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Brittany O’Grady is easily one of the most admired and loved actress in the present day and why wouldn’t she be? She has the talent to portray any role at her disposal, and most importantly, she has the beauty that people need to make it huge in the entertainment industry. Here, we present you Brittany O’Grady, one of the most beautiful actresses in the biz right now.

She appears in the longtime running TV show called Stars and portrays the role of Simone, the gushingly attractive personality. But a TV character is as interesting as the person playing it can make, and it is no doubt that Brittany does a marvelous job with portraying the role and bringing out all the potential and possibility of Simone all the while exceeding the expectation.

Brittany O'Grady

With spectacular facial features, Brittany can easily give even supermodels a run for their money, and that says something about her. However, there are plenty of things that fans and followers do not know about Brittany at the moment because all they see is her immaculate TV presentation and be done with it. Have you ever wondered who Brittany is behind the camera like a normal person?

If you do wonder this thing, then we have you covered for all O’Grady details. Here we talk about Brittany and all about her personal and professional life. Who exactly is Brittany O’Grady behind the famous TV series Star and does she have a boyfriend? Find out all about it right here and even more. Who knows, you may leave as a Brittany O’Grady expert.

Read on for all details about Brittany O’Grady.

Brittany O’Grady Early Life

American actress Brittany O’Grady was born on June 2, 1996, in Arlington, Virginia, United States of America. Her zodiac sign from birth is Gemini, and she shares while ethnicity or as so many people refer to as Caucasian ethnicity. Brittany holds American nationality as she was born in the United States of America.

O’Grady also has a brother named Mike, and both grew up together with their parents, who are also originally from the United States. That means the whole family shares white ethnicity. As young kids, Brittany’s parents raised her and her brother Mike as very obedient children who stored their faith in God’s name.

Her parents’ names are Mike O’Grady Sr. and mother’s name is Monique O’Grady. Unfortunately, any further information on Brittany’s family is missing. She does not talk about her parents much in any interviews as well and definitely does not talk about them publicaly, which could give followers an idea about her family.

The most astute speculation for this secrecy is privacy concerns as she does not want her family in the open with thousands of prying and making judgments.


When it comes to education, Brittany has made a few cuts here and there. O’Grady joined the Pepperdine University under Theatre Scholarship to aid her pursuit of becoming a world class actress. While her time at the University, Brittany quickly started to progress and make visible improvement.

During O’Grady’s time at the University, she received an offer to audition for Star. Brittany knew that this was once in a lifetime opportunity for her so, without any second thought, she went for the audition. During the time when she auditioned for the role in Star, she appeared in the school production of South Pacific.

When thing went her way, Brittany had to leave her classes, but it was not a problem for her. What she could learn from the classes would get outweighed from what she learned while playing a role in an actual TV series which bore the potential of becoming a fan favorite. Just like that, Brittany withdrew from her college classes.

Name Brittany O’Grady
Date of birth 2 June 1996
Birthplace Arlington, Virginia, United States of America
Ethnicity White
Height 5.5 ft
Weight N/A
Profession Actress
Married No
Nationality American
Birth sign Gemini
Measurement N/A
Net Worth $750 thousand


Personal Life, Dating

Truth be told, Brittany is an astonishing young lady who clearly has stolen a lot of hearts all over the world, and frankly, she has got ours as well. Many want to date her and possibly marry, but we all know she just a tad bit young for that. But still, people cannot help but fantasize about having someone as Brittany in their lives.

Will this come true? Sadly, for anyone who ever dreamed of dating Brittany, it won’t come true. Brittany is currently dating a man and him quite truly, a one of a kind handsome man. The couple shares a lot of pictures together online and as if that was not enough to tear down the hearts of men all around. She posts pictures of them kissing.

Now, that is really a brutal thing to do, but Brittany does not do that all with evil intention. She is just sharing her love and the moments she shares with the person she loves with the whole world. Now, this also has a sad part of it. You see, there are celebrities who are very secretive of their personal life.

Brittany falls under that category. At the moment, we do not know the name of her handsome boyfriend as she does not talk about him in social media and other platforms. Moreover, while posting pictures, Brittany does not even tag her boyfriend in it, leaving a very confused fanbase.

All we can do right now and at this moment is hope that one day, Brittany will reveal the identity of her boyfriend and let her fans embrace their relationship more. Till then, we just call her boyfriend the mystery man.

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While Brittany is most famous for her appearance in Star, she previously worked in multiple projects before actually bagging the role as Simone. In 2014, Brittany made her first TV debut with Trophy Wife as a teen girl in the episode The Punisher. O’Grady’s appearance in that episode gave her an initial exposure in the industry.

About a year later, Brittany appeared in another TV series called The Night Shift in which she portrayed the role of Alicia. She appeared in the series for only one episode called Recovery. The same year, Brittany experienced one of her initial breakthrough in acting career when she started appearing in another TV series.

In 2015, Brittany started appearing in a TV series called The Messenger in which she portrayed the character of Nadia Garcia or just Nadia. Her character appeared in the TV series for a total of eleven episodes. Her appearance in The Messenger helped Brittany gather a lot of good critics and attention.

In 2016, Brittany received a call to audition for a new TV series. The name of the series was Star, and after going through the audition round, she was selected and started appearing as Simone since the pilot of the TV series. The show is running uninterruptedly for three years now, and Brittany has appeared in a total of 48 episodes so far.

Apart from these, Brittany appeared in other projects such as FOX Fall Preview, The Real, Teen Choice Awards 2017, Wendy: The Wendy Williams Show, Entertainment Tonight. Brittany appeared in all these as herself and did not portray any fictional character.

Net Worth

Brittany O’Grady has a seemingly short credit list as her career goes. O’Grady started working for her career from a very young age and even left acting classes to build her way up to this astounding level of recognition and success. In less than a decade of acting and appearing in different TV shows, Brittany has gathered a truckload of fans and followers, and obviously a big bank account.

Brittany O’Grady currently has a net worth of approximately $750 thousand and because her career is still escalating; Brittany is earning more and more. O’Grady likes to visit new places and got to nice restaurants. At the moment, her exact net worth remains undisclosed, but that is probably because O’Grady is constantly earning.

Brittany O’Grady Social Reach

Twitter: @brittanyogrady

Instagram: @brittanyogrady

Facebook: Brittany O’Grady


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