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Jennifer Love Hewitt has one too many career titles that it gets confusing on what to address her with. This amazing woman is known as an actress, singer, songwriter, producer, and even a director. Now, since she started her career as an actress, let’s just address her as an actress. It’ll be easier.

We’ve seen her on 9-1-1 as Maddie Kendall, a character that everyone loves to see around. She makes acting look so easy when it is something not everyone can do. That is why we call her a veteran of this industry. With more than 60 credits under her belt, she is only one of the most accomplished celebrities in Hollywood.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

However, we see her a lot on TV screens and movies but have you ever wondered who she might be behind the camera and all that action? Well, of course not. Some of you may have, but the majority of people do not know who Jennifer Love Hewitt is in real life. What does her personal life look like?

Today that is about to change for good. Keep reading to know everything about Jennifer, a stunning actress who deserves all the recognition that Hollywood has to offer.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Personal Life

When it comes to personal life, everything gets intriguing. The fact that people are very different than the roles they portray on-reel is very interesting because it lets fans see two sides on a person; as an average person and as an actor.

Fortunately, Jennifer Love is not among the ones who are shy about keeping her personal life under the wraps unlike other celebrities in her field. On the contrary, she is very open and frequently gushed over her husband.

That is right, her husband. Jennifer is married and rightly so. Her personal life is as ecstatic as her personality. Our heart goes for all the men who wanted to date Jennifer, but that is not possible. She is very happily married to husband, Brian Hallisay.

However, this is not the first for Jennifer as she has nearly got married previously which we shall talk about in detail. Now, the fact that Jennifer is massive in Hollywood is undeniable, and many people know her. It is her husband Brian who is more like a new name for everyone.

Let’s learn more about Brian before jumping in for more details.

Jennifer Love Hewitt


Who Is Husband Brian Hallisay?

Brian Hallisay is an American actor born on October 31, 1978, in Washington, D.C, and United States of America. He is currently 40. Brian enrolled at Cornell University in 2000 and graduated from there shortly.

Unlike most actors, Brian did not pursue acting right after college as he worked in Wall Street for some years. He worked really hard on his job but always had a fascination with acting. Eventually, he decided to follow his dream and pursue acting.

His first role was as Jake Carrington in a 2005 TV show called The Inside. He worked on multiple projects and finally got a breakthrough role. In 2008, Brian appeared on 2008 show called Privileged as Will Davis. He was a regular in the appearance, and viewers loved him.

At the moment, Brian appears on 9-1-1. Coincidentally or not, he works along with his wife Jennifer who also appears on the show.

Jennifer and Brian Relationship

The love story of actors usually starts from sets or award shows. Apart from that, it is unlikely they meet anywhere else given the busy schedule. For Jennifer and Brian, it is the same as the couple met on the set of TV series Love Bit back in 2010.

There was an instant attraction, and the couple started talking, gradually becoming friends. Meeting each other on a timely basis created more of an impact for the couple as it becomes a habit after someone. There surely were times where both missed their absence from the set.

Eventually, the couple got along, realized that both liked each other and by 2012, they became inseparable. The couple started living together after months of dating, and that led to another blissful moment.

Hewitt and Hallisay Engaged

Although Jennifer and Hallisay confirmed their relationship in 2012, the couple were had already started before that. After a couple of years together as a couple, it is only natural for a couple to move forward their relationship. Hallisay thought the same.

In June of 2013, Hallisay got to one knee and proposed Hewitt, asking her if she would marry him. Undoubtedly, Hewitt’s answers was a big yes, and the couple got engaged. While everyone waited patiently for the couple’s wedding, another big news overcame the anticipation of the couple’s marriage.

Jennifer Love Hewitt


Welcome Baby

In 2013, the same year the couple got married, they revealed that Jennifer was expecting the couples’ first child together. Naturally, the news had everyone jump with excitement and Hewitt and Hallisay were over the moon.

Come to think of it; this might also have been the reason behind the couple getting married. Famous comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan was someone avidly protested the idea of getting married until his wife welcomed a baby.

Is it the same for Jennifer and Brian? Only the couple know this. Moving on, the couple welcomed their first child together in November 2013. Jennifer and Brian were parents to a baby girl, and they decided to call her Autumn James Hallisay. However, this was not the only news Jennifer and Brian had for the media.


While announcing the birth of their baby daughter Autumn James Hallisay, the couple also announced that they had married secretly. This came as a shock and not everyone could digest two big news as such.

The internet exploded, and surely, Jennifer and Brian became the talk of the town. Given the fact that it was all a secret, the couple married in an intimate wedding ceremony which only their closest friends and family attended.

About two years later, the couple welcomed their first baby, in January 2015, Jennifer Love Hewitt announced that she was pregnant again. Months later in June, she gave birth to a baby boy. The couple decided to name their son Atticus.

Past Relationships

For someone as beautiful as Jennifer, it is natural that she has a lot of rumors swirling around. During her rise in the industry, she also faced a lot of rumors regarding her personal affairs. She reportedly dated singer and songwriter Enrique Iglesias and John Mayer.

Moreover, the media has linked her to talk show host Carson Daly, Jamie Kennedy, actor, Kip Pardue, Rich Cronin, and Will Freddie. Despite the truckload of rumors swirling her, Jennifer did not lose her composure and also, she never confirmed any rumors.

Moving on, in mid-2005, Jennifer Love Hewitt met a Scottish actor called Ross McCall. After meeting a couple of times, Jennifer and Ross started dating. In 2007, news broke that the boyfriend and girlfriend were engaged to get married.

Fans and followers of Jennifer were eagerly waiting for them to get married, but it did not happen. A year later, Jennifer and Ross split and canceled their engagement. The reasons for the split remain undisclosed.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Bio, Age

American actress Jennifer Love Hewitt was born on February 21, 1979, in Waco, Texas, United States of America. She is currently 40 years old. Jennifer attended Lincoln High School and had an interest in music and acting.

Raised in Texas, Jennifer along with her mother, moved to Los Angeles so that she could pursue her career. Jennifer first tasted success when she appeared on Disney Channel’s show Kids Incorporated from 1989 to 1991.

While pursuing a career as an actress, Jennifer also took her singing career to new heights. Starting as a backup singer, with sheer hard work and determination, Hewitt signed a contract with Jive Records in 2002.

One of her songs Barenaked, in particular, gathered a lot of fame. However, due to her demanding acting career, she took a hiatus from her musical career. Jennifer has appeared on The Client List, Jewtopia, Hot in Cleveland, Criminal Minds and currently appears on 9-1-1.

Jennifer Love Hewitt has a net worth of $18 million.


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