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It takes a lot of work for anybody and anyone in the world to become famous and learn new things simultaneously as well. For that, it required a set of intelligence and charm like no other, and not many people have that as well. Because of that, those people who have it already are so precious, and people love them so much as well. One of that kind of people is the man we are talking about today. He, during his lifetime, has achieved so much that we cannot refrain from talking about it all. His name is Ed O Neill.

Ed is the name that most of you must already be familiar with because he makes everyone laugh till their stomach hurts and portrays characters beautifully. More to that, Ed, in general, is also a very nice and kind man who loves the people who love him back like his fans. Because of this particular factor, there are a lot of people out there who are always on the lookout to learn many things about this man and also furthermore as well. Here, we acknowledge all the requests. But before that, let’s give other people a little glimpse of him.

Ed O Neill

If you already do not know about Ed here, you are missing out on a lot of entertainment in life. But don’t despair just yet because here, we get you back on horseback. Ed as you already figured out from everything that we mentioned, an actor and also a comedian as well. Most of his fans see him as a comedian who makes excellent jokes and banters but others also recognize him as an actor as well. How you might want to know this man remains in your hand.

Here, we learn more about Ed and his life.

Ed O Neill Early Life

The amazing actor and muti-talented personality who appeared in a famous sitcom-like Married with Children, Ed O Neill, was born on April 12, 1946. Ed was born in Youngstown, Ohio, United States of America. At the moment, Ed is already 73 years old and that is an interesting fact about Ed.

Why the fact that Neill is already 73 years old an interesting fact about him is because no one in their right minds thinks about how this man can be in his mid-70s already and why he does not look that old as well. Because if you see Ed at the moment, he is full of energy and filled with the same enthusiasm as well.

Talking about his childhood, Ed was born as Edward Leonard O Neill. But because of professional reasons, Ed shortened his first name, got rid of his middle name, and came with this current name now. Ed was born and grew up in a family that belonged to the Irish-American Catholic religious beliefs.

As a child, Ed always remained very religious, and like most of his family members, he began growing more religious and resting his faith in God. This belief has helped Ed move forward in life in several cases. As a child, Ed wasn’t a shy kid but never really came as a loud one as well.

Ed O Neill Family, Childhood

As a young boy, Ed was born to father Edward Phillip O Neill and mother Ruth Ann, who previously bore the surname Quinlan. Both of Ed’s parents come from different backgrounds, but despite that, the whole family is a mix of two different and very pristine backgrounds.

Ed’s family is a mixture of Irish and American, which makes them Irish-American, and on the religious side, they are Catholic and raised that way as well. Ed’s father Edward Phillip ONeill worked as a truck driver and also worked as a Steel Mill Worker as well. During his lifetime, Edward Phillip jumped from one to the other career paths.

On the other hand, his mother, Ruth Ann, worked as a homemaker and also as a social worker as well. His mother Ruth Ann liked helping better causes and always made sure that she help people in need as well. While the family did not consider themselves financially stable, things were not that bad either.

Talking about family, Ed does not have any brother or sister or any kind of siblings of his own blood. At the moment, we believe that Ed is the only child of his parents, and because of that as well, he received undivided love from both his parents as well.

Ed O Neill

Ed O Neill Education

Despite not having a strong and stable financial backbone, ed’s parents, Edward Phillips and Ruth Ann, always believed one thing. They believed that education creates a path for a better life and that they wanted that path for their child Ed as well. As a result, Ed enrolled in a nice elementary school.

While at elementary school, Ed began adapting the habit of going to school and actually enjoying the routine in general as well. This made his parents happy and added to it when he graduated and got out of high school with great marks as well. As a result of his great marks, Ed enrolled at a high school.

Because his parents did not want Ed traveling far away from to go to school, they enrolled him at Ursuline High School. After enrolling at the Ursuline High School, Ed began studying and making himself comfortable at high school. However, after sometime, Ed transferred to Worthington High School.

While at Ursuline High School, Ed got into the school football team and began playing for the school team. His skills improved as a football player, and that is also what caused his transfer to Worthington High School. While at Worthington High School, Ed won a football scholarship.

Because of the football scholarship, Ed managed to get into the Ohio University where he particularly focused on History and the Delta Tau Delta fraternity. From Ohio State University, Ed transferred to Youngstown State University and began playing there as well.

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Personal Life

In Hollywood, faithful men are very hard to come by, and that does not happen a lot of time either. Most of the time, we see and hear the marriage of famous celebrities failing and them getting married to new people, multiple times. But what about Ed here? Is he the kind of guy whose marriages do not last as well.

On the contrary, everything is oppsite when it comes to Ed’s personal life. Back in 1986, Ed married a woman named Catherine Rusoff. Talking more about Catherine, she is a fellow actress as well who is immensely talented and always remained devoted to her profession as well.

After marrying back in 1986, Ed and Catherine welcomed two beautiful daughters in their life and named them gracefully as well. At the moment, the whole family lives in Los Angeles, where they have a massive home to themselves. There also do not remain any rumors about a divorce between the couple at the moment.

Ed O Neill Career

Before Ed began his career as a comedian or as an actor, he pursued a career in football itself. As an avid football player, Ed scored a major point in his college games. While his time in high school and university as well, Ed played football and always remained on top of his game as well.

While in Youngtown State Univeristy, Ed reportedly signed as an undrafted free agent. However, O Neill did not make it past the training camp selection. After let loose by the Steelers from training camp, Neill went back to the Youngstown State University, where he sought to enroll in a theatre program.

After enrolling in the university’s theatre program, Ed appeared in stage for the first time portraying the character of a boxer in the Broadway play called Knockout. During his performance at the stage, William Friedkin, a director by profession, saw his raw talent and contacted him.

Follwing that encounter, Ed made his first TV appearance when he appeared alongside Al Pacino as a detective on the call. From then onwards, Ed appeared in an array of moives. The movies include The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, Dutch, Wayne’s World, Little Giants, The Spanish Prisoner, and many others as well.

In 2009, O Neill also appeared in Modern Family, a famous ABC sitcom which resulted in three Primetime Emmy Award nominations for him. Neill’s most recent appearance includes his appearance in Real Husbands of Hollywood, Family Guy, and Weird City as well.

Ed O Neill

Net Worth

For the most part, as far as we’ve seen till now, Ed is a very prominent figure in the industry who has committed most of his career to act. Although first wanted to make a career in football but failed, Ed later chose acting and became quite popular as well. At the moment, Ed has millions of fans out there for him.

Talking about millions, there are other things for Ed that range in the spectrum and that as you already guessed, in his net worth. At the moment, Ed has a massive net worth fo $65 million to his name, and that is still growing as well. With this pace, his most probably will cross the $100 million line very soon.

Name Ed O Neill
Date of birth April 12, 1946
Birthplace Youngstown, Ohio, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 6.1 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Actor
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Aries
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $65 million


Social Reach

Twitter: @ed_neill

Instagram: @_edoneill

Facebook: Ed O Neill


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