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When it comes to looks and body built for action, there are only a few names in this generation that comes to mind. Of course, there were actors who made action movies look so effortless, like Arnold and Sylvester. We don’t even have to mention the full name, just the last name or first name of these actors is enough for you to recognize them. However, there is a man in this era who has all those qualities as well, and his name is Jason Momoa.

Now, if anyone is not familiar with this name, it really is a shame because this century, people are very much familiar with this muscle packed hunk whose glances are enough to make any woman fall in love with Momoa. If you don’t believe us, just go and look at some of his pictures. But we hardly doubt, after you look at Momoa’s pictures, you’ll return to tell the tale. Just do it on your own risk, we don’t remain responsible for any mishappening with your heart.

Jason Momoa


Momoa became famous for his appearance in the long-time running and one of the most critically acclaimed TV shows of the decade, Game of Thrones. Jason portrayed the character of Khal in the series and did such a marvelous job that everyone loved him. Apart from appearing in Game of Thrones, Jason also remains as the cinematic persona of Aquaman or also known as Arthur Curry. Momoa’s Aquaman has his own movie, and it created a swirl as well.

Now, enough of these professional life talks, let’s focus on more pressing matters. Momoa’s personal life. Is he dating anyone? Or is he already married? Learn all these kind of things right here, also, along with getting all other facts about him.

Jason Momoa Early Life

Famous Hollywood actor and heartthrob of millions of people all around the globe, Jason Momoa, the Game of Thrones actor, was born on August 1, 1979, in Nanakuli, Honolulu, Hawaii, United States of America. At the moment, Jason is 40 years old, but this is also the age Jason has not looked any better.

With the long hair and full beard, Jason comes as a person who is very sturdy and can also take on any challenge in his life. As a matter of fact, that is all true. Jason was born to father Joseph Momoa, and mother, Coni Momoa. His father worked as a painter professionally, and his mother worked as a photographer.

Both of his parents belonged to the artistic industry and always liked to keep their son inspired to do more creative things as well. As his persona now reflects, Jason diverts a little bit from his parents’ footsteps but still remains on the same track as them. Born to father who is a Native Hawaiian and to mother who shares German and Irish descent, Jason shares mixed ethnicity.

However, since he was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, a state in the United States of America, Jason is an American by nationality. According to Momoa’s birth details, he was born on August 1. According to that, Momoa’s astronomical zodiac sign is Leo. Just like the popular beliefs which say Leo is very fierce and determined.

Not sure about anything else, but Jason is exactly like the beliefs that surround Leo zodiac sign. He is very fierce in action, and Momoa also portrays movies and TV show characters, which are also very fierce as well.

Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa Height

A lot of people have this question about his height. He looks tall, and in reality, he is tall. Standing at a massive height of 6.5 ft, Jason makes averagely tall men look like dwarfs. Also, his height has helped Momoa to grab some of the most iconic roles, as in Conan, the Barbarian.

Jason Momoa Education

What they say about deceiving looks is very real. As American parents who stayed in Hawaii, surrounded by fun and all those relating things, they were always gravely concerned about making sure that Jason grows up very responsive and also very educated as well. Because of that, his parents always focused on getting him proper education as well.

Although always looking very rowdy and very much on the edgier side, Jason always took education very seriously and always determined to do better in his life. As a young lad, Jason’s parents enrolled him in a very reputed primary school from which he graduated to enroll in high school.

Momoa was always famous during high school, mostly because of his irresistible attitude and air of carelessness. Momoa’s features also developed as time went by, and he began participating in athlete programs as well. During high school, Momoa participated in various sports events, which added to his popularity.

After years of studying and managing to gather good scores upon graduating, Jason decided to continue his studies further. After enrolling at college, Momoa chose a very peculiar subject to be major. We usually think that people who study science are often nerdy looking.

But Jason changes that. He studied Marine Biology during his initial years at college and later switched his major to Wildlife Biology. As it happens, Jason has a love for nature and all that dwell around it as well.

However, his career stands a little contradicting manner away from his studies. Let’s look at it, as well.

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Personal Life

Jason has a lot of hearts at his disposal, but there is only one person who has his heart. Her name is Lisa Bonet, or should we call her Lisa Momoa? Although this comes as despair for a lot of women out there, this is the truth. Jason is committed and in a very serious relationship.

Jason and Lisa started dating back in 2005, and since then, their love has only grown stronger. Lisa and Jason married each other on November 15, 2015. However, it never got a legal certification. Both addressed each other as husband and wife, but legally, they were only partners.

During their years together, Jason and Lisa welcomed two children together. Momoa’s first child, a daughter back in 2007, the same year they got married. Momoa named his daughter Lola Lolani Momoa.

The Momoa couple welcomed their second child together, a son in 2008. They named their second child Nakoa-Wold Manakauapp Namakaeha Momoa. Jason is also a stepfather to Zoe Isabella, Lisa’s child from her previous married life. At the moment, the couple lives a very happy life together and have nothing to worry about.

There are also no rumors about Momoa couple getting a divorce as well.

Jason Momoa Career

A student of science, Wildlife biology to say precisely, Jason’s career started in a way that most people want their career to start. In other words, Jason’s career in the glamor and Hollywood industry found him, and things took off from then. During his teen days, famous designer Eric Chandler and Takeo Kobayashi found Jason’s personality and appearance very attractive and advised him to start a career in modeling.

Taking the offer into consideration, Jason began his modeling career. While his modeling career thrived, Jason also worked in a surf shop for the love of his personal hobby, which is surfing itself. While working in the shop, other producers noticed him, and seeing him with an immaculate body; they approached Momoa for a role in Bay Watch Hawaii.

In the show, Jason appeared as Jason Loane for two years. After that, Jason appeared in multiple shows like Johnson Family Vacation, North Shore, Stargate: Atlantis, and others as well. One of the earliest and most noted appearances of Jason is in Conan, the Barbarian, which premiered in 2011.

The same year, Jason bagged a role in Game of Thrones, one of the most celebrated TV shows. In the show, Jason appeared as Khal Drogo, a very brave wild warrior. While working on his career as an aspiring actor, Jason got his biggest break in 2014 when Momoa appeared in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

A couple of years after his first appearance in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice in which he cameos as Aquaman, Jason appeared in Justice League itself as one of the main characters of the movie. A year later, his solo movie came out as a DC universe character Aquaman or also known as Aurthur Curry.

At the moment, Jason works on The Lego Movie 2, The Second Part, and Dune.

Net Worth

When we say Jason has a very successful career, it sounds like a major understatement. However, there does not seem to appear words that would describe the peak that Jason has reached in his career. However, let’s try our best to do it. From working in a surf shop, Jason has come a long way.

Each and every aspect of his life has changed, thanks to the massive fortune that Momoa has accumulated over the years. As of now, Momoa has a massive net worth of $14 million and a lot of other assets. From his latest movie Aquaman, Jason received a massive piece.

Jason enjoys his net worth by spending it on his family and traveling to exotic places, for he is a student of wildlife biology, and it is all about roaming to places and exploring new wildlife.

Name Jason Momoa
Date of birth August 1, 1979
Birthplace Honolulu, Hawaii, United States of America
Ethnicity Mixed
Height 6.4 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Actor
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Leo
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $14 million


Social Reach


Instagram: @prideofgypsies

Facebook: Jason Momoa


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