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People tend to dig in in the lives of some people even though they try to stay away from any spotlight and any media presence. This usually happens when that particular person is related to a famous personality. Usually, this type of case comes forth in a situation where some have very famous parents or spouse. The person we are here to talka about today has a massively famous personality as her husband or saying precisely, had a famous person as her husband. We’re talking about Jessica Aldean.

Now, whether you have ever heard this name or not is a total mystery and we not suspect that you have ever heard this name. But the person Jessica is or was involved with is certainly someone that you know for sure. Jessica is the ex-wife fo famous country music singer named Jason Aldean. See, you pressing your brains to remember where you’ve heard the name Aldean has indeed resulted fruitful. Jessica is the ex-wife of Jason Aldean.

Jessica Aldean

Now, Jessica herself is not a famous personality. She belongs to the list of people who become famous just like that because of their relationship to a certain famous personality. Similar to the ex-husband of Wendy Williams and partner of Bruno Mars. They are not massively famous themselves. But the names of their spouses or partners are enough to draw all the attention in the world. But are we here to talk about this part of Jessica?

Certainly no. Today, in this post, we shall endeavor to learn about Jessica, the ex-wife of Jason Aldean. For some reason, there are not much information about Jessica in media and nor Jessica herself seems in any need of attention. But Jason’s followers need to know all there is.

Jessica Aldean Early Life

The ex-wife of famous country music singer Jason Aldean, Jessica Aldean was born on October 18, 1978, in Georgia, United States of America. At the moment, Jessica is 38 years old but goddamnit. Does Jessica look like someone who is closing into their 40s? Certainly not.

Looking at Jessica’s current pictures, she does not look like 38 years old. Her radiance is as fixed as it was back when she was in her 20s. Is this the result of opting for the help of plastic surgery? There is a high probability, but since there is no concrete evidence on that matter, we’ll lay off of it.

Jessica, who was born in Georgia, had a very close and intimate family situation from a very young age. Her parents, who remain unidentified, always made sure that Jessica gets everything that she wanted to have. Unfortunately, Jessica does not wish to talk about the parents who always remained gracious towards her needs.

According to Jessica’s birth details, her astronomical zodiac sign is Libra, and according to popular beliefs, Libra zodiac sharing people are very much determined towards their goal, loyal and not usually very forgiving. These traits sum up to form a perfect Jessica Aldean if you ask us.

Further information regarding her early life remains a mystery as Jessica does not wishes to divulge any further information about her personal life as a young child.

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 Jessica Aldean Education

Back in the days, the older generation did not get the chance to go to school as a compulsory lifestyle when they were young. Only the members of elite society had the privilege. However, as the years went by, norms also started to change. This inflicted a mindset on parents that their children should go to school.

Jessica’s parents also share the same beliefs, and from a very young age, they bestowed the importance of education in her life. But, nevertheless, this kind of activity usually sets children to the right path, and that is what it did for Jessica. As a young girl, Jessica went to a reputed high school in Georgia and started studying there.

As a student, Jessica did not show any intellectual skills that were out of the ordinary and things always seemed to linger on that average line for her. But, she did not fail and disappoint her teachers or parents either. After a lot of hard work and studying, Jessica graduated from high school.

Unfortunately, further information regarding her education journey remains a mystery at the moment as Jessica does not really talk about her educational degree. Any facts that may point towards her going to college and getting a degree remains absent at the moment.

Personal Life

Jessica Aldean, as repeatedly mentioned earlier, is the wife of famous country singer Jason Aldean. Jessica and Jason first met at a very young age. As it happened, Jessica and Jason, coincidentally, went to the same school as kids and began studying together. As the years went by, the initial friendship established.

From then on, Jessica and Jason started dating each other, and things started to get much more serious between the two. On August 4, 2001, Jessica and Jason married each other in a very intimate wedding ceremony. About two years later, Jessica and Jason welcomed their first child together. In 2003, the Aldean couple welcomed their daughter Keeley.

After a couple of years later, Jessica and Jason became parents again to another daughter. The Aldean couple again welcomed a daughter in 2007 and named her Kendyl. While the power couple was married very prolifically, one incident changed everything for them.

Jessica Aldean Divorce

In 2013, rumors started to come around that Jason was reportedly cheating on Jessica with one of the American Idol contestant named Brittany Kerr. The allegations grew louder, and it started to affect the marriage very heavily. With two children in their lives already, their presence even could not help sustain the blow.

The same year, in 2013, Jason filed for divorce from Jessica citing irreconcilable differences. However, the reason for divorce was clear; Jason’s cheating scandal and the alleged romance with Brittany Kerr. Shortly after the divorce finalized, Jason and Brittany began dating officially and also made a public appearance.

Jason and Brittany married each other in March of 2015. However, Mr. Aldean is not the only one who has moved on from the relationship. As of now, Jessica also married to a man named Jake Marlin, an electric Lineman by profession. Jessica and Jake married in 2015 and currently live a very happy life.

Jessica Alden Career

The ex-wife of Jason Aldean is only famous for her marriage to the country musician and singer. Because of that, when it comes to career, there is little to no information available. However, there are certain things that may suffice and replace any need of any other professional title for Jessica.

Back in the days, when Jessica and Jason were married, and their love was thriving, Jessica acted as Jason’s manager and handled the business side of everything. As it happened, Jason once told in an interview that the couple’s marriage works in such a way that whatever Jason does not like to look after Jessica does it for him.

During their time as a married couple, Jessica acted as Jason’s accountant as she also looked after all the finance in his career and life as well. Apart from that, being a mother, she juggled all the responsibilities with such remarkable skill that nobody ever had any questions as well.

Jessica also managed to some philanthropic works while working as Jason’s active manager. She once raised about $500,000 as a fundraiser which came from ticket and merchandise sales of Jason’s show. She contributed the sum to G. Komen Foundation. Apart from her working as Jason’s manager, there remains no other professional career.

Jessica did not publicly indulge herself in other professional work; therefore, any other career line remains absent at the moment.

Net Worth

From what we see, Jessica did not have a very distinctive career path. She acted as a manager to her husband, which people usually consider as another household chore. But work is work and Jessica, most probably, got out some sum for herself as well while she worked as Jason’s manager.

But unfortunately, Jessica never revealed her net worth to the public. As of now, we have no idea how much of a fortune Jessica accumulated throughout the year and how she spent it as well. On the other hand, her ex-husband, Jason Aldean, has a massive net worth of $80 million.

Most of the money that accumulated as Jason’s net worth came from his musical career, shows, and sales of merchandise as well. All of that contributed to such a massive net worth.


Name Jessica Aldean
Date of birth October 18, 1979
Birthplace Georgia, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Profession N/A
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Libra
Measurement N/A
Net Worth N/A


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Instagram: @jessgirl_21

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