Drena De Niro: Relationship, Career, Net Worth, Childhood, Awards


Drena De Niro, who is the birth daughter of actress Diahnne Abbott and adoptive daughter of Robert De Niro is a famous actress and a producer. She got her last name by her adoptive father Robert De Niro after he married her mother in 1976. Drena was born on the 3rd of September 1967 in New York City, New York, the United States of America. Her zodiac sign is Virgo. The name of her birth father is not known.

When it comes to her ethnicity, she belongs to the mixed ethnicity. Her ethnicity is a mixture of African, Creole, and Antiguan. Her nationality is American. She is well known for being a former actress, producer, DJ, model, and a fashion consultant. Famous for her acting in the comedy-drama ‘Grace of My Heart’ she has worked in many movies. So, she is one of the stars of the entertainment industry.

Drena De Niro

Family of Drena De Niro

The family of Drena De Niro is right. But she did not have any chance to spend her childhood with her real dad. Her mother and her father divorced when she was tiny, and she had to pay for her childhood days with her adoptive father. She gained her surname from her adoptive father as well. Talking about her siblings, she has five siblings altogether. Her mother Diane Abbott is an actress. The name of her siblings is; Helen Grace Niro, Raphel De Niro, Elliot De Niro, Julian De Niro, and Aaron Kendrick De Niro. With her siblings, she spent a good life as they got strongly bonded to one another.


The history of her education status is a mystery. She has not still disclosed anything related to her academic and educational status. Her school and high school is not into the disclosure.

Childhood and Early days

Drena De Niro has said a few things about her parents and her siblings to the general people. But, other than that she has not let people know anything about her childhood days.


On discussing her professional life, she had a fabulous career. She began her professional experience in the fashion industry as a gorgeous model, which further led her to become a consultant in terms of fashion for many celebrities of Hollywood. Besides that, she had an incredible career as a disk jockey. Talking more about her career, Giorgio Armani, one of the very famous designers, selected her for his fashion events as the musical supervisor.

Moreover, she worked with her father multiple times. ‘Wag the Dog’ was the very first film in which they worked together as a team in the year 1997. Likewise, they continued their work in many nostalgic films such as ‘Showtime’ which got released in 2002, ‘Great Expectations’ in 1998, ‘New year’s eve’ in 2011, ‘Joy’ in 2015, ‘City by the Sea’ in the year 2002, ‘The intern’ in the year 2015, ‘Hands of stone’ in the year 2016 and so on.

In Bruno de Almeida’s ‘on the run’ she got cast alongside John Ventimiglia and Micheal Imperioli. In addition to this, she continued to appear insignificant but small roles in many movies throughout the 2000s. She was also a producer for the Indian family play ‘Karma, confessions and holy’ in the year 2009.

Furthermore, in 1998, she debuted in the small screen with the crime drama ‘witness to the mob’ which got made for television. In brief, she has done considerable stage tasks. So, she certainly struggled a lot to make her career shine. She is determined and makes sure that her career is good and is still working for its betterment.

The net worth of Drena De Niro

Drena De Niro worked in various fields. She had a good income from all her professions. Although her salary and her net worth are not sure, people still assume her to be very rich. As per the Payscale, any actor earns for about 20 dollars per hour and 50,300 dollars per year. She worked as a DJ; her annual income was very high too. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, she the average salary of disc jockeys was 26,850 dollars in which some people earned less than 10 percent and which others earned about more than 70,000 dollars. By calculating the average wage of a DJ and an actor, media expect her to make quite a lot.

Moreover, talking about the average earning of any model, any model in America earns about 20 dollars per hour, which makes more than 4K dollars annually. With the dedication she had on her work, she was able to obtain a significant amount. In total, her net worth is more than millions, and she lives a luxurious life.

Body Measurement and Status

Pretty and beautiful both, Drena De Niro is adorable. She is well known for modeling, which makes sure that her facial and bodily features were alluring. No one can be a model without proper appearance. With a beautiful pair of dark brown eyes on her face, she carries black hair, which makes her shine. She is in her fifties and still, makes an eye-catching appearance while she appears on the public. Looking at her body statistics, she is slim, and her thin body makes her look height. No information concludes the exact measure of her stature. But, she looks quite tall. Also, there is no information regarding her dress and her shoe size.

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Social Media

She does not like the world of social media. So, she is not active in any of the social media platforms. Carrying no official account of any social media in her name, she does not use the popular press like; Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Hence, she is free of any social media and does not need to post regularly got updated with her fans.

Lifetime Achievements and Awards received

Drena De Niro is a multitalented lady. She has not only worked in the acting field but has contributed a lot in other areas too. Working as a DJ, producer, and a model, she has achieved many fans in her life. Being specific to the award that she has received, she received the award for Best Directional Debut which got for Documentary Award for Independent Film and Video Festival at the New York in 2001.

Rumors Faced until today

There are no controversies about her professional life as she is deserving in all her professions. Well known for being a DJ, a model, a producer and an actor she has performed all her roles in the right way. There is no rumor of this actress misbehaving or treating others deficient in the set of her other works. However, she once faced the news that she chased down her ex-fiance, Austin in the street. According to the stories, she started hitting him and also ripped his shirt while he was with his dog. Hence, this was a big stain on her reputation.

Drena De Niro; Relationship Status

Drena De Niro got engaged with an American photographer called Austin Young. They shared a beautiful bond before they got engaged, and also their relationship lasted for a few years after they got engaged. She had her first child, who was a son named Leandro De Niro Rodriguez with Austin. Their relationship was strong and was ongoing despite everything. But, as Drena’s father did not approve of her relationship with Austin, she was compelled to leave him. So, they got separated. Despite their separation, they have not revealed anything about their relationship.

However, she got the blames for assaulting her finance, Austin in New York City in the year 2011. While Austin took his dog out for a walk, Drena rushed over him and started to punch him. This incident got witnessed by someone, and the witness described that Austin chased after his dog, and Drena was chasing after Austin in the street. While she was chasing him, she was hitting him and ripping his shirt as well.


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