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The food and hospitality industry is growing in the world. Some major chefs and hospitality personals have gained numerous fame in the media. Among one of the most excellent hospitality persons in the world is a famous British chef named as Gordon Ramsay. His contribution is numerous and has got about 16 awards for Michelin stars in total. Although he had an interest in the football background at the initials, his interest forwarded to the hotel management field in the later stage. He got a complete hotel management course from the leading chefs of the world, like Joel Robuchon, Guy Savoy, Macro Pierre White, and Albert Roux. He then became the head chef at Aubergine because of which he was able to get the title of two famous Michelin stars within about three years. 

The popular chef was born on the 8th of November, 1996, in Johnstone, United Kingdom. His sun sign is Scorpio, and he is famous as a chef. After he got awarded Michelin Stars awards, he then opened his restaurant named Resturant Gordon Ramsay. This restaurant was able to receive the most reputed award of the hotel industry known as the Michelin stars. He is a well known and reputed chef in the United Kingdom to have got awarded three stars. Also, his restaurants have a successful chain around the world. He has also got involved in many cookery shows and Television series related to the Hotel Management Industry. This popular figure also got given the title of the most influential chef of the United Kingdom. 

Gordon Ramsay

Family Life of Gordon Ramsay

The name of the father of Gordon Ramsay is Gordon James Ramsay, and the name of his mother is Helen Cosgrove. His father never had a permanent profession and switched from one job to another. Gordon James worked as a welder, a shopkeeper, and also a swimming pool manager. But, his mother was a nurse. In the name of a sibling, Gordan has an older sister and two younger sisters. The name of his siblings is Diane, Ronnie, and Yvonne. 

Childhood and Early Days

While Gordon was in his early days, he did not live a simple life. He had to face the abuse from his father. Also, his father neglected him and his family. As described by the public and by Gordon, his father was a womanizer and a hard drinker. While he was young, Gordon had a deep interest in the football career. He was chosen to play for the under-14 cup when he was only 12 years olf. But, he could not take his further career in footballing because he had to encounter an injury. While Gordan was 19 years old, his family went to Stratford-upon-Avon. There, he worked in an Indian restaurant as a pot washer. Then, he and his family moved to their family house while he was 16 years old. 

Nationality and Ethnicity 

The nationality of Gordon is English. However, he is of Scottish and mixed Irish descent. 

Educational Life and Qualification  of Gordon Ramsay

Talking about Gordon’s education, he had a great interest in football while he was at his high school. But, after he completed his high school, he achieved a degree in hotel management in the year 1987. Also, he studied Activate Learning. 

Professional Career   

While Gordan was small, he had a deep interest in the career of football and wanted to be a professional football player. So, he played with Glasgow Rangers when he was 15 years old. He worked with the team for about three years. Then, he got an injury in his knee. Because of his damage in the knee, he had to shut his football career in the year 1985. After he quit his job in football, he changed his mind towards the hospitality industry. 

Moreover, he was attracted to the top Chefs of Europe. So, he worked under them to make his career shine as a chef. Finally the year 1973, he opened an Aubergine in London, of which he was the head chef. He also took the course of the restaurant for about three years and received a two-star rating for his restaurant. Also, he got the Award of Newcomer of the year in the well known Catey Awards. Catey Awards is the Oscar event for the business of the hotel industry. After the finance of his restaurant started growing, he opened a restaurant called Resturant Gordon Ramsay in the year 1998. For the restaurant, he earned a three-star rating. 

Additionally, he opened different restaurants like Second Ramsay, Verre, and Petrus in different countries. He also got awarded different titles from his business in the restaurant industry. Gordon has opened the brand of his restaurants in various countries like Canada, America, and South Africa. 

Furthermore, he also started appearing in Television after appearing on MasterChef, and a British documentary called Boiling Point. Gordon is also the host of the popular kitchen programs like IN Ramsay’s Kitchen and Hell’s Kitchen. Hence, Gordon is one of the most successful chefs of the United Kingdom. 

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Relationship Status

In the current scenario, the famous Chef, Gordon Ramsay Is married to Cayetana Elizabeth Hutcheson. She is a schoolteacher with Montessori training. Gordon and Cayetanna got married on the 12th of December 1996. This couple has a happy life as they live with their four children. The names of their four children are Oscar, Megan, Holly, and Jack. Also, there was an announcement that this beautiful couple was in the wait of their fifth baby boy on the 13th of May 2016. However, this could not happen as Cayetena suffered from a miscarriage, which led them to lose a five months old baby. 

This beautiful couple is engaged in social work and charity too. They established a foundation named Gordon and Tana Ramsay. This foundation helps to support the children’s charity of the Great Ormond Street Hospital. Until today, Gordon and Tana have a successful married life with no disputes at all. 

Rumors and Controversies of Gordon Ramsay

Although Gordon has a good career in the hospitality industry, he has been reported to be in the limelight because of some hit rumors. He had been in the eyes of everyone because of the incident of the shark finishing. Also, he has got held in talks because of his TV show named Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares. 

Gordon Ramsay

Net Worth

As Gordon Ramsay is a well-known personality in the hotel industry of the world, he has gained a significant amount of money. From his career in the hospitality sector, he has been able to receive substantial payment from it. He has opened restaurants in different places because of which he has gained much fame and has expanded his business. The exact amount of his monthly income is not into the disclosure. In his lifetime, Godan has already collected about 190 million dollars from his hotel management career. 

Body Measurements and Statistics

Gordon is a man with dignity and an excellent body appearance. These self-made human beings stand tall with about 6 feet and 2 inches in height. The weight of this popular man is about 82 kilograms. He has not said about his shoe size and body size, but he has blue eyes and light brown hair. 

Social Media and Fan Followers of Gordon Ramsay

As Gordon is one of the trending figures of the United Kingdom, he has been active in different platforms of social sites. He has been highly promoting his business through social networking sites. Gordon Ramsay is keen on Twitter, with more than 8 million fans. Also, he has a pleasant amount of more than 9K followers on his Facebook account. He also has more than 11K followers on Instagram. As Gordan is active in Youtube too, he has gained about 11 Million subscribers. He posts a video about receipts on food in his Youtube videos. 


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