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Elle Duncan gets everyone right where it feels. She is the famous ESPN journalist who one got herself arrested for drinking and driving. But don’t let that incident become your final judgment towards her because she has a lot to offer on your plate. She carries out her work so effortlessly that it makes people wonder if journalism is even that hard.

Well, it is. Even if you ask the veterans, they will say that journalism requires a lot more than just a smart mouth. Well, with her immaculate charm, Elle brings out the best to ESPN and makes news a lot more interesting. We sure want it to become more interesting. Moreover, Elle is also among the most likes female journalist of all time.

Elle Duncan

But this is all in front of the camera and fans already see much of that. What they do not see is Elle Duncan behind the camera in her actual day to day life. Tell us, how much do you know about Elle Duncan already? Not much, we presume. But don’t fret and start biting off your nails just yet.

Feel saved because you are already here. We will now talk about Elle Duncan off the grind and have a close look inside her life to find never known facts. Here, you will find everything about her marital life, the drinking and driving scenario, and her family. Along with all this, we will also extensively talk about her career. Call this a comprehensive bio if you will.

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Elle Duncan Personal Life, Husband

So, we vouched to tell you all about Elle Duncan’s life behind the camera and rest assured, after you are through this post, there won’t be a thing about Elle that you do not know about. As charming as Elle is on the camera, she carries the same personality behind the camera as well.

For everyone who wants to date this beautiful woman, we are sorry to break it up to you, but Elle is already married. That is right. Sorry to pop the hot air balloon you were riding, but it is the truth. So who exactly did Elle marry? His name is Omar Abdul Alion. The couple met for the first time years ago.

After dating for a couple of years, the couple finally got married on July 9, 2016. For a long time, Duncan worked so hard that she did not have a life outside of the work. Every day, all she did was work and work; however, as she revealed in an interview, her way of life changed after she got married to husband Omar.

Omar became a resting stone for Elle and a rock for her. After getting married, Elle started to relax more and put work at the workplace. She started making her relationship a priority. Elle says that her husband Omar does not care about the working Elle Duncan and only cares about for who she really is.

Elle Duncan


In 2017, the married couple received one of the most exciting and happy news of their lives. Elle became pregnant for the first time. During her pregnancy, Elle learned many new things, and one of them was how she had the urge to check everything more than once before actually doing it.

She Googled queries after queries on if burgers are healthy or not and also if she should take Advils to cure a headache. She acknowledged this is one of the few things people overlook during pregnancy, and these are also the small things that are tough. Duncan said that her pregnancy gave her a new purpose.

On July 25, 2018, Elle and husband Omar welcomed their first child, a daughter into their lives. They decided to call her Eva. Eva arrived at six pounds and 10 ounces and 19 inches.

Currently, the family of three are living very happily in the United States of America.


Elle’s career in journalism started when she graduated from college and started working at V-103 radio. At a very young and fruity age of 22, she worked alongside radio veteran Ryan Cameron. Elle said that she never really saw herself on the radio in the future but she too V-103 because she could not let go of the opportunity to work beside Ryan Cameron.

From him, Elle learned a lot about story-telling techniques along with a way to keep the audience engaged and interested for a prolonged period. Elle, who already established a very good relationship with Ryan asked him to set her up as a sideline reporter for Atlanta Hawks as then reporter Rashan Ali took a maternity leave.

She got the job and became one of the newest and youngest in-game reporters for Atlanta Hawks. Her performance as a sideline reporter gathered her a lot of recognition. She then left reporting for Atlanta Hawks and joined  11Alive, a local NBC affiliate in Atlanta as a reporter.

The network refused to hire her as a sports reporter, so she did it for free while taking a job as a traffic reporter. While she worked with the NBC affiliate, her ultimate goal became entering ESPN network for there, Elle was sure she could secure a position as a sports reporter. Finally, she managed to join ESPN in 2016.

Elle Duncan
Bristol, CT – October 5, 2016 – Studio X: Elle Duncan on the set of SportsCenter
(Photo by Joe Faraoni / ESPN Images)

ESPN and DUI Arrest

While working for ESPN, Duncan became one of the most sought after a female journalist. The fame also got her the title of the most influential women in Atlanta for 2013. This called for a celebration, and she drank to the occasion. It was April 28, and while Elle was driving back home, police authorities checked for DUI, and the meter went above the legal alcohol limit.

The Georgia police arrested Elle for DUI, and she paid the fees and got out. This incident she calls one of those events that the people who hated her used against her. But, she did not try to suppress this, and publically acknowledged her arrest. She shared her apologetic concerns on for drinking and driving and admitted that she consumed a tad bit more than recommended.

Onwards the DUI arrest, Elle reportedly donated to an organization called Mothers Against Drunk Driving or M.A.D.D. She also thanked the network for understanding the situation and not taking any action towards her.

Bio, Age

American journalist Elle Duncan was born in 1983, as Lauren “Elle” Duncan in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America. Elle attended the McEachern High School and graduated from there. She later went on to join the University of Georgia, and from there, she graduated with a degree in Journalism.

From a very young age, Elle always loved sports, and the concept of it fascinated her very much. Her fascination for sports led her towards journalism with the hopes that she could pursue reporting sports and turn that into a career. Elle also has another talent that she often than not showcases.

She is a very good singer. Her family has a very diverse taste in music, as she mentioned in an interview. Her parents influenced her with different genres of music, which inspired Elle to learn more about music. In her journey, she participated in musical theatre and other school programs.

Her vocal talent progressed throughout the years, which also got her a record deal at the age of 18 when she was still in high school. Although the deal lasted for a very short time, she got something more important, and that is confidence. Elle also performed at a club called Chili Pepper in Buckhead, however, her performance which included backup dancers blew miserably.

But she did not give up on singing and once went viral for doing walk-up songs and putting it on the internet. The video just included her at the anchor desk with other crew members and singing a song. As claimed, Elle still irritated her friends and family with her singing, but we all know that she is actually a great singer.


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