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Today we talk about Erdenetuya Seagal, someone who is famous not by herself but because someone they link to. It is not something uncommon that some people get famous because of their career line: actors, magicians, comedians, politicians, and mostly those who are in the entertainment field. They all do their part in working really hard and building a foundation for their career.

During that time, these people also gather a lot of attention and my attention, we mean fame. Famous actors, musicians are people that everybody admires because they contribute to a bigger cause of reaching out to people in different forms. Whether it is through acting or a particular song that a musician writes. If it connects and people like it, they become famous.

Erdenetuya Seagal

Similarly, there are also a lot of people who are famous because of their link to this kind of prosperous and famous people. We have someone who shares a similar case. As mentioned earlier, today, we will be talking about the person who is famous but not on their own. She is famous because she links to someone famous. Her name is as mentioned earlier, Erdenetuya Seagal.

So, you are wondering where that last name rings a bell. Definitely, many of you do not know who Erdenetuya Seagal is, and that is very natural. Erdenetuya is not an actress or anyone involved in politics, so there is a big chance many might not know her. But, all that will change today. To clear up the confusion, Erdenetuya is the wife of famous actor Steven Seagal. Now you know who she is.

Without any further, let’s discover more things about Erdenetuya. We shall know about her personal as well as professional life right here.

Erdenetuya Seagal

Erdenetuya Seagal Early Life

Wife of Steven Seagal, Erdenetuya Seagal was born somewhere in the 1980-1990s and in Mongolia. Her parents are native Mongolian people, and she grew up with her parents. Born in Mongolia, Erdenetuya shares Asian ethnicity and spiritually connected to her Asian heritage and culture.

Because of her Asian ancestry and the people usually remaining less speaking, Erdenetuya is also very secretive about her private matters and does not reveal much about her family life and other stuff. She keeps all details about her early family a sworn secret and does not really talk about it publically.

This privacy also leads to uncertainty about her family tree. We currently do know if she has any siblings or not. While any information regarding her parents remains unrevealed, the information about other children they produced during their marriage also remains a subject of mystery.

As a child, the concept of dancing to music fascinated Seagal, and it attracted her in ways that other hobbies could not. To get good at dancing, Erdenetuya joined dance classes at the Children Palace located in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. There, she started learning dance from professional and started getting rather good at it.

Erdenetuya Seagal Education

Erdenetuya began focusing on her dancing line from a very young age. As a child, Erdenetuya went to the nearest local high school called Mongolian Children Palace, where she studies very deductively and sincerely. Seagal also managed to become one of the most sincere and obedient students of her batch and teachers at school seemed to like her very much also. While learning dancing there, Erdenetuya also graduated with fair marks.

Unfortunately, after Erdenetuya graduated, there remains virtually no evidence that she continued with her studies and went to college later. Since she has not talked about education extensively, we remain uncertain that if Seagal even went to college and graduated with higher degrees like bachelor’s or masters or not. As of now, Seagal remains only high school graduate. Until the day she says. Otherwise, we cannot say anything for certain.

Name Erdenetuya Seagal
Date of birth 1980-1981
Birthplace Mongolia
Ethnicity Asian
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Profession Translator
Married Yes
Nationality Mongolian
Birth sign N/A
Measurement N/A
Net Worth N/A


Personal Life

When you look at Erdenetuya, it is natural for you to fall in love, but alas, anyone who ever dreamed of becoming her lover or possibly her husband is destined for disappointment. You see, as we mentioned before, Erdenetuya is married, and she is famous as the wife of famous Hollywood actor Steven Seagal.

Yes, the same Steven Seagal who appeared in legendary movies like Above the Law, Under Siege, Hard to Kill and many others. However, apart from that, how the couple met for the first time is something that is more interesting. In 2001, Steven visited Mongolia for some work related stuff.

Since he did not know the language, he hired an interpreter. She was none other than Erdenetuya. She was young and beautiful in 2001; not meaning to say that she is not anymore but you get the point. While on the job, Erdenetuya got to talk more and get to know each other, and there were definite sparks between them.

Soon, both professed love for each other and started dating. For both Steven and her, this was a new thing because both came from drastically different places and did not have anything in common other than English language and love. While dating, Erdenetuya worked as Seagal’s assistant so that they could remain together.

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After dating for over half a decade, Steven and Erdenetuya married each other in a very close and intimate ceremony in the United States of America. Both their families attended the wedding, and everyone merged together as one for the couple. Later, they gushed about how perfectly everything went.

From their marriage, the Seagal couple welcomed a child together. Their son was born on September 17, 2009, and his name is Kunzang Seagal. There are no reports about divorce at the moment, and Erdenetuya and Steven live very happily.

Erdenetuya Seagal Career

As she started getting very good at dancing, Erdenetuya started thinking about a possible career as a professional dancer and began preparing for it. After successfully completing her professional dancing course, Seagal started dancing professionally and established herself as one of the most talented dancers in her locality.

As people started talking about it more and more, her fame rose, and soon she became one of the top dancers in Mongolia. Erdenetuya started participating in major dance shows, and programs and her fame kept on growing. With experience also as a ballroom dancer, Erdenetuya managed to establish herself as a very prominent figure in Mongolia.

While pursuing a career as a dancer, Erdenetuya got an offer to serve as an interpreter to, you guessed it. Steven Seagal. That is how Erdenetuya met her husband for the first time, as we mentioned earlier. In 2001, she started serving as an interpreter to Seagal, and things started working well for her.

However, at the moment, Erdenetuya is very reserved about her career and does not talk about what she is doing at the moment. She keeps quiet about her professional affair at the moment, and the silence grew more after her marriage with Seagal. Maybe, Erdenetuya quit working altogether.

Net Worth

As we have already discussed, Erdenetuya had a pretty prolific career as a professional dancer. She competed in many dance competitions and did various shows which garnered with fame and fortune. However, her net worth at the moment remains well hidden, and she does not talk about it much often.

We also mentioned earlier that she might have stopped working altogether. Do you know why we said so? Because her husband is very rich. As a famous Hollywood actor, Seagal has played roles in many movies and TV shows so far, and he still earns hefty amounts.

At the moment, Steven Seagal has a massive net worth of $16 million, and that is not all. Stevena and his wife share a whopping $3.5 million worth house up in Montana. Steven and Erdenetuya live a very lavish life, one that most people only dream of. However, despite having all the riches in the world, the Seagal couple remains humble.

Erdenetuya Seagal Social Reach

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