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Now, who does not know Bruno Mars? It’d be a shame if you say yes. Well, no judging here because even if you do not know him, you’ve come to the right place because, in this post, we’re about to talk about the life of this mega superstar in an as detailed manner as possible.

Sorry if our enthusiasm seems to be coming off so hard because it is just so hard to contain excitement while talking about the singer who came up with funky songs like Uptown Funk, Locked Out of Heaven and not to mention 24k.

Bruno Mars

All these songs are the greatest hits of all time, and we’re about to discuss on the person who sang it all. More importantly, his personal life as it seems not to be getting as much as deserved. Who is his wife or does he have a girlfriend? A question like this will come to an end with this post.

Bruno Mars Personal Life, Married, Dating

Apart from writing and performing funky and pop songs, Bruno is also famous for having sung some of the most romantic song ever which include Just The Way You Are, Moonlight and more.

Now, a singer who has delivered so much love through words and music must have someone special because if he doesn’t, it’s a huge bummer. But let’s just acknowledge the fact of how extreme that woman must be.

Don’t lie; you’ve all sang to his song while imagining Bruno in front, especially girls out there who would do anything to become his girl – literally But sadly, it is not possible, not for the nearest future.

No no, let’s just say it is not possible to be dating Bruno Mars. Why so confident you ask? Well, that is because he is taken and quite happily and proudly.

That is right ladies. To all of your horrors and shattered hearts, Bruno Mars is not single is will likely not be single now. He’s found the girl he could sing his most romantic songs to and her name is Jessica Caban.

The couple met back in early 2010 and took things off after knowing each other more. Bruno and Jessica started dating 2011 and have been inseparable ever since. Now, that is the kind of love story we’d like a song about.

Bruno Mars

How Bruno And Girlfriend Met?

You’d expect that for such a romantic guy like Bruno, his real-life love story should also be equally astonishing and give you all the “awwww.” Well, brace yourselves for a truckload of cuteness because for all the good there is, it does. Bruno and Jessica, as mentioned earlier, met back in the late 2010s. However, they did meet in a party or any social events like most celebrity couples do.

They actually met in an entirely different setting. While Bruno was having lunch in a Co-op New York Hotel restaurant in Rivington, he could not help but notice the woman sitting on the other table chatting with her friend. Bruno told himself how beautiful and vivacious Jessica looked and was mesmerized by her instantly. Talk about love at first sight.

While Bruno Mars is not the type of person who would lose some opportunity because of shyness and fear of creating an awkward situation, he confidently walked up to her and had a chat. After a couple of dates, they became the cutest couple around, and a year later, Jessica was in LA living with Bruno.

That actually would have made a great song, right?

Are Bruno & Jessica Married?

Getting married is another commitment that a couple can do to each other after living together for years like husband and wife. But, as much as fans would have like to see Bruno and Jessica getting married, it is not likely to happen. Bruno and Jessica have been together for nearly a decade now and has only remained as a partner.

After meeting in a restaurant in NYC, a year later Jessica moved to LA to stay with him. Did she have any hopes on getting married to Bruno, nobody knows except her.

However, not getting married does not mean that a couple cannot have a great relationship together. It only means that they are growing together to live up to that particular moment without any regret. At least that seems the case with Bruno and Jessica. In a 2016 interview, Bruno hinted that she is the most important person for him. He said that Jessica was his rock and best friend, both terms that refer to utter commitment and connection. He ended by saying that the couple was happy together and what was so wrong about that.

At the time, there are not talks about the couple getting married, and they also have not dropped any plans.

Bruno Mars

Who Is Jessica Caban

Now that we know the lady love of Bruno Mars let’s know about Jessica herself. Jessia Caban was born on June 13, 1982, as Jessica Marie Caban to her parents who are both Peurto Rican. Coming in as mixed ethnicity, Jessica grew up in Spanish Harlem. He started her modeling career quite young and has also represented Jennifer Lopez’ line J-LO.

Her achievement includes winning reality television competition show called Model Latina in 2008 and bagging a $10,000 contract with famous Q magazine. She also has an acting career as she appeared in 2010 movie. Are you For Great Sex and has also won Best Acting Performance in a Feature Film, presented to her at the 2010 Boston International Film Festival?

Jessica Caban Pregnant?

In 2017, the media started a buzz that Jessica Caban was pregnant and each and every primary site and media house started reporting on that matter. It all started with a photo that Jessica posted on Instagram on March 12, 2017, with a friend. The picture looked normal until people began zooming in and noticed a particular bump around her belly. Fans quickly started asking her if she was pregnant with Bruno Mars. However, she did not respond to any of the questions but like one comment that said,

“I’d be happy if @officialjessicacaban was pregnant with Bruno’s baby […] She’s been there for him throughout the worst times in his life. She stayed with Bruno for years.”

Later, another screenshot of Jessica’s Instagram story came around where she was talking to her friend using a pregnant woman emoji and saying how her face looks flatter when her hair is up.

Already two years since the rumors surfaced and the couple did not welcome a baby which makes the rumor that shook everyone just a hoax and Jessica just sat there laughing at all of us. Shame.

Jessica Caban And Bruno Split?

You heard that right. Are Bruno Mars and Jessica Caban going their separate ways? Yes yes, just right now we were talking about how perfect the couple’s love story is and how perfect of a couple they are. But this is to just make sure. You remember Bruno Mars’ song When I Was Your Man? He wrote that for his beautiful girlfriend Jessica. Have the couple already split before and reunited just now?

No, the couple did not split or have a break up in the past. They started dating since 2011, at least officially and have been dating so far. However there was a time when Bruno felt like he was losing Jessica. He did not bother with the details but told that he felt their relationship struggling at a point. He basically wrote down his fear of losing Jessica at that time.

As of now, the couple have not reportedly involved in any major fights or arguments that may have hurt their relationship in any major way. His fans and followers always want to see him with Jessica and so do we.

Bruno Mars

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Bruno Mars Age, Bio

Bruno Mars, the American singer came in this world on October 7, 1985, in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States of America and is currently 33. Apart from singing, he is also known as songwriter, record producer, and dancer. He was born to parents Peter Hernandez and Bernadette San Pedro Bayot.

Mars got musical interest from his parents who were both artists. He started performing from the age of 5 on a regular basis with his family band and growing up various artists like Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley influenced him.

Net Worth

In 2004, he signed a contract with Motown Records, but since it did not work out, he later got a music publishing deal with producer Steve Lindsey in 2005. He has since worked with artists like Mark Ronson, Cardi B, B.O.B Beyonce and more. With an extensive career in music, Bruno Mars currently has a net worth of $150 million.


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