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Legends often remain very underrated in this world but not everyone shares the same fate. There are some people around the world who manage to make the most out of their hard work. These manage to become so much famous that even when people volunteer rally wants to forget them, they cannot seem to do so. Who are these kinds of people? One of them is Tupac, Michael Jackson and many others. While Michael Jackson and Tupac do not remain with us at the moment, there is one person who does, and her name is Dolly Parton. Learning about her and Dolly Parton net worth as well.

Dolly Parton

For most people, Parton is not a very new name as it holds a special place in everyone’s hearts and minds. Her music is something that kept a lot of people going on in their lives for so long. There are many things that describe Dolly, and what she does perfectly, and one of those things is the word perfect. That is right. While this may sound and seem like we are excessively and aggressively exaggerating about Dolly here, this remains as a truth.

Do we hear some of you out there complaining about it? Well, if that is the case then we definitely believe that you do not remain familiar with Dolly and work like most people do. Well, let us enlighten you about something things regarding Dolly here. For starters, Dolly is an extremely fantastic singer. Moreover, Dolly is a multi-instrumentalist personality, an actress, businesswoman, and record producer as well. With all of these titles under her belt, Dolly sure is a very amazing personality.

In this post, we talk more about Dolly’s professional life as well as his personal life as well. What are the things that you need to learn about Parton shall end here.

Dolly Parton Early Life

Multi-talented personality and one of the most influential personality in music industry and outside, Dolly Parton was born on January 19, 1946. Parton was born in Pittman Center, Tennesse, United States of America, and at the moment, Dolly is already 74 years old. However, even at this age, Dolly manages to make the most out of everything.

Standing very healthy and in full functioning manner even at the age of 74 is something that everyone aspires to do so. Parton manages to show the same enthusiasm that she possessed several years ago, and there’s one another interesting fact. Parton, even to this day is grabbing awards like a Rockstar.

For anyone who is either young or old, Dolly only has a simple recipe for all the energy and everlasting persona that she has. Dolly believes in living a very fulfilling life altogether. Eating the right food and indulging in exercise is one thing, but Dolly lives a happy life. This is more important than anything.

Other facts about Dolly include trivia. According to her birth details, Dolly was born on January 19 which means she shares zodiac sign of Capricorn. Capricorns often have the reputation of being one of the most hard-working, among other zodiac signs. This holds true for Dolly because, without hard work, success like hers barely comes along.

On this route, we aim learning more about Dolly and making sure we do not miss anything. In that pursuit, we learn more about Dolly’s early childhood as well.

Dolly Parton Family, Parents, Father, Mother

Parton, a famous country singer, who was born on January 19, 1946, was born to father Robert Lee Parton Sr. and mother, Avie Lee Caroline. Avie Lee Caroline, before marrying Parton’s father Robert Lee Parton Sr., went known by the last name Owens. Both of Parton’s parents loved each other very much.

The world knows Dolly by the name Dolly Parton, but that is not all there is about Dolly. For anyone who already does not know, Dolly has a full name that most people already do not know about. Dolly’s parents named her Dolly Rebecca Parton. The middle name Rebecca for Dolly comes from the name of her great-great-grandmother from her maternal side.

Talking about her family, Dolly comes from a very large family. Her parents, Robert Lee Parton Sr and Avie Lee Caroline, welcomed a total of 12 children together. Dolly is the fourth among all of her 12 siblings. The whole family lived on a small farm that farmed Tobacco and other items initially.

Because of the fact that Avie Lee gave birth to so many children, her health status deteriorated over the years. However, she did not practically show her weaker side to her family and kept on looking after all the children. While living in the small tobacco farm initially, the whole family later made a move to Locust Ridge.

Her father, Robert Lee, worked as a preacher in a local church, and that way earned livelihood for the whole family. Her mother often looked after the house. Despite health issues, Avie Lee Caroline outlived her husband by three years as she died in 2003, and Robert Lee died on 2000.

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton Education

For most Americans these days, Education is something that plays a very massive role in evolving their children into better people. This is something that many find very hard to argue about. However, back in the days, only the people with influence had the opportunity to go to schools.

But despite all the adversities, Dolly managed to her fair share of everything. Dolly who came from a relatively poor family at a very young age went to a local elementary school as a child. When everything seemed dark for the family financially, Dolly’s parents still managed to send children to school.

At the elementary school, Dolly would sometimes demonstrate her beautiful singing abilities. However, since a place fully dedicated to education, Dolly began her educational journey and started studying. After a couple of years, her elementary school education came to an end.

After getting through with elementary school, Dolly moved towards joining high school. Parton’s father Robert Lee Parton enrolled Dolly at the Sevier County High School, and there Dolly continued her further education. After several years, Dolly graduated from Sevier County High School in 1964.

However, since Dolly began getting serious about pursuing career in music, she left her education right there and began continuing her career in music.

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Dolly Parton Net Worth, Married, Husband

In the glamour industry, most people tend to have relationships that break and make over the years. However, Dolly is quite different in all regards. For more than 5 decades now, she only has an eye for one man and th,at is her husband, Carl Thomas Dean. Yes, Dolly is a one man woman with only one married life.

Back in 1966, Dolly and her husband Carl Thomas Dean married each other in Ringgold, Georgia. Talking more about Dean, he previously run a company that looked after asphalt road-paving business. Surprisingly, Dean has managed to remain out of spotlight ht even though Dolly remains a global personality.

The couple also do not have any children of their own but lives a very happy life. Dolly and Carl, most recently in 2016, renewed their vows on the occasion of their 50th marriage anniversary.

Career, Dolly Parton Net Worth Earning

Dolly came from a very poor family during her initial days but at, the moment, Dolly Parton net worth is quite staggering. How did she earn that all? Let’s start from the beginning. Back in the days, Dolly learned a lot from her family when she was a young child.

As a young child, Dolly learned many things about business from her father while the musical part came from her mother’s side. Parton often credits about music to her mother’s family and her maternal uncle named Bill Owens helped her a lot during the initial phases as well.

In the mid-60s, Dolly launched her career as a songwriter while collaborating with her uncle Bill Owens. Bill wrote some of the most faous songs like Put it off Until Tomorrow and Fuel to the Flame. Dolly later associated with Porter Wagoner and saw initial success. In the 70s, Dolly saw many solo hits. For a decade or so, Dolly’s songs became number one on charts as well.

Apart from her career as an artist, Dolly also has a career in acting as well. One of her most renowned work remains when she appeared in a movie called 9-5 in 1980 as a secretary. The movie discussed matters of discrimination towards women in working scenarios.

As of now, Dolly is a proud legend as well. As of now, Dolly is the only woman who has the title of most honored female country performers of all time. With all the fortune and influence Dolly has, she also does philanthropy works as well.

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton Net Worth

As discussed before, Dolly comes from a family that did not have the most amazing and secure financial stability back in the days. Her father Robert, Lee, worked as a preacher and also in construction to support the family. Later on, Dolly began gainig success from her musical career.

By 2017, Dolly became the richest female country singer with a massive net worth of $500 million. Unlike other artists, Dolly Parton Net Worth remains maintained as well. Dolly Parton net worth, which is absolutely huge also helps philanthropy works and makes other people happy as well.

Name Dolly Parton
Date of birth January 19, 1946
Birthplace Pittman Center, Tennessee, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 5 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Singer
Married Yes
Nationality American
Birth sign Capricorn
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $500 million


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Twitter: @DollyParton

Instagram: @dollyparton

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