’s grandmother had a significant role in fulfilling Jill and her dad. She encouraged them with great care and did not let them miss Jill’s mom. 

Professional Career

In the beginning, Jill came to the entertainment industry after she relocated to California. She was also a cast member of a series named ‘Punk’d’ in MTV channel. It was the show created by Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg in the year 2003. The show featured practical jokes that got shot by hidden cameras. Also, Jill got features as ‘Field Agent.’ She also got featured in a British Men’s magazine called ‘Stuff.’ Then, she had the rank of number 90 on the list of ‘Hot 100 Women of 2004’ as she got into another men’s magazine ‘Maxim.’ In the year 2004, she appeared in three different Television series. The names of the TV series that she got cast are: ‘Mr. Monk and the Employee of the Month’, ‘Dead Man, Live Bet,’ and ‘All In.’ She also got in other Television sitcoms like: ‘Thanksgiving Day Charade’ and ‘Quintuplets.’

From the year 2005 to 2011, she got featured in different Television advertisements and became the spokesperson of ‘Mercury.’ Mercury is the brand of multinational automaker of ‘Ford.’ As she did such pleasing ads, she became well known as ‘The Mercury Girl.’ Then, she performed in an American comedy-drama film called ‘Junebug’ alongside: Benjamin McKenzie, Scott Wilson, Embeth Davidtz, and Amy Adams. She played the role of Millicent. Then, she got the part of ‘Krisha Starr’ in a TV series called ‘Blade: The Series’ which got cast on ‘Spike TV.’

Moreover, she also got into a Canadian-American adventure movie named ‘Stargate Atlantis.’ Also, she appeared in ‘Be All My Sins Remember’ and ‘Travelers.’ Also, she performed as a presenter of a game show series called ‘Wipeout,’ which was her real breakthrough. Hence, Wagner has contributed a lot to the entertainment industry of Hollywood and got marked as one of the leading actresses.

 Education and Academic Qualification

After completing her primary school education, Jill went to the Ledford Senior Hugh School, which is in Wallburg, North California, the United States of America. As soon as she completed her high school, she went to the State University in northern California. Her primary subject was business management. Hence, she graduated with a degree in business management in the year 2001. Even if she had a degree in business management, she decided to pursue a career in acting/ So; she went to the Barbizon Modeling and Acting School, which is in Raleigh to study acting. At that time, she studied acting with great interest and also got the title of Miss Barbizon.

 Nationality and Ethnicity of Jill Wagner

Jill belongs to American citizenship with White-American ethnicity.

Lifetime Achievements and Awards

Although Jill Wagner is a famous face in Hollywood and has won millions of hearts with her amazing skills of acting, she has not been able to receive many awards and achievements yet. In her acting career, she might get blessed soon with some prizes to mark her relishing career in acting and modeling.

Relationship Status

In the present context, Jill is not married. Wagner is enjoying her single life and giving time to herself. She got engaged to her long-time boyfriend named David Lemanowicz. David is a former hockey player. As announced by them, they got engaged in 2016. But, they do not have any plans to get married right away. Although they are not married, they share a beautiful daughter named Lija.

Net Worth

Jill Wagner is one of the best actresses in Hollywood. She has contributed a lot in the field of acting and modeling. Being the model of a famous company named ‘Ford,’ she might have appealing salary and wages too. She has struggled a lot to get into fame. Jill has a high paying salary. Hence, she has managed to collect a sum of 4 million dollars.

Social Media and Fan Followers of Jill Wagner

As social media is an excellent platform for Hollywood celebrities, she has been highly engaged in social media platforms too. She has the accounts of different social media pages and has been sharing her life with great interest. Her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become the home for many fans and followers. Also, her biography has got updated on different social media sites, including popular Wikipedia.

Gossips, Rumors, and Scandals

Talking about the rumors and gossips about this popular lady, she has been a very private lady. Because of her privacy, her life got maintained, and she has not faced any scandals and controversies. As she has not got involved in any bad relationship in her lifetime, she has not suffered any rumors and discussions in her life. Also, her professional life is free of all the scandals.

Body Measurement and Appearance of Jill Wagner

Jill is a beautiful lady. She has got a charming face and an appealing body. Her height is about 5 feet and 8 inches. Talking about her body weight, she weighs about 53 kilograms. As her weight got balanced with her height, she has a slim body. She is focused on her diet and exercise daily. Also, she performs yoga to stay fit and healthy. Talking about her skin tone, she has a beautiful skin tone with perfect brown hair.

Moreover, her body measurements are suitable for a model as she measures 34 inches in the breast, 23 inches in the waist, and about 34 inches in the hip. Hence, she looks boiling in bikini and lingerie photoshoots. Her long pair of legs has given her a look of a model. Therefore, she looks beautiful in every outfit that she appears.


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