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How many of you watched The Bernie Mac Show? If you did, then you probably are familiar with of the young characters Bryana Thompson. Yes, the same cute little baby girl who made everyone laugh but at the same time melted hearts with her big cute starry eyes. The young actress who portrayed the role is Dee Dee Davis.

Well, the young baby is not so much of a baby now. She has grown into a beautiful woman now. It just seems like yesterday she appeared on the show but look at her today, she is not a teenager anymore. Which also means she has a personal life now.

Not like she did not have it while she was younger. Who is Dee Dee Davis dating right now? Or is she already married?

Dee Dee Davis

Dee Dee Davis Personal Life

Davis, as discussed before, is not much of a baby now. She has grown into a woman and a damn beautiful one. Thanks to her genes, she had grasped onto the cuteness she had when she was younger. Now, who might be the person calling Dee Dee Davis his ‘boo’?

It is also possible that she has already married, but you surely know if your favorite childhood character married in real life. For all the young and restless boys out there who once had an early crush on Davis when they saw her on TV, she is not single. Sorry.

You heard, right. Dee Dee Davis is not single, and she is in a committed relationship right now. In fact, her relationship gives major couples a run for their money. You might be wondering who she might be dating. His name is Smokey Lee Jackson.

Davis’ Partner

Davis is currently in a relationship with a man named Smokey Lee Jackson and rightly so. The couple looks super cute and complements each other on an extreme level. Young love like these makes people’s heart swell with adoration because it is scarce people finding their soulmate so early.

She and Smokey Lee have been dating for years, and the couple decided that moving towards getting married is the next best thing. So, naturally, they got engaged. However, this came as a surprise to Davis because what is engagement if it is not a surprise.


Smokey caught Davis off guard with the ring and proposed to her. He asked Davis if she would marry him, and undoubtedly, Davis said yes. Such a romantic story. While the couple has not set any wedding date whatsoever, they do not need one to look like a married couple.

Most recently, Davis and Smokey welcomed someone special in their life and changed it forever. It is one of the absolute privileges that any couple can have, and Dee and her fiancé are lucky enough to have witnessed this moment so early in their life.

You may be wondering who that particular person is who managed to change their lives once and for all while they are already engaged and have each other. Well, it is their baby.

Dee Dee Davis

Welcoming The Baby

In June of 2017, Davis and Smokey became parents for the first time when they welcomed their firstborn. The longtime couple, Davis and Smokey welcomed a baby boy and named him Logan Anthony Lee Jackson. The baby boy was born on June 4, 2017, at 5:38 A.M weighing 7 pounds and 6 ounces.

The arrival of their first baby left them overwhelmed with joy, and both were over the moon. As said earlier, they got the privilege to become parents at a very young age. Needless to say, the already cuter couple are now officially one of the cutest family around.

The baby, however, gives us a reminder of little Bryana from the Bernie and Mac Show. Yes, he is that cute and thanks to his parent’s genes, he has that same attractive looks and smile. Logan Anthony Lee Jackson is already almost two years old, and his parents style him. Can’t deny. He looks better than most celebrities these days.

He smiles for the camera often and steals your heart. Yes, that is his sole plan. While we can talk about little Smokey all day long, let’s pan over his father and Davis’ fiancé Smokey Lee.

Who Is Smokey Lee Jackson?

Smokey Lee Jackson is a Hip Hop artist who makes music and aspired to become the greatest and the best in this line of career. While Smokey Lee Jackson is his real name, he is also known as Chief smoker.

By the looks of it, Smokey Lee Jackson is already on his way up and is grabbing success. While many may think he is doing all this for fame and fortune, they are only half right. On his Instagram bio, Smokey says that all of his hard work is for his son Anthony Lee.

Smokey calls his son young king and vouchers to give him the whole world. Now, that is some fatherly love. But, we cannot help but notice that Smokey Lee does not appear on Davis’ social media account. It may be because Smokey does not want attention, but as an artist, he is not someone who is not familiar with the spotlight. What is the reason behind Smokey not appearing on most of Davis’ social media post?

The last picture that Davis’ posted of Smokey is back in 2016. What happened after that? Let’s find out each and everything.

Dee Dee Davis

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Social Media

You can follow Dee Dee Davis on

Twitter: @DeeskiiAlmighty

Instagram: deedeedavis1

Facebook: Dee Dee Davis

Dee Dee Davis Bio

The famous young actress Dee Dee Davis was born on 17 of April 1996 in Culver City, California, United States of America. Currently 22 years old, Davis’ parents are Daryll Davis (father) and Sydney Davis (mother).

Davis has a younger sibling, a sister named Ariel Davis who is also an actress. The fact that both siblings are into the same field of work shows us how influenced both became while watching movies from a very young age. Their parents also loved the idea and always supported their two children.

Davis joined the Rich Central High School in Olympia Fields where she gained her early education. While in high school, Dee also participated in various activities which included acting and drama themes.

After graduating from Rich Central High School, Dee moved to Prairie College, where she further continued her higher education. However, for quite some time, Dee found it hard to balance work and other aspects such as education. But followed by strong enthusiasm to succeed in any field, Dee managed to come on top of it all.

Dee Dee Davis

Dee Dee Davis Net Worth

Her acting career started at a very young age of 5 as Bryana Thompson in 2001. She appeared on the show till 2006. After that, she went on and appeared on House, Strong Medicine. With her earnings as a child actor and other projects, she currently has a net worth of $500 thousand.

However, since Dee is currently active in her career, the numbers will most probably change for good. While Dee does not precisely reveal the amount she earns on an annual basis, we can clearly assume the hard work and the amount she earns.

Dee has taken a break from acting and started doing her own little thing very secretly. When the time comes, we shall know exactly what it is.


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