Gina Kimmel: Biography, Net Worth, Career, Age, Rumors


Gina Kimmel was born on 13th December 1964 in the United States of America. She was born in Hoffman Estates, which is a village in Illinois, United States. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. She was a well-known TV personality in America, who later turned into an Entrepreneur. Gina Kimmel is one of the most popular costume designers of the American movie industry.

Gina Kimmel

Nationality and Ethnicity

She holds the citizenship of the United States of America and is an American citizen. Hence, her nationality is American. She belongs to white-American ethnicity and from Hoffman ancestry.

Gina Kimmel; Education History

Gina Kimmel was a talented and creative student in her school. She was highly confident and was very active. With an alluring personality and creative mind, she attended Northern Illinois University in 1983. She then graduated from there in 1985.

After completing her graduation in Business and History from Northern Illinois University, she attended Arizona State University to study Communications and Journalism. She successfully graduated from there in 1988 after completing her bachelor’s degree. In Arizona State University she met her ex-husband, Jimmy Kimmel for the first time and they fell in love.
Hence, she has a good education background.

Gina Kimmel; Relationship Status

While Gina attended her high school, she met Jimmy Kimmel. They became good friends at the initials and then got into a romantic relationship. At a young age, they had a beautiful relationship, and they decided to marry. Jimmy Kimmel was a popular American TV host. This lovely couple got married on the 25th of June 1998, and their marriage was very low-key as they invited their close ones only. Gina Kimmel was in her early 20s at the time she got married as her mother inspired her.

After two years of their married life, they a baby girl in 1991. She was named Katherine Kimmel. Soon, she got another child who was a baby boy, and they called him, Kevin Kimmel. Both Gina and Jimmy had a good married life. Their happiness was at a satisfactory point, and they enjoyed each other’s company. No rumors had been there about their disappointment in marriage, but this couple decided to end up after 15 years of their marriage. As they were not on good terms, they parted in 2002. Their fans got heartbreak after they ended.

After they separated legally, Jimmy Kimmel started dating Sarah Silverman, who is a comedian. Gina was romantically involved with a boy named ‘Chris Jones.’ Gina Kimmel and Chris Jones often share pictures on Instagram.

Rumors and Controversy

She had not faced any suggestions or controversies until she dated Jimmy Kimmel. Her professional and private life was very decent. But, after she separated with Jimmy, she had to face many rumors and controversies. Gina and Jimmy had to separate because of Jimmy’s new boyfriend, Sarah Silverman. After their separation, she had to face the custody of two children. She had to face a lot of questions and had to give answers to all the rumors. But, she put on a brave face and was able to handle it bravely.

Also, her new relationship with Chris Jones has put her into scandals. She was a famous personality, and Chris Jones was not accessible. So, she had to dace a lot of criticisms for dating a normal man after being very popular.

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Gina Kimmel; Social Media Reach

In the initials, she was not in any social media platform. She was known to be a private person who focuses on her career and who did not interact with any other people without a proper reason. Being a determined fashion designer and a TV personality, she had to come to the social media platform to give her works a new turn.

So, she was active on Instagram. Her Instagram account has over one thousand followers, and she posts recently on it. Also, she keeps on posting about her new life. She posts pictures with her new boyfriend, Chris Jones and shows how happy she is with him. This lady does not have any other social media accounts except Instagram, and she is not active on Facebook and Twitter.

Gina Kimmel; Family Life

She has not revealed about her family life. So, her parents are unknown. No information about her father and mother is known to the public people. But, she has two children in her family. She had to keep her two children after she got divorced with her ex-husband.

Early Childhood

Gina Kimmel has not revealed about her family and not about her parents too. She is very private and enjoys keeping her personal life confidential. So, her early life and childhood are still not known.

Body Measurements

Gina Kimmel is simply stunning and beautiful. She has a professional personality and is very hard working. With blue eyes, she can catch the hearts of many. Also, her brown hair suits her face, and she looks as gorgeous as ever. This pretty lady has a perfect height, but her actual measurement of height is not there.

Along with her height, she has a perfect body too. She has a slim structure, which is excellent. No more information about her weight and body measurements has come to the disclosure.


She began her career through acting. At her initial stage of career, she first played essential roles in movies like The Man Show in 199. As the film was super hit, she directly got fame. This fame she received pulled her to get more opportunities. After that, she appeared in two movies “Party Like the Rich and Famous “ and “Party Like the Queen of France.” With these movies, she was successful in gaining the fame of being a successful TV personality.

Also, she worked as a freelance costume designer. Because she was highly active in the American film industry, it was easy for her to give continuation to her business. She opened her brand of Lingerie and nightwear named “Maddy James Inc.” This business first started in Chicago, and now she can produce a range of good quality vintage nightgowns. Her inspiration was a bygone era from the 1920s to 1960s. Public benefit corporation “Kickstarter” highly funded this company. She was able to raise a handsome amount of money through it.

Moreover, the nightgowns and the lingerie she produces was of affordable price, good quality, and easy going design. Hence, she was able to open different ventures. She first started in Chicago, and then she studied fashion at “Harper College” in Palatine and formed a company called James Maddy named after her father. This young lady was able to get the fame and name because of the American TV shows, and later she was successful in her career as a fashion designer.

Net Worth

Gina Kimmel is a well known American personality. She is a TV personality and also an entrepreneur who has her costume designs of lingerie and vintage night dress. She started her career in the movie industry and gained a lot of popularity. Her acting was real and super cool. With this, she was able to attract many people. Movies like, The Man Show, Party Like the Rich and Party Like the Queen of France are her two favorite movies which could give her many fans following.

Her prime source of income is costume designing. Estimates show that the average salary of custom designs for any movie ranges from about 50 thousand dollars to ninety thousand dollars. As she is a well-known costume designer, her basic salary is high. Also, because she worked on various Television programs, she was able to make a significant amount of money.

Moreover, being the owner of Maddy James Inc, she can earn a lot. This business has made her gain a substantial amount of profit as she has a venture in Chicago and also sells from her website. She has two Bengal cats and Chihuahua, who are both expensive. Her estimated net worth is on six figures.


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