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Charlie Puth is a singer that people all over the world are familiar with. That half-smile and forever changing style are only a few things that are enough to drive girls crazy and boys too. His music is an anthem for many and sometimes, manages to pick some heartstrings here and there.

He sings songs of different kinds. Starting singing crooning songs, Puth these days is focusing on pop songs that can make almost anyone dance and groove to the beat. While these are the things for which this gorgeous man is known for, his personal life somewhat remains in the shadows.

Charlie Puth

Who is he behind all the music he makes? Does he have someone special for whom he writes all the romantic songs and sings them? This is the personal life details of Charlie Puth.

Charlie Puth Personal Life

Tell us without lying. You would like to date Charlie, don’t you? Well, that is, to be honest, a very natural thing to want. Just imagine, dating one of the most celebrated young artists all over the globe. But snap back to reality. Is it even possible? That is only if Charlie is not dating anyone at the moment.

Sorry to all the girls but your hearts will break after this news. Charlie Puth is currently dating someone. Yes. The artist you so much love is not single and ready to mingle. He is in a committed relationship. Seriously, we did not expect him to be single either because of look at him. Just look at this gorgeous human being.

Dating him would have to be someone equally beautiful and talented because even top models find Charlie out of their league. Come to talk about it; his girlfriend right now is not less than a model herself. Eager to know who Charlie gave his heart to? This is his girlfriend

Charlie Puth Girlfriend

After multiple affairs and rumors which we will talk about in a bit, Charlie rested his heart on Halston Sage, an actress by profession and a beautiful and utterly gorgeous woman. Charlie and Halston make one hell of a couple and fans cannot get enough of them.

While they keep their personal life relatively secret, fans notice each, and every single thing their favorite celebrity does and Charlie and Halston did show the signs of a possible couple. The keen eye of a loyal fan never misses, even the smallest details.

The couple poses for cute pictures together which includes Halston sitting on Puth’s lap and gazing at him in glee. No wonder they look like a married couple.

Who Is Halston Sage?

Halston Sage is an American actress born and raised in America. Now 25, Halston was born on May 10, 1993, in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. She is Jewish and attended The Archer School for Girls.

Unlike other famous actors and actresses, Sage’s career started late as it began in 2011 when she portrayed the role of Grace on Nickelodeon’s series How to Rock. She later appeared on the network’s other projects like Victorious and Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures.

Sage has also appeared in movies like Grown Ups 2, Poker Night, Goosebumps, Before I Fall, You Get Me. In 2016, Halston joined the cast of sci-fi dramedy series called The Orville as Alara Kitan. However, she left the cast as of January of 2019.

Charlie Puth Previous Affairs

The perks of being famous and undeniably handsome are that you never have to stay single for an extended period because everyone has their eye on you. From actress to models, no matter who they are, one look at Puth can melt their hearts like a candle.

Danielle Campbell

Needless to say, Charlie had some affairs previously before meeting Halston. In 2018, Charlie reportedly dated Danielle Campbell. That name sounds familiar? It is because she also dated Louis Tomlinson, the beautiful singer from one direction before the boy band broke.

People started noticing something fishy between these two when Charlie shared a picture of him and Danielle but later quickly deleted it. In that picture, he was Facetiming with Danielle.

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Selena Gomez

Next up, he also reportedly dated Selena Gomez. Yes, the same Selena who once dated Baby singer Justin Bieber. Justin is currently married to Hailey Rhode Bieber. In 2016, Charlie hinted that he and Selena were a thing and briefly dated.

Did he dedicate the song We Don’t Talk Anymore to Selena after the couple split and went their separate ways? He revealed that the fling was very short but very impactful and left him all messed up.

Bella Thorne

Charlie also dated Bella Thorne according to what tabloids claim. The couple reportedly kissed while on a beach after Bella broke up with her boyfriend, Tyler Posey. But it was all false at the end as the picture that allegedly claimed Bella and Charlie’s kissing was an old one where Bella was kissing her boyfriend, Tyler.

Things went sideways between Bella and Charlie for he made a tweet during the rumors which showcased Bella as a cheater.

Megan Trainor

While performing at the American Music Awards, Charlie kissed his co-performer like it was his first and last kiss. The co-performer was Megan Trainor. Fans lost their minds on the sudden and public PDA; however, Charlie later confirmed the speculation was false, and they were just friends.

But that still does not explains that massive kiss. Well, Puth stated that it was just for a publicity stunt.

Madison Grace

In 2015, Charlie dated Madison Grace. This beautiful girl starred in his music video for Suffer, a song that included very steamy shots of the couple. Naturally, everyone hopped on the bandwagon singing they were a couple. The fact that none of them have said anything on that matter seals the deal. They were dating.

Pratika Swarup

Before Charlie rose to fame and his songs hit the Billboards, he reportedly dated model Pratika Swarup. The couple has some pictures of them together what seems like cuddling. But neither Pratika nor Charlie have ever talked about their fling.

Social Media

You can follow Charlie Puth on

Twitter: @charlieputh

Instagram: @charlieputh

Facebook: Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth Age, Bio

American singer Charlie Puth was born on December 2, 1991, in Rumson, New Jersey, United States of America. He is currently 27. Initially, he rose to fame from his cover songs on YouTube on his channel called CharlieVlogs.

Charlie went to Berklee College of Music and studied there in full scholarship. His scar on the right eyebrow came from a fatal dog-bite when he was just two years old.

He grabbed the attention of Ellen DeGeneres, and she signed him in his record label Eleven in 2011. While he released EP and extended music play under Ellen’s record label, he later left the label.

Charlie Puth Net Worth

Charlie went on to sign a deal with Atlantic in 2015, and the same year, he put out his debut single Marvin Gaye featuring Megan Trainor. He also wrote and co-produced song See you Again with Wiz Khalifa as a tribute to late actor Paul Walker, and is ranked number one for 12 weeks straight.

With multiple albums under his name and working with top artists around the world, creating number one hits, Charlie has earned himself a lot of money. He currently has a net worth of $10 million.

Always striving to increase the numbers, Charlie is frequently on the road, doing tours and shows.


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