Brittanya Razavi; Biography, Body Measurements, Family, Rumors, Net Worth


Brittanya O’Champo, who is popularly known as Brittanya Razavi, was born on 7th July 1985 in Oxnard California, the United States of America. She is a popular Instagram actress as she shares explicit contents on Instagram. With hot and sexy posts every day, she has gained a lot of Instagram followers. This hot Instagram model has her clothing brand and makes a vast amount of money from it.

Educational Background

Brittanya Razavi has not yet disclosed about her educational background. Neither has she revealed about the educational experience of her siblings. No matter how hard they try not to reveal their educational background, they are still thriving. She and her siblings are among the most successful youngsters.

Brittanya Razavi

Net Worth

Instagram has paid a lot to her. She is a successful Instagram model as well as an adult movie actress. From her Instagram account, she earns a lot due to the massive amount of fan following. Also, she keeps on posting every new day to make her fans updated.

She is a businesswoman. This young entrepreneur Brittanya Razavi owns her clothing brand named “187 Avenue,” which is successful in offering varieties of clothing for men, women, and children. From her brand, she makes a lot amount of money too. According to the estimates, that her net worth is about 6 million dollars. She lives in a mansion which is quite big and lavish. Also, she drives a White Rolls Royce car, which proves that she leads a successful and productive life.

Brittanya Razavi; Body Measurements

Having a sexy and bold appearance this Instagram model is well known for her body appearance. Her height is not too big or too small, but okay. She has a curvy figure and is well known for posting explicit adult contents on her official account. Popular among teens, she promotes her clothing brand through her social media profiles too.

Brittanya Razavi has a curvy body with 36 inches breast, 25 inches waist, and 35 inches hip. Her bra size is 36D. Also, her height is 5 feet and 3 inches (approximately 1.60 meters), which is too cute and adorable for a girl. Her brown eyes and red hair attracts many people to her. Also, she has many tattoos and piercings in her body, which adds to her beauty and makes her bold, gorgeous, and sexy all at the same time.

Brittanya Razavi

Social Media Reach

Social Media has proved to be an excellent platform for any celebrity to be famous these days. Mainly, Instagram has turned any average person into a model. She is not less than any Hollywood celebrity on Instagram. Also, being the hot and spicy model with the curvy figure, she has attracted many people and is now a social media celebrity on trend.

Usually, she posts sexy pictures revealing her curves by which she has gained people who praise her. Her Instagram account has over 15 million followers. Her Facebook account has 5.4 million followers with her Twitter account having more than five hundred thousand followers. Being an adult movie actress has also helped to gain a lot of followers in her social media account.

Brittanya Razavi;Personal Life

Brittanya Razavi is very concerned about her own life. She likes to keep things private despite being active in social media and posting adult contents. This brave girl believes that keeping her privacy to herself is right for her in the long term.

She is married to Moe Razavi and is living a good and healthy relationship. Even if she had a lot of links in the past, she leads a good life with her husband. Rumors conclude that she was involved in a romantic relation with Nico Vaquez. Being with her husband and in another relationship was a tough thing for her. So, they broke up before things got to another level.

This super gorgeous, bold and sexy lady has five children, but she does not make any confirmation to this from her side. She only posts pictures with her two sons in her social media. Mainly, her Instagram account is full of her having fun with her cute little kids.

Brittanya Razavi

Brittanya Razavi;Rumors and Gossips

She is sexy and bold and has faced a lot of controversies. Her Instagram feed is full of hot and sexy pictures, which bring rumors in her life. This woman is scorching and usually posts pictures of her with sexy outfits and her curves revealed. Hence, being an adult actress, she was on the hit list of rumors and controversies.

Also, she went to jail once for being accused of attacking a woman while she was drinking a goblet. When she was jailed, it caused a lot of gossips about her. The woman she attacked was poorly wounded, and she even had to get stitches on her wound. So, she had to go to jail for six months.

Nevertheless, her anger has put her into other tough situations as well. She is a girl with a high temper and feels angry too often. But mow, she manages to keep her anger in control. Hence, she is now a happy mother.However, since then, she made efforts to work on her anger, and we see that they pay off: she is now a happy wife and mother.

Nationality and Ethnicity

This sexy and bold lady holds American citizenship and American nationality. She belongs to white ethnicity.

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Brittanya Razavi;Career

She came to the big hit after she started using social media. After posting daily on the internet, she made herself famous. With millions of followers, she has become a renowned person as she has posted pictures on her official social media. She is a popular television personality. Her favorite reality show “Rock of Love Bus& Charm School” which was a reality show forecasted in VH1 Television was a big hit.

After she got into the social media and TV platform, Brittany got popular. Hence, she got opportunities to be the first face in a different magazine cover, commercials as well as advertisements. Brittanya Razavi was the famous face in magazines like; Tatto Energy, Savage TATTOO, Tatto Magazine, and Revel Ink as she has tattooed body which makes her look very elegant and outstanding.

Also, she is an entrepreneur and is the co-author of a favorite book named ‘Millionare Self Talk.’

Brittanya Razavi

Brittanya Razavi;Family Life

Brittanya Razavi did not have a carefree childhood. She became the victims of various issues when she was a child. Her mother was also not with her when she was a child. It was tough for her to be with her family because of her social media posts. No member from her family accepted her because of the explicit adult contents she shared.

As she is a very reserved person, she has not revealed much about her childhood. She has four older siblings, and she is the youngest among her siblings. Although her family had a quite good economic background, when she was on her teen, she had to face a lot of difficulties and problems in her family. When she was at her fifteens, her father went to jail.

This incident roughly affected her family. As she was a young teen, it was challenging for her to help her mother and her siblings to grow up in a hard environment where there was no father in her home. As she did not have her father in her home, she had ruined her behavior. Also, she got pregnant at the age of fifteen. She gave birth to her first child when she was only sixteen. This young girl had no support from her family from a small age.

Despite all these, she had a successful career as she was very determined and continuously worked to fulfill her dreams. Her show “Rock of Love” was an excellent platform for her to groom herself. This show also helped her to work with her tempers even if she was not the winner.


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