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Creating an empire is always a difficult task for everyone. One of the ways people do so is by following their passion or following their vision with the belief that they can materialize it somehow and turn it into reality. Such hardcore belief and passion-filled drives are what guide people to success and well, make history. Such a person is the topic of our discussion here as he made the magazine industry change with his vision. The man we are talking about is Hugh Hefner.

Hefner may not be your household name, but it is a name that millions of people around the world know. Mostly by fashionistas, models, supermodels, and others in the fashion business know all about him. For some even consider Hefner, the man who revolutionalized what it is about magazines and rebranded the word exotic as well. So, for anyone who does not have an idea about Hefner here, he is the founder of Playboy magazine.

Hugh Hefner

Yes, the very playboy magazine that stands famous till this date for its portrayal of exotic models all around the world. Playboy magazine started back in 1953, times when new ideas were a little bit risky to execute. After a surreal experience in his job, Hefner went on with his idea and came barging in with a revolution in the industry of which people still speak of. He made so many bold moves that it beings to become harder to segregate, which to talk about.

We’ll try out best to avoid biasedness here. But before we talk about it all, let’s first know about Hefner here. As per rumors, Hefner was a very lavish person with a mansion solely dedicated to his magazine. Learn more about the extraordinary life of Hefner.

Hugh Hefner Early Life

One of the most influential people in history, Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy magazine, was born on April 9 of 1926, in Chicago, a city in Illinois, United States of America. At the moment of his death, Hefner was 91 years old and lived such a very healthy life as well.

Now, as we speak, there are people around the world, millions of them who wan to know the secret behind Hefner’s long life. Well, for starters, Hefner lived a lavish life after he founded Playboy magazine, so he had access to all the nutritional benefits. Secondly, a balance of healthy food and exercise is the key.

Hugh Hefner was born to father Glenn Lucius Hefner and mother, Grace Caroline. Both of his parents were adequately educated people with very cast knowledge, as well. His father, Glenn, worked as an accountant as his mother worked as a teacher in Nebraska. After moving to Chicago, the couple welcomed Hefner and his younger brother Keith.

Hefner has a mixed background when it comes to ethnicity. Although Hefner shares white ethnicity, his background is mixed because of the diverse backgrounds of his parents. While his father shared mostly German and English ancestry, his mother embraced her Swedish ancestry.

Because of that, Hefner often got exposed to different cultures along with his brother, who died in 2016. According to Hefner, his parents were on a bit old school side as they were religious and possessed strong feelings towards it as well.

Hugh Hefner Education

Western parents have a strong feeling towards education and want their children to learn as much as possible. While this is absolute true, just imagine what it’s like to people whose parents or one of their parents are a teacher. Well, either it comes as a blessing or a nightmare, there is no in-between.

While Hefner’s mother worked as a teacher, she was not as hard on him. At a young age, Hefner went to Sayre Elementary School. At school, Hefner quickly established himself as a very disciplined student, and he also showcased his creativity there as well. All the teachers were often left impressed.

After going through with Elementary school, Hefner joined the Steinmetz High School, and there he managed to get himself introduced to a lot of creative areas as well. While studying in high school, Hefner again established himself as a very disciplined student, but there were times he had fun.

After high school graduation, Hugh Hefner began to contemplate what he wanted to do next as well. After much thought, Hefner decided that he did not just want to continue his studies. So, he went on and began applying for the army. In 1994, Hefner began working in the Army as a U.S. Army writer for a military newspaper.

After working there for two years, Hefner joined the University of Illinois, and there, he began studying Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Along with studying Psychology, Hefner also pursued Creative Writing Minor and arts as well. Getting done at the University of Illinois, Hefner enrolled at Northwestern University, pursuing Sociology but never finished college.

Hugh Hefner

Personal Life

Hugh Hefner has married several times during his personal life. While his time at Northwestern University, Hugh started dating a woman named Mildred Williams. After dating for some time, Hefner and Williams married each other in 1949. However, a devastating fact later shook the marriage.

Williams revealed to Hefner that she once cheated on him while he was serving in the army. This created a very unhealthy air between them. Out of guild, Williams would let Hefner have intimate relationships with another woman, which eventually became the cause of their divorce.

After divorcing wife Mildred Williams back in 1959 after welcoming two children, a son, and a daughter, Hefner started his different persona. Hefner began having consecutive relationships with multiple women who were a part of his Playboy empire. In 1986, Hefner married Kimberley Conrad, a 36 years younger woman than him. After one baby and decades later, his marriage fell down.

Before finalizing the divorce with Conrad, Hefner started dating Crystal Harris. Hefner and Harris engaged back in 2010 but called off their engagement a year later. At the time of his death, Hefner was a single man, although not so much.

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Hugh Hefner Career

Hefner’s career started pretty quick as he was one of those people who was very hard to please. These kind of people never also become fit for a job. While studying, Hefner acquired a position as a copywriter for Esquire magazine. Esquire always stood as a very reputed magazine to start with.

There Hefner worked as a copywriter, and a lot of things went into it all to make it a success as well. However, when the time came to ask for a raise, the company authorities denied Hefner a raise of $5. No, that’s not a typo. Esquire literally denied Hefner $5 raise, and that made Hefner quit his job.

After leaving Esquire, Hefner decided to start his own venture and started collecting funds. After raising over $8,000, Hefner started his first venture called Stag Party, which later renamed to Playboy. In 1953, Playboy made its first issue and used Marilyn Monroe’s 1949 nude calendar shoot photos.

Quickly, Playboy became one of the most selling magazines as it contained many of the young and beautiful ladies around the states. Along with exotic pictures, Hefner also had the tendency to promote things that others did not. Like his support for the LGBTQ community in the early days and similar causes.

Hefner also established a playboy mansion where he would have lavish parties around with some of the most beautiful and desired women of that time. Along with all of those, Hefner also established racially diverse private key clubs, which gained popularity as well.

Hefner Net Worth

While working for Esquire, surely, Hefner did not make much money. While dissatisfied over a denied raise of $5, Hefner got the courage to start his own venture. This helped him establish a magazine that stood as one of its kind and attracted the attention of millions of eager people around the world.

As a result, Hefner’s career skyrocketed very quickly as the magazine sold more copies with every issue. While his success and fame grew, so did his net worth as well. At the time of his death, Hefner reportedly acquired himself a massive net worth that ranged over $50 million.

Hefner used most of his money to fuel his extravagant parties at mansions and one luxury item, as well. At one point, Hefner became famous as the American Playboy as well.


Name Hugh Hefner
Date of birth April 9, 1926
Birthplace Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 5.9 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Businessperson
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Aries
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $50 million


Social Reach

Twitter: @hughhefner

Instagram: @hughhefner

Facebook: Hugh Hefner


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